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This will make or break your sales funnel so get it right – copy this formula now.
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There is a really simple formula that You can use for your headlines and is The how to so we have how to result Without roadblock even if roadblock how To break a roadblock even if roadblock And then finally we have how-to result In the next time frame even if roadblock Now with the results roadblocks and time Frames that probably doesn’t make a Whole lot of sense so as you go through This particular exercise and really any Copywriting for that matter you want to Make a list of all of the results your Ideal customers after and all of the Roadblocks thereafter spend at least at Least 15 to 20 minutes on this sometimes It can take days if you’re writing a Full-on sales letter but here we’re just Making a landing page so we’ll use the Example of someone who is trying to Improve their Facebook ads so we have a List of the results that they’re after And the list of things that they think Are getting in their way so once you’ve Done this you can see how we can start To easily plug and play these results And roadblocks into these simple Formulas

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