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Bitcoin Crash? – Profit Without Investing – Must See!

here are 5 killer ways to make money from the bitcoin crypto crash in a super simple way without investing in crypto… these are super simple ways to make money with crypto without having to make risky investments.

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REMEMBER: watching this how to make money training is in NO WAY saying you will earn $100 a day or even $5 or even 5 cents… there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 21 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his blogging business and how he has helped others do the same.

Sixty nine hundred dollars In one day With zero investment Thirty one thousand dollars a month 163 thousand Two point five million dollars a month Bitcoin crashes to the ground a looming Recession and to top it all off gas Prices have literally gone through the Roof which is why i decided to start Driving this thing to work That’s crazy Today i’m gonna show you five ways to Make money with bitcoin without even Investing and it all has to do with These six files right here which i’m Gonna give to you for free keep watching To find out how because while everyone Out there is trying to understand when To buy when to sell and when to get Involved in bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies some people have Silently been getting ultra rich like This guy here making thirty one thousand Dollars a month or this one making a Hundred and sixty three thousand two Million twenty four million and more and These five methods are super solid they Work worldwide they continue to work and Even thrive during times of economic Downturn and when used correctly they’re Virtually guaranteed to put money in Your Pocket so let’s open up these files and

Dive into the five ways you’re gonna Make money from the bitcoin crash okay So first off what we need to understand Is the fact that cryptocurrencies and Different investments are looked up a Lot you could see here bitcoin price or Btc price is looked up over 16 million Times a month dogecoin and others are Looked up a lot as well now we can see From these files that there is a ton Of traffic In these markets and also There’s not that much competition when You get some of the more specific Keywords and since bitcoin and crypto Investing keywords Are in a market that makes lots of money What we have to do is look to patrick Over here who has found the solution to Making money with this traffic because As time goes on people are going to Search for these more and more as we can See from these files millions and Millions of people each and every month Are looking up different ticker symbols Like this one here for some kind of Compass mining or even the games or Different types of places to invest Crypto are looked up a lot of times and When you pair that with these five Methods i’m going to show you It’s pretty simple to start making good Money but remember the results are not Typical applied or guaranteed i have no

Idea what you’re going to make this is Just an information video to show you The many possibilities that are out There that you can profit with starting With method number one and that is to Start a news Or ticker blog This is quite simply where you go out There and start a blog to talk about the Different news and ticker symbols that Are going on in the crypto marketplace As you can see lots of people are Looking up the various different symbols Related to cryptos they’re looking for How much they’re going for if they’re Going up down whether they’re rug polls Scams whether they’re good investments And what the history of the company is Like and since this information is free Online anyway you simply do the research Compile it in an easy way to understand And get paid when people click ads on Your website it’s actually super simple And you don’t really need that much Experience and you don’t even have to Sell anything because what’s going to Happen is your blog is going to show Expensive ads when those ads are clicked On you get paid and as you can see over Here from the google adwords keyword Planner these guys are paying insane Amounts of money for each and every Click best gold ira hundred and eighty Dollars a click best online brokerage

Account best investment platforms 49 a Click and on and on we go this is Literally insane but remember you’re not Guaranteed to get 180 dollars a click we Have no idea what you’re gonna make per Click this is just to show us that People are paying lots of money which Means our traffic is going to make a Heck of a lot more so if you’re using Number one and you want to make a news Or ticker symbol blog you can rake it in Big time now let’s talk about number two No not that number two although some of This stuff is pretty crappy and that Would be the scam and rug pull exposure There’s lots of people out there on Youtube and blogs and websites and Different forums and places like that That are talking about all the different Crypto scams that are going on online And if you ask me there’s way too many But that is a chance for you to swoop in Be the good guy and bank lots of cash we Could see here this guy has top five Crypto scams it’s got over 335 000 views on that one video alone here’s Another one that was just uploaded 18 Hours ago so far over 87 000 views and If you were to do a simple search on Youtube you’re gonna see tons and tons Of people doing this exact same thing Talking about all the different crypto Scams and as we learned from our buddy Patrick over here with his lamborghini

