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Copy My $500 A Day CPA Affiliate Marketing Plan (live example)

watch live as i map out making my first $1,000 to $10,000 to $500 a day in a new niche market.

learn the full strategy from:

– seo and ppc traffic
– to video marketing and press releases
– adding cpa affiliate offers and more

we will use offervault to find our offers and map out the whole traffic plan live.

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remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

please note… making money online is harder than most people watching these types of videos realize, it takes hard work, persistance, ability to learn, and other factors… this is not a guarantee that if you do one or even all of these methods you will make anything… this is a business and business’ comes with risk.

All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the show smash that like button if You’re ready to get started and you know This is going to be a good training Because i got money in my pocket and a Lambo filled with cash today what we’re Gonna do is we’re going to map out a Full-on plan that’s right yesterday i Actually bought a domain name in a niche That i’ve never worked in before and i’m Going to show you exactly what i’m going To do with that site with that market And with that niche to turn it from zero To making profit we’re going to talk About how to make your first thousand Dollars we’re going to talk about how to Make 500 a day but before we get into All that i need you to understand Something very Very Important and that is that the results Are not typical implied or guaranteed Ladies and gentlemen this is a business There are risks there are rewards you Might make nothing you might make lots Of money and the average person trying To make money online ends up making Nothing so we need to keep that in mind That’s not to say that there’s not Millions of people across the world Making lots of money online that’s to Say that the average typical person Pretty much gets nothing but today what We’re going to do is we’re going to talk

To you about how this works in a real World way because i think if i show you My thought process from going from Nothing to actually making money i think You’ll start to get the aha moment You’ve been looking for and if you’re Into that make sure you smash that like Button to let the youtube algorithm know So that we can spread the information That this business is not difficult it’s Not super complicated it’s not too Crowded you can actually start where You’re at and get good results so what We’re going to do today Is we’re going to take the domain name That i bought yesterday For those that don’t know You could do some research you can find Out what this is about this domain and This site is about Sad which is sad sort of but it’s also Known as seasonal affective disorder Seasonal affective disorder is a Issue where people get sad during Certain times of the year in certain Places because of the lighting right so If you live in alaska and it’s bright Out until three am obviously you’re Gonna have sleeping issues there or if You’re in oregon i lived in portland Oregon for years and you might find out That okay it’s really dark in portland Oregon so we need to kind of figure this Out and and figure out a way to be happy

And enter the satellite and satellites Are something that was created where you Put this light by your desk and Apparently it’s supposed to uh help you With all kinds of good stuff okay so What we have here is we have this domain Name all right now if you Do not have a domain name and you don’t Have lots of money to buy a domain name Don’t worry all right this is a domain Name i overpaid for i wanted to get it For 300 bucks the auction ended up going To 1200 the reason i bought this one is Because You know if you go to the go daddy Appraisal here Let’s type in godaddy appraisal Go Daddy appraisal And i’ll show you why i bought this and It’s kind of like a no-brainer here Because i was like okay That’s that’s pretty specific And i think that’s probably worth quite A bit of money it ties to a good keyword It says 1800 bucks all right zoolight Nav light pro light or whatever that one Is we could see that there’s lots of Stuff here and i’m like okay is my 1200 Investment safe i believe it is i Believe that that’s a very smart Investment especially if i was to put a Site on it so if you don’t have twelve Hundred dollars to buy a site don’t

Worry i bought this specifically because Not only did the domain fit but it also Had rankings for these kind of things Okay so i had rankings for there we go Um sun blocks Some kind of satellite some kind of Sunbox light sunlight therapy The satellite lamp Sunlight therapy so i had all kinds of Different rankings for this stuff so i’m Kind of starting ahead of the curve so We’re like okay this is looking pretty Good but the question is okay marcus i i Get this but how are you going to go From Satellite To Being patrick over here with stacks of Cash In his Lamborghini how are you going to do that Right how does this work how are we Gonna go from zero to making money with This market i mean what are we gonna do Are we literally gonna find satellites On amazon Right are we gonna find these and maybe Be an amazon affiliate all right and if We look at this if we were to do like Sad light right like this we could see Uh satellite okay We can see here for satellite let’s go Over to the screen Satellite here

