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How to do affiliate marketing in 2022 step by step. I’m launching a fun project where I’m taking a brand new site from zero to at least $84,000 per month through affiliate marketing. This is my step-by-step journey. I’ll teach you everything I know and everything I do. Come along for the ride!

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Hey what’s up guys vic here and i’m back So coming to you from my think tank Right now some people lock themselves up In the room to think For me i usually get my best ideas like This When i’m out in the open you know on a Little run or a little walk and this is Actually one of my income producing Activities because i get my best ideas For business and just you know give me Time to reflect and uh Disconnect from everything so i want to Talk to you for a few minutes here i’m Back to the channel and i’m excited um A few months ago several months ago Actually i made an announcement right so I said uh You know i’m gonna start this channel The askvig channel on youtube and The reason i’m gonna start this channel Is because i want to document how would I go about taking a brand new company From xero right from just an idea To building it and making a million Dollars in affiliate commissions within One year of launching this project And the reason i wanted to do that is Because a lot of people ask me and a lot Of people Ask themselves and have this question on Their mind you know is it possible to Really build a successful business on The internet well the short answer is

Absolutely yes Right but uh the longer You know question is like how do you do That with so much garbage advice out There on the internet and you know Everybody’s saying that they’re the guru And you know there’s a lot of blind Leading the blind you know people Teaching what they are not doing i Thought you know what i would do Uh i’m gonna just document i’m gonna go On this journey and i’m gonna start a Fun little project Outside of my primary or main company Which is four percent which is the Education company and we teach people How to build their businesses right I said i’m gonna document My journey how would i start a brand new Uh site And make a million bucks with it right Not selling my own products necessarily But collaborating with other entities And other companies Uh as an affiliate and generate Affiliate commissions so i thought that Would be really really fun Now the question is is how do you go About doing that right Well Uh so moving forward right i’m back to This project the reason i had to take a Few months off here is because You know we had a baby uh that’s not an

Excuse this is just i had a lot of a lot Of life stuff happening Um we had a brand new baby um he is Healthy and growing And we’re blessed uh with that there was A you know if you guys don’t know i uh I’m ukrainian originally right so we got Some roots over the in the ukraine we Had some you know some relatives that we Tried to bring over here from the Ukraine so i was really really busy with Just life but also on the other side i Needed to prepare for me to be able to Pull out this project You know how do i go from zero to making A million bucks Um i wanted to make sure that i have the Structure in place that i’m gonna be Utilizing to pull this off Right um for you to make significant Income on the internet Today it’s easier than ever before Think about it There is more companies right now that We can collaborate with than Ever before in the history of humankind Right there is more Amazing products that we can promote Simply as an affiliate where we don’t Even have to create it Than ever before Right there is more money In circulation available today than at Any other time in the human history

Right they went from I think we had like four or five Trillion dollars in circulation just About 24 months ago Today over 22 trillion dollars in Circulation just in the united states Alone so there is more money Available Than at any other time in the history of Humankind so that means there is more Opportunities for people like you and Anybody else that want to take advantage Of this To be able to create a really really Amazing business online where you don’t Even have to create your product you Don’t have to deliver the product you Don’t have to worry about you know Merchant account panes or you know Overhead or staff or anything like this You can literally have a Lifestyle business that you can run from Anywhere Right and it’s called affiliate Marketing but not necessarily the way That everybody else is doing it Which is what i’m going to talk to you About And and you can make some really really Good money Uh You know fast residually consistently And you can turn it into a business Think about companies like expedia right

What is expedia Uh do they have their own product nope I don’t know if you realize this but Expedia is an affiliate hub They collaborate with delta and united And hotels and vacation Uh cruise ships and all these other You know cool places and they’re they’re Just an affiliate hub they’re just a Connector right think about nerd wallet Nerd wallet has no products of their own They’re just an affiliate hub They collaborate with other companies in The financial space and they’re making What’s called an affiliate commission Right now this brings me to this topic Of sorry it might be a little windy here Hopefully you can still hear me That’s one thing i’m going to do on this Channel here is i’m just going to talk To you you know i don’t want to be what Come on Turn around Maybe that’s going to be better maybe Not right who knows sorry about that Little wind But uh i want to be real here with you i Want to talk to you about stuff that Will hopefully really Truly help you move the needle in your Business And I think it’s going to be fun and i hope That we can

Uh you know i hope i can be of service And bring you a lot of value Um so Here is here is that here is what i Needed to do and here is how i’m going To pull this off right Number one is understand right number One is the mindset it’s just it’s just Know that the opportunity is there if You want to make any significant money In anything especially you know Nowadays right you just have to like Understand that it’s possible like it’s Really possible for you to make good Money online it’s possible for you to Have Great success and build a wildly Profitable business on the internet it’s Very possible okay Second thing is this is you need to Understand the right structure okay how Do you go about doing this Why do so many people fail in affiliate Marketing well it’s because they’re Doing What everybody else is doing and what is Everybody else doing well everybody else You know is being taught by these other So-called gurus That say something like hey go to Clickbank or amazon or You know any other affiliate network and Grab yourself an affiliate link and Start driving traffic to that link

