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$943 Per Day Asking People What They Do For A Living?

in this video we are talking about the trend of asking millionaires and supercar owners and yacht owners what they do for a living and how much they make.

this led me to a crazy niche all about what people do for a living.

this is a cool way to use salary data and what people do for jobs to profit bigtime.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 22 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Okay so lately there’s this trend going On where people go over to yachts and Big houses to ask them how much money They make and what they do for a living [Music] So i figured today let’s hop in the Backyard office over here and i’ll show You exactly how people are making tons Of money just simply figuring out how Much money other people are making And it’s actually a lot easier than You’d think come on let’s get started 4.4 million dollars a month just asking People what they’re doing for a living What we gotta check this out 4 million Views 4 million views 3.6 million Even mr beast had a video on how much Money people are making and it got over Three million views okay don’t worry you Don’t have to make videos and you don’t Even have to go ask people how much they Make for a living that’s right none of This other stuff of going up to houses And all this other stuff matters because What we’re gonna talk about today is a Super simple method to make money just Googling a little bit of information About how much jobs pay but first a Little bit of proof exhibit a a website About salaries and how much jobs pay Earning 2.9 million dollars a month Worth of free traffic wait what did he Say free yep and not competitive either Stay tuned i’m going to show you the

Entire list exhibit b A website dedicated to different job Salaries with over 71 000 worth of free Traffic each and every month exhibit c Career explorer with over 1.9 million Dollars in traffic each and every month Here’s another one with twelve hundred Dollars thirty seven hundred dollars Seventy four thousand dollars and wait a Minute four point four million dollars a Month in free traffic okay wait a minute Let’s backtrack here because there’s a Deli Okay wait a minute let’s backtrack here And ask the question Why is this so profitable first of all We need to understand the nature of the Market people looking up jobs and Salaries Are people that are most likely Interested in careers and changing Careers and making more money this is Highly profitable but the word jobs and Salaries doesn’t usually cost that much And it’s actually pretty easy to get That traffic and not only am i going to Show you how to get that free traffic Really easily but i’m also going to show You three ways to make lots of money Using this very simple method but first I need you to understand That this job traffic is worth lots of Money if you start to think differently About what they ultimately want in

Marketing this is known as the intent And just to show you that i put my money Where my mouth is here’s a receipt from A domain that i purchased a couple weeks Ago in this exact same niche the domain Is all Salarydata.com if you were to take a Look at this domain name using a keyword Tool such as ahrefs you’re gonna see That this domain actually ranks for over 708 different keywords related to Different salaries we got surgical Assistant salary with over 5200 searches A month insurance broker salary with Over 3 600 searches a month medical Transcription salary and on and on we go And this is all free traffic that i get Right now because i bought the domain Name but don’t worry you don’t have to Buy domain names i just want to show you How this works because if i’m able to Rank for ultrasound technician salary Which gets over 33 000 searches a month And we’re already number 57 well then i Can make lots of money let me show you How it works if i take this word Ultrasound technician salary that gets 33 000 searches a month and i get this Traffic for free but then turn it around To different programs that help people Get ultrasound technician jobs like Education programs different things like That like maybe a career path or some Kind of college or a trade school that

Could be worth lots of money if we take A look over here at the google adwords Keyword planner we could see that some Of these keywords like sonography Programs near me are paying as much as 11 a click that means that people in This market are willing to pay lots of Money for clicks to their website for People that are interested in being Ultrasound technicians wait a minute Marcus so are you telling me that i Simply take the people looking for Ultrasound technician salary and put Them to different things that they can Sign up for about how to become an Ultrasound technician then i can make Money yeah and lots of it Keep watching and as we can see here There’s lots of keywords to go for that Pay lots of money we can also see that There’s lots of keywords that this Domain name has that i can rank really High for and point people to the stuff That pays me big we could see on Offervault that this career step Pharmacy technician offer pays 14 For someone to fill out the lead form For interest in this school and if we Type in career step we could see all Different kinds of offers available that Pay lots of money we can also do a Search for all different kinds of Education offers scholarships schools Student loans and pretty much anything

That pays lots of money and since this Traffic’s really easy to get this is Going to be a no-brainer and that’s Exactly why i paid 500 for this domain Name and if you want to check out this Domain and others that i have for sale With sites on them you go to Domains.blogprofitnetwork.com But now without any further ado let’s Talk about the three ways you can make Money finding out how much money other People are making method number one Make videos and go ask people how much Money they make you can see here lots of Videos of people asking others how much They make and these videos are monetized Which means they make money for their Views however it’s not a whole lot of Money for the amount of views so i think There’s a better way and some of you Guys don’t want to make videos where you Actually have to go out knock on doors And ask people how much money they make Which i don’t blame you i don’t want to Do that either and that is going to Bring us to method number two make Videos about salary data you could see Here on youtube there’s lots of videos Talking about how much different Salaries are for different jobs if we Were to do something like dentist Salary or dental assistant salary or Something like that we could see there’s Lots and lots of videos about how much

Dental assistance and salaries and all Kinds of stuff and all we got to do is Make a simple video look up the data do Good research make good content and make A video without even having our face or Voice in it you can outsource a lot of This stuff slap that video up do a Really good job of making content and Your titles and everything and you can Make money with a channel about salaries You can see here all kinds of people Talking about different technician Salaries and on and on we go so there’s Lots of room for lots of content but Again if you don’t want to make videos Don’t worry we got method number three Method number three is my favorite Method and the reason i bought the Domain name you saw in the last portion Of this video it is to make a blog about Salary data what you’re going to notice Is there are tons of people searching For all kinds of stuff related to Salaries in fact between you me the wall And the rest of youtube i actually did Some research for you i took some of the Top sites Looked up their keywords and found the Keywords that have low competition you Could see here we got underwriter Mortgage salary court reporter salary And this column here column c Is Quite aptly named competition and the

Number goes from 0 to 100 100 being Really difficult and zero being really Easy we could see here that lots of These words are in the one to five range We got tons of words with tons of Traffic that we can use that are ripe For the picking all i need to do is make A good blog post about Say marine biologist hawaii salary or Process engineer salary or whatever Keyword i want to target i go out there I can either outsource the content or Write it myself by doing a little bit of Research about how this stuff works find Out how much the job pays then link to The stuff that pays me and boom i can Make money and as you can see there are Tons and tons of keywords and this was Just from one site here’s another one Where i just took the word how much Make and you could see here All different keywords about how much Different careers pay and how much these People are making that’s a lot of Traffic there we can also see this one Here which has all different kinds of Schools colleges and different things That you need to become a different kind Of career path person How to become a rancher Quality degrees Cryptozoology jobs i don’t even want to Pretend i know what that is and on and On we go carpenty carpentry degrees the

Sky is literally the limit so what we Would do is we’d make a blog about Salary data and we do a good job making Information so that people know what They’re getting into before they go on a Career path how much the job is going to Pay what it costs what kind of schooling You need requirements the whole nine Yards then we link to the things that Pay us money whether it’s paid ads Whether it’s affiliate offers from Offervault clickbank whatever it is as Long as it fits the niche Boom we can make money and if you like This video smash a like button and check Out the videos in the description for More information on this method

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