We could see what these are okay so we See okay uh here we have products on the Side here so 39 377 for 20 of them on alibaba Wholesale Okay so we got some lights here but but There’s a problem it’s like okay if i do Satellite if i sell this satellite on Amazon All right We could see thirty dollars what am i Going to get 80 cents I mean what are we talking here marcus How are you going to turn this into 500 A day if amazon’s only paying you 80 Cents a sale All right i don’t see that and if you Don’t see that let me know say i don’t See it markets i need to see that Because that’s why we’re here we want to Show you exactly how this works so that You could do affiliate cpa marketing and Make some money hopefully make your First thousand hopefully make a 500 a Day or whatever it is we want to talk to You about this in a practical way that Not a lot of people are talking about Because this business contrary to what People think it’s actually extremely Practical and that’s what we’re going to Show you today so what are we going to Do here First and foremost i need to look at The value of the market what what is the

Value of this market all right let’s see So we got Different keywords we got the ones that It ranks for so if i do these by volume I can see what has the most traffic a Certain light sunbox light Caribbean all kinds of stuff like that Okay pretty cool now i can also branch Out and say well what about seasonal Affective disorder all right well Seasonal affective disorder now has 57 000 to 79 000 searches a month pretty Cool all right now let’s take a look at Some others here Now we have red light therapy Uh light therapy lamps okay that’s a Cool keyword all right we got Infrared light therapy light therapy at Home all kinds of keywords so we’re Looking pretty good here this has got uh 600 000 Visitors a month searching for this Stuff we have satellite with 5000 Searches a month 2400 overall about 23 000 searches a month there we got 9 000 For seasonal depression light seasonal Affective disorder light therapy We got 700 on that light for seasonal Depression so what we’re seeing here is Okay this market is pretty big these People looking for these lights We’re looking at a hundred thousand or More okay that’s pretty cool we’re like Okay we got a hundred thousand or more

So what that would mean since we know There’s like actually a lot of people What that would mean is that if we can Take And make you know 10 cents a visitor That’s 10 grand a month that’s pretty Close to our 500 A day now in order to get to our 500 a Day we need to break this down in a Different way okay because obviously if We’re promoting stuff on amazon maybe We’re not going to make enough money to Put in the lamborghini here so what We’re going to do is we’re gonna take a Look at this practically and say okay What i need to do is i need to figure Out What out of this Is going to make me The most money okay where is The big bucks okay we need to figure This out so we got the seasonal lights We could see What they’re going for now i could go to Alibaba and i i could outsource these Okay in my opinion Outsourcing Probably going to be a pain in the butt Right that’s probably not something i Want to do And even if i did all right 39 bucks i Get it for 19. i only pocket You know 20 bucks Maybe maybe not maybe this isn’t going

To work so let’s think about this in a Different way and what i like to do Which is crucial to making lots of money Is i like to think What else do these people want because Nobody In the world Follow with me right nobody in the world Wants a satellite And you might be saying well markets we Just saw That hundreds of thousands of people are Looking up satellite so as like biff in Back to the future sorry you lose all Right well maybe maybe not Let’s look at this because i think that These people don’t want a satellite what They want Is to be happy Ah okay now now we’re getting somewhere Because if these people want to be happy Now i have hundreds of thousands of People that really want to be happy all Right cool so what i can do is i could Start to think okay so what is satellite Satellite Is my entry point Okay entry point because what i really Want Is i really want all the people that Don’t forget their tea That um want to be happy that that’s What i really want okay just like Someone searching for adsense or blog