That’s a bad advice that’s garbage Advice And that’s why so many people are Failing with affiliate marketing Is because that does not work Right if you want to lose money Then you do that I know better right so i’m not gonna do That so what am i gonna do Well for me To pull off this project how do i go From zero to making a million dollars Through affiliate marketing i need to Have the right structure And it’s not to rely on affiliate links Right my structure is going to be Very very similar to what expedia is Doing To what nerd wallet is doing To what think about Lyft right think about uber think about Airbnb what do all these companies have In common well None of these companies have their own Products do you realize that Uber has no cars right airbnb has no you Know real estate But They’re billion dollar companies All through what’s called a hub Central or hub-based business model Right they connect people with what they Want and they get somebody else to Deliver the product in this example car

Or homes or whatever else right So in affiliate marketing When you really understand this concept You can build yourself A multi multi-million dollar business Really really easy okay and that’s what I’m gonna do here with this project i’m Gonna document what i’m gonna do and i’m Gonna talk to you about what i’m doing And i’m gonna be talking to you like This maybe through my phone or maybe you Know grab a camera maybe i’m gonna do Screen share Show you stuff i’m doing on the computer Uh but here’s what i’m looking for okay Number one Is i needed to have a Framework of a structure in place Upon which i’m gonna build it and what Am i talking about I’m talking about i’m building my hub Okay so first and foremost for me to Build a real deal affiliate marketing Business I need to build it on a hub and what is A hub well a hub You know is not a website Even though it has a website A hub is not a funnel Although it has a funnel Right ihub is a central place Where everything that i’m gonna do is Gonna connect to that it’s like my home On the internet

Right just like in real life if i have a Home i can invite people to that home Right and if i don’t have a home i am Homeless and when i’m homeless It’s not good i’m always with my hand Out right right you know and always Looking for somebody to feed me so the Biggest thing i can tell you in Affiliate marketing if you want to build Yourself an affiliate marketing business The right way You need to have yourself a hub so what I did Is over the last you know several months Here I was uh we were developing a platform For me to be able to use so that i can Build my hub and so i’m launching this Project literally this week Uh and uh You know by the time you’re watching This it might already be live And Uh that hub is called ask vic okay so That’s a brand new entity that i started A few months back And i’m gonna be building this hub from Scratch it’s not going to have its own Products it will connect to other Affiliate products you know some of Those products will be my my products But through my other company i have a Company called four percent and that’s An education company and we teach you

Know modern day digital entrepreneurs on How to build Their business and so we have some of The best training in the industry and I’m gonna be connecting to that even Though it’s my other entity Right but also there’s be other Companies i’m going to be connecting to And promoting their products So You know without taking too much of your Time I just wanted to say hello and let you Know that i’m back on the channel i’m Going to be posting videos multiple Times a week And Most of the time they’re probably going To be just me talking to you like this And showing you what i’m doing If you are interested in following me on This journey right and literally seeing What i’m going to do next i’m going to Talk to you about how i select products What companies i collaborate with why i Collaborate with those companies how i Structure my Hub how i build my hub I’m going to give you tutorials i’m Going to tell you what i’m using i’m Going to tell you what i’m getting Traffic Uh and i’m going to be documenting my Commissions as i’m earning and as i’m

Going to take this thing from literally Zero You know to making a million dollars in Affiliate commissions earned which is Gonna be fun And uh we’re gonna be real we’re gonna Be raw we’re gonna be Uncut And hopefully you know when you watch This It will inspire you to go after your Dreams It will inspire you to think bigger it Will inspire you to think a little bit Differently Right and it will give you ideas maybe That you can implement in your business And you can apply this stuff probably to Anything you’re doing really To really help you move the needle in Your business sound good If you are brand new to this channel Um You know if you have not subscribed Uh if you like My style if you like what i’m all about You know check out some of the other Videos consider subscribing Um i’m gonna build this channel it’s Gonna be here to stay and i’m gonna be Um I’m gonna dedicate this channel to Documenting my journey you know from Going from zero to a million dollars in

Affiliate earnings And uh i’m also going to be answering Your questions so in the comments below You can Ask me your most pressing questions that You have about internet marketing you Know affiliate marketing traffic Generation sales I’ve been doing this since 2005 And i’ve built several multi multi you Know Eight figure uh You know companies Uh over that time span i have a company Right now my main company is four Percent this is where i spent majority Of my time this is my legacy company and Uh we have over 350 000 Students there and growing rapidly and Like i said this is a training company This is what we teach all about You know internet business and marketing And sales and all these other things I also have a software company called E-stage Um at this at this time of me talking to You right now um it’s not out to the to The public yet it’s by invitation only Uh but uh yeah that’s what i do and Uh this channel and ask vic is gonna be More like my personal You know fun project if you will where I’m gonna be just Serving you um

Talking to you about what’s working what We’re doing what’s working for us what Am i doing you know And uh delivered to you additional value That hopefully you can benefit from so If you like this kind of stuff Hit that thumb up thumbs up so it’s Going to help with algorithm a little Bit And then subscribe You know drop me a comment below let me Know if you’re going to follow me on This journey and Yeah next video i’m going to post i’m Going to talk to you about Products that i’m selecting i’m going to Show you my hub structure how i Structured it i’m going to show you how I built it And what i’m doing with it and You can follow along and get some value From it alright thank you for watching And i will see you in the next video [Music] You

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