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$5,003 A Month On Pinterest? Simple Keyword Hack!

pinterest is a very interesting site and it took me a while to see the actual money getting angle so in this video i am going to show you my killer pinterest keyword hack that can get you tons of traffic super fast for profitable money making methods i will show you also 🙂

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 22 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the fun zone the zone where we learn All kinds of stuff about crazy ways that People are making money online and this Isn’t just your run-of-the-mill how to Make money on pinterest kind of video That you’re going to see rehashed Everywhere this is full stuff from Someone who’s been doing this for over 23 years so what we’re going to do today Is we are going to dive in and i’m going To show you a secret little pinterest Hack that i have been going crazy about Over the last about 48 hours or so and There’s lots of good stuff here so we’re Going to show you how this whole thing Works in this training i’m also going to Go through My keyword list that i’ve been going Through for the last 48 hours diving Through this stuff by the time you get This keyword list it’s going to have Over a thousand crazy keywords that you Can use on pinterest to make money now Warning this is not what other people Are teaching this is real world stuff That you can actually use to start Making this stuff work and start getting Traffic from pinterest and making lots Of money this training is going to Connect a lot of dots that you might not Have had connected before so if you’re Excited smash that like button we’re Going to dive right in now it’s

Important to note that before we dive in Patrick over here wants to make money on Pinterest right and he’s like okay i Want to make money on pinterest what i’m Going to do well first and foremost what Patrick needs to realize is that Pinterest Is A traffic Method Okay you don’t just make money on Pinterest you use pinterest to get Traffic this is very important because If you look at it the right way this Could start to change things for you in A really really cool way now what we’re Going to do here is we’re going to break This down and show you the secret well There’s supposed to be a pin there or a Pinterest apparently i spelled it wrong Or the spell checker said interest but It’s actually a pinterest one We’re going to show you the secret Pinterest money loophole that’s very Very very important now If you want a copy of this keyword Report When i get it to a thousand keywords We’re going to load it up on Theprofitscoop.com and if you guys Aren’t aware of theprofitscoop.com It’s where i put a bunch of my tools and Free stuff that you guys can use all the Time now i highly recommend that when

You get to profit scoop click the big Button and put your name and email in That way i can email you the report when It’s ready because otherwise if you’re Like me you’ll probably forget that it’s There so we got to look at this and we Got to understand exactly what’s going On to understand how this loophole works Now first of all i want to break down What the other people are teaching Most people will say in order to make Money with pinterest you’re going to Make pins Drive traffic to offers okay so That’s the gist of it the idea Is that you’re gonna make A whole bunch of pins all right let’s Switch screens here the idea here Is that you’re gonna make a whole bunch Of pins okay And hopefully these pins are about the Same niche right you don’t want to go Out there and make a pinterest and just Have like everything right you want to Have something that is actually Going to work in a real world way for You okay so it’s very important to look At that all right we need to have Niche specific Pins okay niche specific pins i had to Fix the angle here right so niche Specific pins is what we’re looking at And what we want to do let’s say you are Doing like calculators

Okay and you have pins about mortgage Calculators or maybe you’re doing like Crazy things i bought on amazon and You’re having pins about crazy things You bought on amazon or maybe you’re Doing like backyard ideas or remodel Ideas or whatever it is right it’s very Important to look at this or maybe You’re even doing like gardening ideas Or plants or whatever it is okay this is Very very important we need to keep in Mind that this is how All this stuff works now most people are Going to say well you go out there you Make pins and then once you make the Pins what you’re going to do Is you’re going to have the pin and it’s Going to drive the traffic to your Offers so you would say okay i got all My pins this one’s about how to plant Flowers how to plant weeds how to plant Bananas or whatever okay And you’re going to go through and You’re going to drive that traffic to Either a website Or an offer directly now the cool thing About pinterest is if you don’t want to Have a website you don’t need a website You can take that traffic and put them Wherever you want all right now there Are downsides to just putting the Traffic wherever you want You might want to put it to an actual Website we’ll talk about that in a