Plugins or seo Realistically they want to make money Online that’s what they ultimately want So what we’re going to do Is we’re going to take a look at this And say okay now We have our entry point into this Gigantic market now now It opens up the floodgates to Being able to find other affiliate Offers This Ladies and gentlemen Is the key This is the key if you can find that Entry point where people are buying Stuff that puts more money in your Pocket or there’s other affiliate Programs this is key right like you you Want to think about this like someone’s Searching for why does my internet keep Cutting out Okay That to most people is worth nothing But to me i could say because you got The wrong internet service and maybe you Need to get you know Whatever other internet service or Something like that And if you start to understand that That’s key Okay you guys following so far type flip The market in the comments and in the Chat box if you’re following through

Because what this is about is going Through and flipping The market let’s see which camera we got Here right we want to flip the market That is how You are going to be like patrick over Here Okay patrick has learned how to flip the Market that’s the key now in order to Flip the market in the right way what we Need to do is say okay well we got these Satellites we got all this stuff these People are interested in Mood affecting things all right so we Think about this and we’re like okay Well what kind of mood affecting things Are there all right well let’s see we Got um maybe we got Mp3s for you know uh therapy or or Hypnosis or whatever it is okay maybe we Could go out there and say Um let’s see what’s the best angle there We go maybe we’ve got mp3s maybe we got E-books Okay Maybe we got a supplement sometimes Supplements work Okay Very cool all right so we got all this Stuff and now we’re looking at it we’re Like okay now this opens up a big Giant Way for us to make money okay and what i Did is i thought about this and i said

Okay well a lot of these people are are Pretty sad Hence sad Calm down Ladies and gentlemen The jokes are free The training is what you want to pay Attention to all right so we’re going to Look at this and we’ll say okay so They’re sad maybe i could go over here To offer vault and type in better help Or therapy oh wait a minute Wait wait wait a minute marcus are you Now telling me That better help online counseling pays 175 dollars For a lead or someone to sign up Yeah that’s i’m telling you so now we Look at this and we’re like okay well Maybe Out of all these hundred thousand people Maybe i could get some of them to go to Better help Okay Maybe i can get some of them to buy the Light Okay so what we’re gonna do is we’re Gonna go through and we’re gonna start To get our profit strategy all right so Now i’m building my profit strategy and I’m looking at this niche as a whole i’m Smashing the like button because i like This training and we’re going through And we’re like okay we got better help

That’s in our our little imaginary Affiliate wallet i could go out there And say well maybe i’m going to do a Seasonal Effective disorder light affiliate Program okay so here’s one that pays 20 Percent here’s one uh on flex offers Here’s one over here so now i’m looking At this i’m like okay 20 That’s a hell of a lot better than than Amazon’s paying me that’s okay now i’m Gonna get five dollars of sale that’s Pretty cool maybe i can look into uh Satellite drop shipping Okay maybe i can drop ship these and Again make sure that you pay close Attention When doing a niche like this because This is Kind of like a therapy health niche so Don’t offer any advice on things you Don’t know about just link the products And talk about things that are helpful To people you never want to go out there And talk about stuff just to make a sale You want to make sure that everything is On the up and up you want to make sure You give good info make sure you figure Out the good stuff you don’t want to go Out there and just put Hack job stuff together okay so we’re Going to go out there we’re going to be Like okay now i have All this stuff i got all this stuff i

Got drop shipping i got the lights i Could sell as an affiliate i got Seasonal affective disorder i could Probably even go in and and i’m gonna do This off screen because sometimes we get Risque Results and we don’t want the risque Results okay here we have uh mood lift Okay looks pretty good so we got like Mood lift um it looks like some kind of Supplement We got here’s here’s a lamp therapy okay Cool so now we got a lamp that pays 26 Bucks all right so this niche is Actually looking better Every minute right pretty cool so now we Got the better help 175 we got the Lights which will make between five and Say fifteen dollars drop shipping those We got um the light On Offer vault which pays uh i need my old Glasses here uh 26 dollars all right so Now we’re looking pretty good so notice How i’m looking at this and i’m like Okay what are we doing here how are we Gonna get to our money now i haven’t set Anything up yet but i know this market I’ve been looking at markets too much And so i was like yeah i think buying This domain is a safe one i think this Is a pretty good uh bet so i was like Okay this is what we’re looking at Now the light at 26