Full of cash this market pays lots of Money per click and if you have videos In the crypto market and you’re using Youtube monetization that’s going to Trigger a much more expensive ad and They don’t even have to buy anything They simply view the ads click the links And you get paid and all you would have To do is follow the news and watch the Reports and check out the latest Cryptocurrencies do the research help People out and put money in your pocket And again this is a very sensitive Market so make sure you don’t do Anything shady don’t recommend anything That’s garbage or a rip-off or a scam Just simply provide helpful info and get Paid when people click on the ads and to Show you how this works in a real-world Way i’ve actually compiled some of the Top cryptocurrency keywords that have Very low competition this is a Difficulty score from 0 to 100 100 being Damn near impossible and 0 being pretty Much inevitable we can actually take a Look here that there’s stuff like coin Market cap or xpr coin and when we put These in youtube we could see the Competition doesn’t really exist and People are getting lots and lots of Traffic with these very simple Non-competitive Keywords and quite simply all you need To do is go down the list find the

Information make a simple video and put Some more money In your pocket And that brings us to method number Three of how you’re gonna make money With the bitcoin crash and that is to Buy and sell crypto domains domain names Are bought and sold online every single Day to the tune of millions of dollars In fact i myself have sold over a Million dollars worth of domain names And websites associated with domains and Different things like that take a look At this list here of the top 10 domains In the crypto market eth.com 2 million dollars Btc.com one million dollars tokens half A million bitcoin wallet 250 grand and On and on we go in fact just last week i Bought Bitminerfactory.com for about twelve Hundred dollars and don’t worry if you Don’t have 1200 bucks i’m gonna show you A way to do this super cheap and the Reason i bought this domain is because Of all the traffic it was getting Already for bitcoin and bitcoin mining And different things like that we could See it ranks for keywords that get over 13 000 searches a month not only that But check out some of the links that are Pointing back to my new website this one Here from wikipedia with a list of Bitcoin companies we got some other

Bitcoin sites linking in crypto Investments and on and on we go so i can Go ahead and put a simple blog on this Website start ranking for this traffic And make tons of money or i could sell The domain for a profit as you can see Here lots of crypto names are going for Lots of money and since mine also has Backlinks and built-in traffic it used To be a crypto mining business boom i Think i hit the jackpot but if you don’t Have 1200 bucks don’t worry we’re gonna Use a little tool called spamzilla to Find domains that we can buy for a Couple of dollars and sell for hundreds Or even thousands of dollars or more Yeah some of the domains i bought for Like eight dollars or fifteen dollars I’ve sold for as much as 25 000 And all i got to do is use a tool like Spamzilla that i could get over at Spamzilla.com type something like crypto And this is going to show me all the Domain names that recently expired that Contained the word crypto and my job is Just to find one that looks really good Cryptosharemarket.com crypto profit Trends Cryptocurrencyinvestment.info Bthcrypto.com 24 crypto mining trade says it’s worth 165 and i could buy it for one penny Polycrypto says it’s worth 7.75 i can

Get it for a penny but again take these With a grain of salt Make sure that if you’re investing ten Dollars on a domain you’re pretty Certain you can get your ten dollars Back and on this one i think that’s Going to be pretty easy so i could just Go down the list and find different Crypto domains that look really good Start buying them and sell them for a Profit crypto maniacs kryptonite coins Crypto bonus dot info And on and on we go there’s literally Over a hundred thousand domain names That drop each and every day and if you Want to learn more about my domain Strategies check out the links in the Description but now let’s dive in to Method number four Youtube channel updates this is a lot Like the other method but instead of Just doing crypto overviews we’re Actually going to make a channel about The latest updates you can see this guy Streamed just 10 hours ago 54 000 views And since it’s in the crypto market he’s Making lots of money here’s another one Altcoin daily who’s coming out with all Kinds of different crypto updates and Things like that and if you want to add Even more money to the mix you can Actually have them go to your website For more information and as you can see Here tons and tons of people are

Providing information on different Bitcoin updates new coins and different Things like that wait a minute who’s That maniac with a chicken oh yeah That’s me now let’s go To method number five in method number Five what you’re gonna do is create free Cryptocurrency trading guides you’re Going to do the research and find all Kinds of links of what people can do to Start investing in crypto and help them Out and give them tips and links and all Kinds of things like that and if you Pair method number five with all the Other methods i showed you you’re gonna Have a zinger of a way to make money Online and if you’re interested in Getting these reports with the top Keywords check out Downloadmynotes.com and to learn more About each of these five methods check Out the videos in the description that’s Going to go into even more detail smash The like button subscribe and i’ll see You in the next video

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