Little bit so the idea here is make pins Drive traffic to offers and then the Idea is okay well maybe over time you’re Going to build a following On Pinterest that’s interested in in Gardens now building a following on Pinterest is actually a lot harder than It seems to be because most people are Just there looking at images I mean some people follow stuff some People don’t And we have to look at it because what We’re going to do here in this training Is we are going to talk about How to utilize Search traffic To drive this Okay because here’s the deal If you want to go on pinterest and get The pa the traffic that’s already on Pinterest you’re going to be fighting With all the other stuff you’re going to Be in all the other competition and it’s Going to be very difficult to do so what We’re going to do is we’re going to take A different approach that’s where the Secret pinterest money hack is going to Come in and that’s where it’s going to Work so we are going to focus on Search-based stuff what we care about Isn’t so much what people are searching For on pinterest we care about what People are searching on on google this

Is important make a note we’re going to Get back to this in just a minute now When we’re looking at this here Again make pins drive traffic to offers Maybe build a following and do the Influencer scene and maybe one day when You’re happy and you got a bunch of Followers for your garden site maybe you Know some gardening uh weed killer is Gonna come up and be like hey you know What we got this weed uh Roundup whatever stuff And uh we want to advertise on on your Pinterest that can happen um that would Be falling under creating a sponsored Content now another thing i like which Is cool is number five which is Shoppable pins that’s cool you can Actually have a shoppable pin where People can click and buy things and Stuff like that there’s also method Number six a creator fund for those that Are creating stuff it’s kind of small But you know hey it adds to the pile Which is good and then number seven There is video content on pinterest as Well so we need to look at this and we Need to understand at the whole what’s Going on on pinterest now what we’re Gonna do Is we’re gonna dive in to The profit hack how many of you guys Right now you’re ready for the profit Hack you’re like okay marcus yeah i

Could go to any website or blog and Figure out the seven ways to make money On pinterest it’s not that hard to do in Fact in preparation for this video i Paid someone 200 dollars to make notes And they were They were terrible that’s what i got From the notes right it was like okay it Wasn’t usable why wasn’t it usable Because it’s the run of the mill stuff That everyone else is doing what we need To do is we need to look at this Different because my guess is you’re out There you want to make money on Pinterest but you don’t know where to go Or what to do or what niche or anything Like that you just probably heard that There’s some guy making 500 a day on Pinterest or there’s some guy making This or whatever it is and you want a Piece of the action you’re like hey man If someone’s making money on pinterest Might as well be me so what do i do Right i’m not like the gardener Extraordinaire i’m not some you know Image creator Meme guy So what am i gonna do how am i gonna Make this work in a real world way how Am i going to go out there and make Money on pinterest even if i don’t know What i’m doing if that’s you smash that Like button let’s talk about this let’s Get to the nitty gritty because i think

This can be done in a real world way in A very easy way now what’s going to Happen here And it’s very important okay there’s Going to be a difference between people Who look at markets And people that look at Niches okay markets versus niches what’s The difference between a market versus a Niche well Gardening Would be a market Okay cool Raised bed gardening plans That’s an itch okay how many of you guys Get it smash that like button if you get It and you understand exactly what’s Going on Okay you’re like okay i get it yeah Market equals gardening Niche equals raised bed gardening plans Okay there you go that’s the difference That’s why this keyword report That i’m going to give you over here There it is over there there it is it’s That way right there you go the camera Reverses things also adds some pounds or Something i don’t know what it does but At any rate this is the keyword list You’re gonna get and that’s why this is So important now what we need to Understand here Very important okay What we need to understand

Is that traffic And patrick’s gonna tell you this here Traffic Equals Money Okay why does facebook have bazillions Of dollars Because they have traffic that’s the Only reason Why do other sites make gazillions why Does pinterest make so much money Traffic that’s the only reason there is No other value other than people’s Eyeballs watching a screen That’s the value that’s it now i will Tell you The value does change we talk about this All the time where the value actually Changes okay so someone looking up you Know um How to lose weight is worth more money Than someone looking up calories in a Burrito okay very important so we gotta Look at that we gotta understand it now What we’re gonna do to find these Because if you’re out there you’re like Marcus i just want to make money on Pinterest that’s what i want to do and i Don’t care how i do it as long as it’s Ethical as long as it’s good i can do The work But that’s what i want to do if that’s You type pinterest in the box let me Know and we are going to show you how