Let’s take a look at that and let’s get The camera Zoo let’s see what’s going on here There we go apparently you needed your Glasses too or the camera did right so We’re looking at this and smash the like Button if you’re having fun here and 26 Dollars so if i want to make 500 bucks a Day All right 26 bucks times 20 Is approximately 500 a day so i need 20 Sales of this light here And boom there we go now what do i got To do to get 20 sales okay what do i got to do now Edie says shouldn’t you experience the Kind of product first Yes and no i mean if the product does What the product says it doesn’t matter Like i don’t need to know about Lamborghinis to sell them all right even Even lamborghini’s full of money Right i don’t need to know about them to Sell them i just like hey this is what It is you look it up they know what They’re doing all i’m doing is linking To uh the stuff that i think is good Like here’s the top seasonal effective Disorder lights That i found Right so you don’t need it Would it help sure like if you got 50 Bucks buy one put it on your desk test It out because what i’m going to show

You in just a minute is how to put this Together and make it sing Right because if you want to make 500 a Day You need to act like it you can’t go out There and be like oh well you know i’m Gonna get 500 a day because guru number Three said hey you know what If i just follow his plan i’m gonna get 500 a day Like that well guru number three might Not be right and we need to act like This is a business because ladies and Gentlemen At the end of the day This is a business so we got to follow Along and check it out all right so now We look at this business 26 a day if i Open up an ice cream store i say okay Our average ticket is 15 bucks what do i Need to do to get to 1500 a day or Whatever that’s how you look at business So now i’m like okay 20 a day boom That’s my goal that’s my target if i can Get 20 people a day to get this offer I’m golden and guess what It’s a jackpot offer They are literally looking for The light And that is literally The light Okay very very important So Now i got to look at this and say okay

We’re looking good so i see Multiple ways to profit i got multiple Ways i got the light i got the the Better help i got this i got that it’s Lots of ways to profit now Let’s take a look at our traffic because You say marcus oh my this is awesome i’m Going to be making my money Real quick Because This is pretty simple so 500 a day Shouldn’t be hard at all but We need to get a plan because you might Be saying well marcus let’s take a look At the traffic Let’s take a look At what’s going on all right so i got Some keywords pretty good we also got This here Okay seasonal affective disorder they’re In 91 That looks pretty competitive let’s Let’s see if there’s any good stuff in Here That’s looking pretty competitive 80 70 55 57 that’s not terrible Dollar a click 18. It looks pretty competitive how many of You guys would be like wait a minute Marcus mark is marcus buddy buddy Buddy Come on down back to earth Where the rest of us live

This looks too competitive i do not see How you’re going to get to 500 a day With this site I mean i’m looking at the stuff And it looks really competitive I mean let’s try another one just just To make sure Okay red light therapy at home 29 24 There’s a one you know i don’t know if That fits but there’s a one All right we got Red therapy revive light therapy There’s a few outliers Do i think the outliers can make 500 a day Yeah but it’s going to take a lot of Content and a lot of work which is fine I don’t mind that because i mean let’s Think about it when was the last time Someone said come to work and i’ll give You 500 a day Probably last time they did it you went To work every day so why would this be Any different you got to go to work to Get what you want you got to do the work You got to do the stuff all right now That’s not to say It’s super difficult i actually find This stuff kind of fun going out there And finding customers here’s another one Satellite amazon okay Interesting so satellite amazon We got

Seasonal depressive light okay so it Does look On the outset That this is a bit too competitive So First off This is what most people are gonna do Okay They’re gonna look at this market They’ll be like hey this guy marcus on The internet said that if i do the Seasonal effective light i can make some Money so they’ll go out there and They’ll try to get the super competitive Traffic And then they’ll put it to an amazon Offer They’ll get no traffic and even if they Do get traffic They probably won’t get enough to get Their amazon sale which means they’re Not going to make money and then they Come on and they say marcus this don’t Work Well it does work If you follow along because what we’re Doing here Is a strategy okay you don’t need a Tactic You don’t need a guru trick There are no real secrets all right are There shortcuts of course they’re Shortcuts buying was a Shortcut

