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Make Money Finding Scam Websites Online.

lets face it… there are scams everywhere from the comment scam to crypto safemoon and pump and dump rug pulls and even people selling bbqs that dont even exsist to get your money and scam your info.

the list of scam websites is HUGE… and now you can help people out by finding scam websites and sharing how people can stay safe online.

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remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

please note… making money online is harder than most people watching these types of videos realize, it takes hard work, persistance, ability to learn, and other factors… this is not a guarantee that if you do one or even all of these methods you will make anything… this is a business and business’ comes with risk.

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Wait a minute what two thousand dollars A month nineteen thousand dollars a Month eight thousand thirty six thousand Five hundred and ninety seven thousand Dollars a month just finding scammy Websites online whoa They all look exactly the same [Music] This is my new barbecue this is the Money I lost to an online scam and this Is just a fraction of the props we’re Using For an upcoming video but this Video is about scams so let’s head over To the backyard office and I’m gonna Show you a crazy online scam and three Ways you can make money reporting scams Online affiliate marketing dude this guy Looks super legit five thousand a month What What A scam alright so this video is gonna Have a lot of stuff make sure you pay Attention and watch the whole thing at Least one time all the way through Because not only am I going to show you Three ways to make money using this Method but I’m also going to show you How to watch out for online scams what They’re about and how to turn them to Your favor to actually make money let me Show you what I mean just about every Day I’m checking my YouTube account for Comments and to see what you guys have To say about my videos and it seems like

Every day Foreign Yeah that happens and this is known as The YouTube impersonator scam now Most people this looks pretty obvious It’s not actually me they’re just using My image and they have some phony phone Number and they’re gonna try to scam you Out of money which is exactly what Happened to our buddy Anil over here and Another one of my students who sent me All the screenshots from his Conversation more about that in just a Little bit but I’ve been following these Guys for a long time and every time I Delete them and block them you can see They create new accounts with the same Exact information over and over and over Again and the way it works is quite Simple they comment on your comments Hoping that you think it’s me whoa Marcus actually reached out message on Telegram at official that’s a weird name For a YouTube channel but it says Official so it’s Gotta Be Marcus their Hope is that you’re gonna reach out on WhatsApp or telegram talk to them they Pretend to be me you send them money and Then you never hear from them again then The victim of the scan goes and posts Bad reviews about the product or service They bought even though they didn’t Actually buy the product or service from The person they’re posting the review

About actually what they bought was Nothing they simply sent a scammer money For nothing and that’s why the people Affected most by these types of scams Are the businesses being harmed by Impersonators but it gets even more Sinister remember those Barbecues in the Beginning check this out there are tons Of companies posting these barbecues as Products on Google if you were to Google Membersmark SS 304 you’re gonna see lots And lots of people selling this item From this guy over here actual Sam’s Club to Wayfair to minty Diamond the Heck is a minty diamonds and why is he Only 98.99 it’s like 1600 bucks off and and While I was researching these the other Night you can actually see there’s tons Of sites that are doing the exact same Thing with the exact same templates and Apparently this is their big warehouse And the list of sites goes on and on and On you can see here if you were to Search for this fancy coffee maker 1200 Bucks 1700 bucks wait a minute 91 91 91 99 90 something ain’t stir in the Kool-Aid and what these guys are doing Is quite simple they simply make a Simple site using some software or Shopify they make it look legit and Offer the product you want at a Ridiculously lower price and apparently Their fancy Warehouse over here has over

A thousand of these products what but What you’re gonna find out is that when You order from some of these sites not Only are are they going to steal your 100 bucks but they’re also going to take Your information and do who knows what With it and these kind of scams are Everywhere online and the way the scam Works is pretty simple they’re either Playing on your desire to get something Really cheap and have it be too good to Pass up or they’re pretending to be Someone they’re not and getting you to Comment now the reason it works is very Simple in the Imposter scam we all just Want someone to reach out to that’s a Gap in the marketplace where people want Someone to talk to and on those fake Product sites it’s all about price so They’re simply preying on your Vulnerability and your desire to make a Connection with your favorite YouTubers Now as a side note I will never contact You or ask you to contact me on telegram WhatsApp or any method like that in fact If you’re ever gonna order something and You want to make sure it’s actually Coming from me make sure you check to See if it’s coming from Pcmoneymaking.com affiliate marketing Dude Com or Blogprofitnetwork.com always do your due Diligence and never just trust someone Who tells you to Whatsapp them telegram

Them Skype them or whatever if I want to Buy something from Costco or Sam’s Club I want to make sure that I’m actually on Their website purchasing the item so Make sure you check the website and do Your due diligence to make sure Everything is legit and never just trust Some random guy who comments and tells You to call them most of the people you Watch on YouTube are far too busy to be Out there trying to get you to telegram Them or Whatsapp them and talk you into Giving them a hundred bucks and now Let’s talk about the three ways you can Make legit money reporting scams online Method number one this is to help people Buy stuff Remember how I said a lot of these scams Work because people want connection that Is an important sales lesson one of the Things that I Implement on my websites Is a live chat option you can actually Come here and talk to myself or my Assistants or the people who work here About different products and services That you want to get and this is Something that works really really well Because it offers the personal Connection and the first way you could Make money is by going out there and Finding products that people have Questions about where these big Companies are lacking in support you can Actually set up a site answer questions