This works because there is a way To find niches that are worth money That have no competition or low Competition That are super easy to make money in And also make content for How many guys are excited about that i Need to see that like button being Pushed a bunch of times because we’re Going to show you something that other Marketers don’t talk about i know i’ve Been talking about it for 23 years one Marketer talked about it because he got The idea from me and then I haven’t heard other people talk about It much i haven’t heard from that guy Since like 2003 but what we’re talking About here Is the fact that most people are going To go to their keyword tool okay let me Open up a Keyword tool here Okay and they are going to type Something in And i’m just gonna do it on this other Screen and then i’ll show you guys just So i make sure it’s clean Okay so we’re going to go and type in Like most people are going to do this Okay they’re going to go to their Keyword tool my favorite is ahrefs They’re going to type something in like Weight loss they’re going to see What are we going to do

It’s 92 it’s super hard this is too Competitive for the average person it’s Too competitive for me and i’ve been to This 23 years so if you’re like oh well You know maybe marcus doesn’t know what He’s doing i’ve been doing this a while I don’t rank for weight loss i’ll Probably never work rank for weight loss But There is a better way because the guy Ranking for weight loss i mean you do The math at three four five dollars a Click times 150 000 clicks a month Well you know you got some serious money There now That’s not to say That people like me and you Can’t do this And make a good living Okay if this is worth a dollar a click 50 cents a click three dollars a click All i would need to do if i want to make Three thousand dollars a month is get You know three thousand six thousand Clicks if i make three dollars all i Gotta do is get a thousand clicks Very important okay we’re gonna we’re Gonna touch on this in just a minute but Marcus Is very difficult The competition is super hard What gives how am i going to do this Well ladies and gentlemen that is where We are going to use what i call a

Trigger word list now a trigger word List is a list of terms that has nothing To do with anything All right i got planned okay what kind Of plan do people want oh they could Want to plan a wedding they could want To they could be Looking up any kind of plan Work out it could be anything it might Not be weight loss it might be running It might be people who want muscles all Right i had a muscle I don’t know where it went i need to Work out again and uh There you go a day we don’t know what Kind of days people chart template Budget what we’re going to do is we’re Going to type these into our keyword Tool now when you do this All right so i have Plan and over here i have weight loss Weight loss super hard super competitive Let me make sure this is clean again and Then we’ll bring it back over Don’t know what kind of workouts people Are doing so got to be careful always Gotta be careful here okay now When we type in this here We can see It’s getting a little less difficult What to eat Before a workout okay okay now we’re Getting somewhere Right i go what to eat before a workout

Now it’s dropping like flies what to eat Before and after a workout what to eat Before okay what should i eat what Dinner should i eat all kinds of stuff How many of you guys are like okay i’m Starting to see it I’m starting to see That the competition is dropping like Flies And i could actually go out there and i Could do What to eat for a workout And i could find all kinds of different Things what to eat before a morning Workout 500 1300 searches a month what To eat before a workout in the morning What to eat right before workout what is Good to eat before and we see that the Competition is starting to get what to Eat before a hit workout what to eat Before workout for energy All right now We’re getting somewhere and here’s the Cool thing ladies and gentlemen the cool Thing Is if you’re doing this remember How i said pinterest Is a traffic method Pinterest is a traffic method Now pinterest is also A powerhouse He’s got muscles in the seo Industry right he ranks for all kinds of Stuff