But there are no secrets All right i’ll give you all the secrets Here on my channel for free because i Figured out if i give you all the Secrets then you’ll come to me and You’ll buy sites from me and we’ll work Together and everyone’s happy if you Don’t want to buy anything just smash The like button keep on watching the Stuff follow along we got lots of Students that are doing this following Along with the free stuff and making Money does that mean you will no it’s Not guaranteed i don’t know what you’re Going to do i don’t even know who you Are i know there’s a couple people Talking on here one guy His name is turtle so i don’t know maybe I don’t know but at any rate we look at This and we’re like okay this is why People aren’t getting the results that They want so we’re gonna look at this And we’re like okay Now we have all this stuff And we’re looking at it and we’re like Okay what are we gonna do here What are we gonna do here okay What we’re gonna do is we are going to Come up with a traffic Strategy okay the traffic strategy is Also going to rely around my domain name Okay but that’s not the key if you think Me buying that domain for 1200 bucks is The reason i can make money in this

Niche you are incorrect okay What’s going to help you make money in This niche is going out there and Looking at things in a different way I make a living Because i look at things In a different way It’s what it is people look at things a Certain way i look at it different That’s what we’re gonna do Okay that’s what we’re gonna do and We’re gonna take a look and say okay If i can’t get the traffic here because Here’s the deal how many of you guys Know Based on this if you got 200 sales Of the light Right you know you’re like okay marcus I’m with you If i got two 20 sorry not 200 if i got 20 sales of The light a day i’d make 500 a day now Let me ask you a question How many of you guys 500 bucks a day is a game changer you’re Like that would completely change my Life me and my spouse could both quit Our jobs And I don’t know probably a lot of people Here who have never made that much money Okay so i want you to look at this and Say okay so here’s the deal That kind of money would make you over

Here in patrick’s league we’re like hey This would change a lot of things in my Life What’s stopping you Is 20 little affiliate sales of a light Per day And you go out there you say well marcus The traffic is too hard The traffic’s too hard Okay what that is Ladies and gentlemen Is an excuse That’s an excuse You can either go get the money because It’s out there Or you can get the excuses It’s up to you Okay Someone says but marcus cpa networks and Offer vault are difficult to join Well guess what Figure it out Figure it out like go out there build a Site do what you got to do To get in the affiliate network if That’s what’s stopping you because People come to me all the time and they Say markets this is me And here’s the money The money is sideways apparently Here’s me and here’s the money And they say here’s all the things that Are stopping me affiliate networks are Too hard traffic’s too hard there’s too

Much tech stuff there’s too much this There’s too much that It’s You can’t get in with a new person you Can’t do this you can’t do that What i did is i said well I don’t care about all that because i Want this That’s what i want i want to make the Living online So what am i going to do what i’m going To do is i’m going to bridge the gap and I’m going to find a different way okay It’s not about a mindset a lot of people Think it’s mindset no no no it’s about Just going and doing it don’t wait for a Mindset you’ll be waiting your entire Life for some magical mindset what we Need to do is we need to go through and Figure this out in a real world way okay Uh mind your body we’ll give you a link Towards the boot camp at the end uh i’ll Sell stuff at the end first i want to Teach you guys some good stuff here okay So what we’re going to do Is we’re going to say How do i get past this block To get this Okay you ready smash the like button if You’re ready i want to see that light Button light up like a 4th of july Thing or whatever right and we’re gonna Go through and we’re gonna talk to you About how to get past this block because

That’s what’s stopping you That is literally what’s stopping you And all you gotta do Is figure out a way around it my job is To find Solutions Not excuses excuses you can have them i Don’t want them I don’t even need mindset i don’t even Need the law of attraction kumbaya All i need Is to find out Where to get these people all right so Watch this this is all i need 20 people a day all right let’s say we Get a one percent conversion rate it’s Not that hard right you’re looking for The light anyway so one percent Conversion rate That would mean i need to get What is that 2 000 visitors a day 2 000 visitors a day that’s what’s Stopping you That’s what’s stopping you is my math Right i think my math is right all right We’ll check it up but but that’s really What we’re looking at now if you get a Two percent conversion rate now you only Need a thousand four percent i only need 500. So you look at this you’re like wait a Minute wait a minute okay so What’s stopping me Is literally

