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The Impact of the Internet on Marketing Research

Probably the most important impact of the internet on marketing research is that it has taken it from the realm of academic studies, with set subject pools and relatively rigid experimental conditions, into the realm of real life, with people interacting with one another on the level of regular day-to-day interactions. While it is obviously possible to still apply controlled, scripted situations to marketing research, the more effective way is to find methods of collecting and evaluating data gathered in the more natural environment of virtual interactions. In some ways, this makes marketing research harder, as new techniques must…

The Truth of Online Money Making

Online money making can become the ideal business. No 9-5, no boss, and really, once it gets on its way, no work. Still, learning how to engage in online money making really can be a difficult task.

Be Careful What You Google

This would be disturbing if it wasn’t so farcical. Be careful what you Google. That was the clear message after a New York couple received an unwelcome visit from counterterrorism authorities.

‘Online Disinhibition’ Brings Out The Trolls

Most people offered online support to a grieving family, while a few trolls spewed hate. It’s the nature of the beast.

Cross-Screen Campaigns Gaining Ground Among Marketers

90% of advertisers plan to launch a cross screen advertising campaign this year. Even though conventional media continues to drive mass awareness, digital medium is now playing a key role in driving consideration, conversion and even brand advocacy.

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