Which means We can rank for keywords on pinterest That we probably couldn’t rank on a new Blog everyone following me so far you Guys are wait a minute this is starting To make lots of sense Now What we have to do here It gets Even deeper So what we’re going to do here is we can Take a look and i could say okay great What to eat before a workout to lose Weight excellent all i would have to do Is make a pen And i’m like here are nine foods to Avoid or to eat i could do either avoid Or eat and i could be like hey If you eat the old banana before the Workout you are going to lose weight or Those are good things right does that Make sense to everyone our content’s Easy it writes itself there you go boom And then all we’re going to do Is post that on pinterest Like this Over here where’s our button There it is All right so we post it here right like This and we’re like boom there we go Right there’s my it would say uh nine Things to eat Before your workout to lose weight great Then

You would have A link here A link here And a link here Okay And the idea Is to go through And say wait a minute now I can make this work in a really simple Way But That Ladies and gentlemen Is not all there’s actually more So what we’re going to do here Is we are going to look even deeper okay Because we can use these low comp Keywords To rank for all kinds of things using Our pinterest Or We could let pinterest do the work Of telling us what they already rank for And we could just piggyback on what’s Already working how many of you guys are Like wait yeah i want to learn that I like that idea because now they’re Just going to show me what they rank for And i just get in front of them put some Good content up point them to some good Ethical affiliate offers and then boom I’m ready to go okay this is where the Rubber meets the road and this Is where

Your keyword report Is going to come in handy okay so this Keyword report Actually You’re gonna see over here there’s like A ranking chart or something Let’s see where it’s at Uh well he usually has one i think it’s Volume difficulty okay the one i give You guys will actually have the ranking Um but this one These are actually words that pinterest Ranks for Wait a minute So pinterest already right like if i go Over there and i’m like okay Uh good morning quotes Okay again let’s make sure it’s clean so We’ll go to this other search engine Here and we got Uh good morning quotes Okay And what you’re gonna see here Is that for good morning quotes Good morning quotes we got all kinds of Images here and then down here We actually have pinterest Interesting okay so this keyword list Is words that pinterest ranks for now It’s not just like Let me type in pinterest and let me get The words because there’s literally four Bazillion words that they rank for What this is

Is it’s words that i use the trigger Words for To find things that i know Will actually work and actually make Money Okay because i don’t want to just rank For winnie the pooh quotes if i don’t Have something to sell Or a way to make money I don’t want to just rank for some of These random terms and that’s why i went Through And i looked at these keywords and i was Like okay Here’s some of the words here And i broke it down i was like okay cool So i did verses this was an interesting One i love this trigger word because now I’m like okay what can i do with the Word verses or template or budget or Printable now you can use these with the Pinterest method you could use them Without the pinterest method and you can Go to theprofitscoop.com and download The list which is pretty cool We also have cost examples remodel and All kinds of different things that you Can use checklist sayings inspiration Email sample What we want to do is we want to look at This With the idea Of what are we going to do what’s our End game right and our end game is going

To be based on the keyword and based on What they’re searching for very Important so we’re going to go through And we’re going to be like okay We got our trigger word list we’re going To put them in and what i do is i’ll go Here and i’ll type in pinterest.com And then i’m going to use keyword Contains And that’s where i’ll put my trigger Word Right so i could do something like maybe I’ll do keyword contains and we get one Of our trigger words sample Okay cool keyword contains And then we’ll do sample And then let’s just i’m gonna make sure It’s clean again we’ll do sample we’ll Hit apply And then on that list It’s going to load It’s still loading And still i don’t know it’s taken it’s It’s taken its time but what you’re Going to notice here is that on our list Of keywords right here i have 4.3 Million visitors a month okay so now We got these isolated we’re like okay Wait a minute check this out how are we Going to make money old buddy marcus Well bathroom remodel Okay i could go over to offer vault Or whatever i could do clickbank offer Whatever and i can do