Well it was there somewhere literally This number right here That’s what’s stopping you You say wait a minute there’s my 500 Bucks a day there it is right there It’s not typical implied or guaranteed But there it is There it is And what’s stopping me Is this little thing that says 91. This is stopping me So there we go quit let’s leave there we Go we’re out What if We looked at it a different way what if We looked at tick tock and found out That all these people Have videos on seasonal affective Disorder There’s 12.8 Million views What if we went over to youtube right And these people they don’t have big Websites and niches and crazy stuff Now they just went somewhere where There’s no Competition here’s another one Youtube we look at this we’re like okay Do sad lamps actually work eighteen Thousand views Uh light therapy thirty five thousand Seventeen twenty two thirty nine On and on we go Look at that

Right there you go all kinds of stuff Hey look at this Color changing screen mood led lights This dude Literally literally come on come on We gotta We gotta talk about this here This guy Literally Made 10 hours of a color changing screen I don’t even think there’s sound To help you with your mood Do you think out of his 1.7 Million views Some of them would want That there I think so well margaret you know i i Don’t know about this i mean i don’t Know how to make colors change on a On a thing Well figure it out again That’s your block Figure out how to get past it what am i Gonna do well i’ll make videos until i’m Blue in the face I’ll do a good job i’ll make good stuff All right light therapy for depression They’re talking about it um here’s Another one markers i don’t know there’s Another one Um and that one is another 10 hours it’s Got a lot of time on his hand and we go Through and we’re like hey wait a minute 136 000 views

176. 2.4 million that’s only 60 minutes There you go anyone can do that right And on and on we go You can talk about the different um Lights what what color lights work best Right what if you Said Forget My excuses Forget my blocks What am i going to do to get my 500 Bucks a day I’m going to be the best Damn researcher About satellites there is I’m going to read reports i’m going to Spend time learning about this niche i’m Going to make videos about what i learn I’m going to do the work i’m going to Put some content out there well marcus You don’t understand i don’t want to Learn anything i just want 500 a day Well go find people that’ll do this for You It’s not that hard to do well marcus i Don’t want to pay anyone to do it then i Mean Go Somewhere else i don’t know if you don’t Want to do the work you don’t want to do The work but i think if you understand This Right Sabrina says you can make a video but

It’ll take three to six months to have So many views congratulations sabrina That’s your block Because you say well it’s gonna take Time to get these videos well that’s Fine if i get 2.5 million views or Whatever he had Right over What three to six months let’s call it a Year let’s call it a year let’s just be Generous Right so if he got 2.5 million views Over a year What is that about 2 000 views a day no no 6 000 views a day Something like that right so 6 000 views A day if i got 6000 views a day Not all of them are going to click the Thing but i could probably get 60 a day to click If i got 60 a day to click from a video I’m sure i could get two three four five Sales If i do this right and then what if i Also go out there and say well What if i built a mailing list And then i’m able to email these people Over and over What if i did a good job in this niche What if i went out there and did the Work What if i went out there and listened to The market

That’s my camera clear what if i did That Right how many of you guys are like Marcus this is mind-blowing because most People talk about some stupid trick and What happens is they spend The 12 months trying to learn a trick And they try trick after trick after Nothing works Because a trick does not work a trick Might produce luck It might It might Produce luck But if you have a strategy And the strategy you follow And you say wait a minute okay here’s The other people Ranking for this stuff what are they Ranking for Maybe Okay joy of light uh mood plus uh maybe I could go for some of these other Rankings here Maybe I can go for these and maybe i can pair That With tick tock And youtube and my own blog Boom There we go And we look at this and we say okay How do we make this happen how do we Look at this