And direct people to products as Affiliates and make lots of money this Is something super simple because Sometimes people have a question in fact Just this morning I bought this lighting Setup for my videos and I had a question About the app they have a phone app that Makes these lights work and I wanted to Know does it work without the app if I Don’t use the app do I just have a bunch Of paper weights or do the lights still Actually work If you were to set up a website about Different types of lights that people Can use for video had a live chat button Where you could answer their questions Boom you could close the deal and make Sales like crazy and check it out According to ahrefs thousands and Thousands of people each and every month Are looking for these different lights Price is about the lights questions About the lights and more all I would Have to do is make a simple page answer Questions and pocket affiliate Commissions over and over now let’s get In to Method number two remember all Those numbers I showed you in the Beginning where people are making two Thousand nineteen thousand almost six Hundred thousand dollars a month finding Scam websites yeah that’s exactly what We’re gonna be doing in method number Two but there’s a little secret you need

To watch out for first of all take a Look at all the different people Searching for all the different WhatsApp Scams you can also just use the word Scam and find out that hundreds of Thousands of people are looking up scams Online and some of these are not very Competitive which means it’s gonna be Super easy to get traffic just take a Look at the results from one of these Sites where they’re talking about all These different types of scams and Rip-offs and all kinds of things like That they simply find a low competition Keyword write a little article about the Product with reviews get the traffic and Make money with ads on their website It’s actually very simple but you’re Going to notice that some of these are Kind of limited I mean this guy focusing On hoax scams rip-offs and things like That not a whole lot of traffic there Unless yeah you remember those Barbecues In the beginning these are complete scam Websites but they get a lot of traffic Through advertising which means if we Put these in our keyword tool like this You can actually see hundreds of people Each and every month are looking to find Out if this website is legit and since There’s hundreds of thousands a websites Just like this it’s time to make serious Money in fact if you were to take a look At the keywords from that six hundred

Thousand dollar a month website you’re Gonna see that a lot of these are Different websites and companies that They’re reviewing to check out if There’s a scam or not take a look at This keyword they have with thousands of Searches a month wondering if this Shopping site is legit and the content Part is very simple all they do is find The website research it and give their Opinion on whether it’s legit or not and They’re making money with the ads on Their website and you can even make more Money by going out there and promoting Stuff like Norton Lifelock Identity Protection or anti-virus or safe Shopping software tools and things like That so that people don’t get viruses And can see at a glance what sites are Actually legit and which ones are not And since these are panned like 95 Dollars a sign up you can make a lot of Money really fast of course Source the Results are not typical implied or Guaranteed the average person trying to Do this makes nothing this is a business There is risk there’s a lot of work Involved and even after working you Might not make anything but you could See that there’s lots and lots of people Doing this exact method here’s another One with over eight thousand dollars a Month worth of free traffic and we could See here they rank for all different

Kinds of things like this weird keyword Different websites whether or not Different payments are legit and Different things like that that are Really easy to research and the traffic Is so non-competitive you can literally Manifest yourself to the top of the Search engine of course with the right Keyword and content and the key to Making this work is to find all those Different websites that people are Wondering if they’re legit or not and a Little tip you can use is to go to your Keyword is to go to your favorite Keyword type is to go to your favorite Keyword tool and type in is legit and This is going to show you all the Different sites and different things That people want to know if they’re Legit you do the research write a little Report put some ads and offers on your Site and make some money and that brings Us to Method number three which is a lot Like method number two only you’re gonna Be doing that via video now be very Careful when writing reviews online that You make everything honest and truthful Because if you’re just writing bad Reviews to get traffic you could Actually get sued for writing a bad Review on a product that isn’t actually Bad wait what yeah and we could see here On YouTube there are tons and tons of People reporting different scams online

Getting lots of traffic and making tons Of money one of my favorite scam Reporters Spencer Cornelia reported that He made over 277 thousand dollars last Year from monetization alone now of Course he got over 37 million views and His average CPM was about 16 which meant He was making about 1.6 cents per view And again again remember that’s just a Rule of thumb what you make is dependent On the content you put out the quality And the amount of people watching here’s Another one coffee Zilla with over 1.2 Million subscribers now again this guy Works his tail off to find different Scams and things and report them in an Entertaining way and with over 158 Million views lots of them about crypto Finance and making money and scams and Things like that you do the math he’s Raking it in big time and According to Socialblade which isn’t all that Accurate they’re estimating he’s making About forty to fifty thousand dollars a Month but from my estimate I’m sure it’s A lot higher than that and you might be Thinking but Marcus these websites Making 600 Grand a month and these YouTubers making a fortune I just want To get started and make some decent Money online and that’s exactly how These big guys started anyway if you Were to take a look at meet Kevin who’s A real estate Finance YouTuber who took

Took off and is now making upwards of a Million dollars or more each and every Month you can take a look and see that He actually took off with one of his First popular videos four years ago About whether or not Grant Cardone was a Scam 468 000 views A million views 225 000 views and on and on we go and the Method is very simple what they’re doing Is piggybacking on things that people Are searching for wanting to know if They’re legit or not and again I cannot Stress it enough that all we’re going to Be doing is giving overviews you don’t Want to talk about a product as if you Bought it if you never actually bought It but you can give an overview based on What other people are saying and what an Opinion is of the model of the sales Method and stuff like that and if you Want to play it safe maybe just go after The little sites that are selling the Hundred dollar barbecues and stuff like That it’s actually not that hard to do And if you want to learn more about this Method check out downloadmynotes.com for Notes on this video and check out the Links in the description again make sure You always do everything legit oh yeah And smash the like button if you dug This video

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