Remodel Right like this and i can see there’s a Guy willing to pay a hundred dollars For a bathroom for a lead for bathroom Remodel there you go right there it’s Right there okay so all i would have to Do is take them from my pin lead them to A site that has that offer and boom i’m Ready to go and you can see here that When we isolate these I’m like okay check it out 50 000 Keywords that pinterest ranks for with The word sample so all i got to do is go And say what am i going to Want to rank for what has enough traffic And what can i use sample letter of Resignation sample i can lead those People into new jobs or careers or Whatever We could do short cover letter sample uh Resignation letter resume resumes are Huge those work really really well and We can go through and be like okay There’s lots of different things that Will work letter of intent sample those People are probably buying a house or Something and we go through and we’re Like okay this is looking pretty good This is something that will work Okay and what we’re gonna do again We’re gonna take and be like okay so now All i need to do is go out there and be Like okay What am i gonna do i’ll go and and maybe

Talk about like maybe i’ll make 50 pins About uh bathroom remodel fails or or Things that make it cost more or ideas Or whatever it is right does that make Sense Everyone getting it smash that like Button if you’re getting it because i Want you to understand okay what we need To do is we need to think about at the End of the day what do these people want And what are we going to get them to Another one was dinner ideas um We got chili recipe which is funny i Actually Had a chili recipe site and back in i Think 2011 Um and i think i made like I don’t know like 60 bucks a day on it Or something it wasn’t much but it was a Cool site uh mother’s day i actually Made money with a mother’s day site as Well uh front yard landscaping that Would be a good one um to lead to the Affiliate offers for you know Landscaping quotes uh gardening quotes Uh remodel quotes stuff like that really Simple a chili recipe would lead them to Maybe like a chili uh website that has a Recipe or maybe even a recipe toolbar or Maybe a grocery store coupon or Something that’s going to pay us and and What you’ll see is that these places Have lots of offers like that right so If we do um offer vault order offer go

And there’s even like Uh plr stuff for chile but we could go Through and do like okay uh maybe we’re Gonna do um what was the one i was Looking at Landscaping uh coupons Coupons is a good one um let’s see if we Have I think it was capitol capital one Coupon Yeah so like the capital one Coupon extension which is actually free For people Pays me uh eight dollars a lead so they Download it and i get eight bucks which Is pretty darn cool right so like there You go you’re like okay here i’m gonna Make a recipe site with the idea of Getting people over to Um this tool that’ll they’ll download it And they’ll be able to use it for Recipes or if i do stuff like uh Let’s do lawn Right lawn care um remodeling stuff like That and what we’re gonna do is we’re Gonna keep it very tight knit we’re Going to build our Um our pinterest site all around the Keywords that we want and just to show You how big this is right you say well Marcus can pinterest work for something Like you know red bubble or teespring or Print on demand Yeah it actually can

You can see here now again check out the The copyright and stuff i don’t know Much about roblox but these are people Looking for roblox shirt templates they Literally want a roblox shirt or even The brandon shirt people want all kinds Of brandon shirts right i don’t know What you could do with a branded shirt But you know i don’t know but you go Through and you’re like okay Now i could go through and i could make All these templates about the shirts and And promote it so like if you’re out There and you’re like well marcus this Is method number 952 That i’ve tried for how to make money Online what you got to do is you got to Start to listen to your old buddy marcus Because all of this stuff Intertwines Everyone goes out there like margaret so I want to make money on pinterest and I’m like you know what i’m kind of like Old king solomon only i don’t have 700 Wives and I’m not as rich as solomon that guy had More money than everyone but um old Solomon used to say there’s nothing new Under the sun And guess what There’s nothing new Under the sun Same thing what are you doing pinterest People looking at pictures pinning

Pictures it’s a traffic method that’s All it is is a traffic method now you Can monetize and do all kinds of stuff But it’s a traffic method that’s all it Is and once you learn that you’re like Oh okay so now that i know the traffic Method i utilize What’s working already And and i get the traffic and i put them To things that make me money we got Mother’s day quotes now you say well Marcus how am i gonna make money With mother’s day quotes Well you say hey You know you’re thinking about sending Your mom a quote you should probably be A good Kid Or whatever and send her some flowers Here click here to send her flowers Right you’ll get some people that’ll Send her flowers and that’s how it’s Going to work okay very important And we start to look at this we’re like Okay what about sociopath versus Psychopath well there’s lots of people That are looking up that stuff And you know they might want to learn About it books and different stuff like That we got a resignation letter they’re Going to look for new jobs small kitchen Ideas that’s going to point to The affiliate offers about uh what was It