With a marketing eye Because there’s a strategy there is Someone out there making 10 grand a Month 15 grand a month with seasonal Effective lights They’re probably making more And so the question is is what am i Going to do To get there How am i going to reverse engineer this Maybe this guy here Has got 3 700 keywords Here’s some others here and what we want To do is find the ones That fit here’s guy top 10 reviews best Reviews so these guys are talking about This here’s a guy uh don’t waste your Money interesting that he ranks for that Um and we look at that we’re like okay There’s some interesting things here If we can follow along And we have the way to make money Mood lift uh The the um better help better help Therapy um all kinds of stuff Right and now we can look at this and Say wait a minute so now all i have to Do Is focus now all i have to do is get Where That gap is because these people are Doing it They’re probably just not selling the Light

Right this guy it’s therapy channel but If you do direct so what we’re doing is We’re pairing several things together Okay What we’re doing Is first Reverse engineer The market How are people getting traffic how they Doing on tick tock how are they doing it On youtube how are they doing it in the Search what is the competition like how Can i get in there and make it work That’s number one number two Is we’re going to use direct Strategies all right i’m not going to Waffle around I’m going to go out there and i’m going To say hey If you enjoyed my 10 hour video of Color flashings Right Then You would probably benefit from the Seasonal effective light or Go to my site to download other videos That you can watch on your phone or Whatever it is Okay or go to my site to get my top 10 Hacks for getting out of a low mood Okay you’re starting to get it very Important there’s even like copper Bracelets and supplements and all kinds Of stuff

That you can use Okay very very very important Nick says the problem with buying Testing a satellite to check it out is You need to have saturn tested someone Just asked uh yeah I mean you can test it go get someone Who’s hadn’t tested or test it out Yourself or do the research You gotta stop letting Blocks Stop you from where you want to go Right gotta do it and if you don’t want To buy and test a product Go out there and read all the tests that Other people have done and compile them All right don’t plagiarize don’t copy But you can compile and say hey you know What these top doctors say this is good Or these top seasonal effective pros say This or or whatever it is and we start To understand exactly what’s going on Right we start to understand that this Is how It works Okay Very important uh isla says He’s having trouble finding a high Product price with amazon amazon’s Usually never The best solution if you want to learn About amazon affiliate marketing there’s A video i did last week on that but this Will start to help you understand that

Hey wait a minute This is what’s going on like these People are Literally out there getting traffic for This market and all i need to do Is get traffic and start to build it Okay very important just get traffic Start to build it and make it work now Do you have to do this market no i would Actually encourage you not to do this Market i’m doing this market because i Found that domain and if someone wants To do that market we do sell the domains With the sites we build over at Actually have some doozies available Right now Really good ones but we have to Understand exactly what’s going on now Diy says the main issue marcus is that People are naturally lazy i disagree i Don’t think people are naturally lazy um I think that’s something that The news and other people say Right that’s something i would say to Feel better about myself well i’m not Lazy most people are i don’t think so i Think most people are bored That’s a fact they get bored way too Easy and they don’t follow through That’s the key because if someone Thought hey wait a minute i could go get 15 grand a year or a 15 grand a month With this niche they’d go do it

So it’s a it’s a It’s a belief and a follow-through you Have to be willing to follow through With the boring stuff Right because people aren’t lazy they go To work which i think is is a pain Right uh i don’t want to go to work i Like working in my backyard office with My lambo filled with money so we got to Look at this and we got to start to Understand wait a minute Wait a minute what are we going to do Here and i don’t think it’s that the Majority of people are lazy i think it’s That the most most people have been Taught the wrong thing Okay and we got to understand it we got To go and make it work So talking about lazy do i offer you a Don’t for you service a lot of people Ask me this they’re like marcus i will Pay you money to give me a site that Makes money No that’s not how it works i’ll give you A niche i’ll give you the plan but i’m Not gonna go make money for you because I’m too busy making money for myself Right that doesn’t exist this is where You’re gonna get in all kinds of Heartache is when you start to look for Someone to give you the whole Enchilada Okay very very very important um someone Says it’s funny how boring stuff can get

