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Copy this proven landing page conversion formula
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When it comes to designing your own Pages this is really all you need here’s Some examples of our landing pages and As you can see with the conversion rates They do really well so you don’t have to Overthink the design and when you Download this template for free via the Link in the description you can set up Your own funnel just as easily just Copying and pasting things in now when It comes to the lead magnet image I made This inside of canva so we’re not doing Anything that’s remotely close to rocket Science here and when you use our link You’ll actually get access to some Emails some additional funnels and Website templates as well as a course to Help you launch your own online course And what’s awesome about systemi is in This guide we’re going to go ahead and Create your landing page sales page and Even some upsells and down cells and Then we’ll go through email marketing And we’ll briefly talk about how you can Actually create some of your courses on The free plan

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