Something Right um the remodel we got keto diet Plan all right You telling me pinterest actually ranks For keto keto diet plan yes it does Ab workouts Fire pit ideas right ab workouts i had An ab site years ago made like 168 bucks A day on it um it was like some kind of Ab workout machine And it was a good one and sold it to a Student fire pit ideas youtube banner Templates there’s people who are Youtubers and social media people you Can help them out here’s your template By the way if you want 10 other Templates Go over to my website to download them Pretty simple a kitchen remodel here’s One looking for chow mein versus lobane For some reason Pinterest ranks for that we can get the Traffic and we can say hey you know what Here’s uh Food in your area or or whatever it is Osama says how long does it take for Pinterest posts to be indexed and ranked In google well it depends on what you do I can get mine indexed instantly if i Point something at it and again ladies And gentlemen this is why Y’all need to binge watch my videos and Watch them over and over and over again And watch a bunch of them

Because a lot of these methods fit Together Right so like if i go out there and i’m Like okay well i got a pin I can put a press release to a pin wait What argus mind blown yes you can press Release to a pin it’ll shoot it um all Over the place and there you go and put It up on google and all kinds of stuff But again it’s going to come down to the Keyword that you want and obviously it Needs to be a good press release it Needs to be a good pick we need to make Good content we need to do stuff that is Worthy Of Being shown right we’ve got to make good Good stuff that’s what’s going to make This work otherwise you’re just going to Use these methods and you’re going to Fizzle out super quick and you’ll be Like oh well you know that worked for Like a week seen it a million times i Got friends who come to me that i talked The business to and they’re like i’m Broke now i’m like Why’d you like why’d you do a fizzle out Thing we’re in this for the long haul Uh someone says can this work for Halloween that would be perfect for Halloween right you go through and You’re like okay well what if i go to The keyword tool and i do pinterest and Then i type in halloween right there you

Go and i’m gonna make sure this is clean Because some halloween outfits are A little on the risky side so we’ll do Halloween All right and then we’ll show you what Comes up but yeah there’s tons of stuff Like ideas uh costumes i had a buddy That had a costume site made a fortune With a costume site uh just sold Costumes through like amazon or Something like that um and it works Really well again you have to think About like there are people out there if You go to the halloween store i think They’re hideous but they have like These live Action robots that you get that come out Of the dirt or something and it’s like 600 bucks i’m like I thought we were in a recession but There’s people paying 600 for like some Frankenstein that comes out of the grass Guess we’re not in that bigger recession If you know you got 600 bucks to buy the Old frankenstein but we could see here a Lot of people looking up halloween stuff 488 keywords For that you could even do like costume All kinds of stuff and the sky’s the Limit and what the goal is is to help You understand That as Marketers we’re looking at this and if You want to get to like a thousand

Dollars or five thousand dollars a month With pinterest you need to start looking At this in terms of How much traffic do you need to get that All right what do i need to do if the Remodel quote pays a hundred dollars Well i need 10 of those if the lawn care One pays 23 Then i take it i say how many times does 23 go into 5 000 and i think it’s about 200 I think is my math right i don’t know i Had a lot of coffee so i got to double Check my math 23 yeah it’s about 4 600 Bucks seen about 220 uh leads there And so you’re like okay if i need 220 Leads if i get a lead every 25 or 50 Clicks how much traffic do i need all Right Basic basic stuff this is why we look at The earnings per click what are you Gonna make per click per visitor um and I did a video last week that was about Um earnings per click or i think it Might have been monday’s video But it’s very simple to look at and You’re like okay so i’m just gonna look At this objectively Pragmatically where i’m like okay what Am i gonna do we got uh barndominium Floor plans okay i could sell barn Dominion floor plans that’s something Huge um we got self-care quotes i like That one because you could sell