Exciting once money comes in it’s Exciting if you see the money Right once you see it that’s the key But i’ll tell you boredom is it like i Have a buddy who uh he was trying to do The business he met me Through my um through my youtube and and My trainings and he’s like hey man you Know let’s do this we became friends and I was trying to teach him stuff and he He got stuck He’s like i don’t know i tried to do a Blog and then i lose The idea and then i tried to do a niche And then i go to another niche and i was Trying to help him out for a long time And then all of a sudden he found out Okay i can get views on tick tock and he Started tick tock and now he’s making Like Ten thousand bucks a month or something Again results not typical implied or Guaranteed but guess what It’s a strategy It’s just you just follow the plan Well marcus what if it doesn’t work you Adapt follow the plan adapt that’s it And i remember years ago when i first Started my my business I didn’t have i had a continuation School degree i didn’t graduate from a Normal high school um i didn’t have College experience i wasn’t really An expert at anything right i was a

Street preacher didn’t have any money And so i was like okay i’m gonna do this Internet thing And people told me to say well what if It doesn’t work I said well if it doesn’t work i’m going To make it work I’m going to make it work at all costs And i did people are like what’s your Fallback plan i don’t have a fallback Plan i know that people are making money On the internet i’m going to be one of Them well marcus what if what if what Yeah those are blocks that’s what that Is this is the what if Okay what if What if i don’t get ranked with the First keyword i go for you probably Won’t i’m going to make it get right Right just yesterday i came out with a Video There’s a video on youtube That i came out with because I found out That my site ranked for Godaddy appraisal tool i was like okay i Like that that gets some traffic let’s See where it’s at here Uh let’s see just give me a second i’ll Pull it up here go daddy [Music] I think we were ranking like number Five or something or no Number 25 and i was like okay

If we’re ranking number 25 And i can get that traffic boom i think This will work and then i just found a Way To structure That content in a way that that people Would like it And that’s all we’re doing something Doesn’t work we try again Something doesn’t work we figure out why We learn we grow And when we look at this We just Make it happen like this is the map This is a map you just follow the map You’re like okay This is a niche i know there’s money There i know how i’m gonna get money now I just go for it natasha says cpa Networks are easy to join yeah we have That every week someone comes on our Tuesday call if you guys are not part of uh we have tuesday Calls every week and we answer your Questions every week someone’s like hey You know marcus i can’t get accepted the Affiliate network i’m like go do this Some of them have actually done it on The call and they come back five minutes Later and they tell everyone hey i just Did what he said And it made money which is pretty cool All right so awesome stuff um if you Want to learn more about what i do you

Can check out if you want a Done-for-you niche or check out Where i sell my domains as websites So that you can build on them like right Now we have some really good ones Available um I think we have a crypto one available That’s got all kinds of rankings Um time shares this one’s like motocross One and to show you why these are Worthwhile watch this so this one here You want to sell some dirt bikes online Right you go here Watch the rankings this one has this is What we do we build these up give them To you you go and do it so this guy Ranked for dirt bikes for sale um he’s Got some with traffic as well Some supercross schedules Dirt bikes for sale vintage dirt pikes All kinds of stuff Right so there we go we’re like okay There it is what are you gonna do you’re Gonna build it up you’re gonna make it Work you’re gonna make it happen right Very Very cool and we just go through Color in the lines Come back revamp everything like that um If you have a high ticket niche blog Profit is included for the first year so Awesome stuff you make it work you make

It happen You go out there and you follow along i Hope you guys enjoyed this video on how To go from zero to 500 a day again the Plan is very simple what we’re going to Do is we’re going to focus on the Satellite we’re going to focus on the Keywords we’re going to get traffic in Ways like tick tock youtube also blog Posts we’re also going to do press Releases all kinds of stuff it all fits Together to point to the thing that Makes us money so if you enjoyed this Smash a like button check out downline Check out and if you want To see the domains we have available They also come with bootcamp go to Domains dot Profit Thanks for being here smash that like Button subscribe and we’ll see

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