Self-help books or um get people into Apps or whatever it is okay Very cool We got introvert extrovert self-care Facebook I did facebook because i was like okay Maybe i could get people that are Interested in social media maybe you’re Like doing that social media marketer Thing smma And you’re like okay i need customers Well get all the people that are doing This stuff themselves looking for Templates and be like hey you really Want to grow let me help you out Very simple and the way you do it is by Helping out with uh cover Photos or whatever Ab workouts we got a push day workout Gift certificate template We got uh tornado warning versus watch i Was like okay what can i do with that Well there are weather toolbars that you Could promote that pay like a dollar two Dollars three dollars per download Or What if you were like hey tornado Warning versus watch maybe y’all need to Get yourself some tornado insurance That’s probably a good idea if you’re Searching that you’re probably in one of Them places that gets the tornados all The time it’s like boom there we go uh Craft table you can tell craft tables uh

Morning quotes those are good ones Budgeting meal ideas schedule templates Um earrings actually found out a lot of People were searching for earrings on Pinterest and i was like okay that’s Pretty cool again if you want a copy of This list When it’s done i’m gonna get a thousand Keywords right now i’m at like 280. We’re going to get like a thousand Keywords it’s going to be over at Theprofitscoop.com Go there click the link get the report Check out the other tools there’s lots Of good stuff We have obituary examples okay that that Can be an interesting one um you can get Them into you know insurance flowers uh Funeral costs and all kinds of things Like that We have weekly schedule template that’s A good one we got fax cover sheet Template resume template temp resume Sample I will learn to talk correctly today We got squishmallows the squishmallows Are following us everywhere right very Very important to look at we got tiny House plans we got um Optimal keto warning versus watch Quotes Meeting minutes Grocery list template two weeks notice Template amazon i found a lot of things

On pinterest where it’s like hey these Are things i bought on amazon which is Pretty cool you can make a little pin Here’s 25 must-have things from amazon Click here to download the list and see The products simple what what’s Happening here is pinterest is kind of Like a free ad Right he’s like okay i could post a free Ad and they’re going to come over here And check this stuff out Birdhouse plans shirts Uh weekly pair and the cool thing about This is it’s telling you what to make There’s other people out there that are Like oh well what you need to do is just Make a bazillion t-shirts and hopefully One day someone’s gonna want the t-shirt That you’re selling And wrong what we’re going to do is We’re going to make the ones people are Telling us they want to buy That’s what we’re going to do and that’s How it’s going to work and everyone’s Going to be happy or so i would think i Mean obviously the results are not Typical implied or guaranteed the Average person trying to make money Online makes nothing But you got to look at this like a Business and you got to understand Exactly what’s going on and what’s going On is people are searching for this Stuff over here

Um cover photos beaded earrings offer Letter okay that’s good that’s for like A house buying or an offer or something Uh aggrandeck chair plans uplifting mood Quotes and you can see here this is the Amount of searches per month uh low-cost Diy chicken coop so i could literally go Out there and build chicken coops take Pictures of them make pinterest of them Sell the plans give away the plans or be An affiliate of the plans Pretty simple Uh for those that aren’t that friendly With chickens here’s chicken dinner Recipes right so you get like full Circle show them how to make a coop and Then how to eat the chicken it’s a Little Creepy sounding but hey there you go uh We got uh Claire’s ear piercing costs i thought That was an interesting one Maybe you could do like a claire’s Coupon or something Concrete patio ideas on a budget flower Template low-cost fence designs pole Barn house plans um and a lot of these The cool thing about a lot of these is You’re gonna get paid per lead so you’re Like okay well i’m gonna get paid when They fill out a form to get a quote on Uh pole barns or or concrete patios or Whatever it is screen porch ideas 21 day Workout challenge there’s a good word

Type challenge in there see what Pinterest comes up for that Workout calendar diabetic meal plan A chore chart bat house People have a bat house Ah there you go uh we got uh all kinds Of shirt folding board i thought that Was interesting like someone out there Is making a living selling shirt folding Boards and i think the only time i ever Saw a short shirt A shirt Folding board was on the big bang theory I was like what is that thingy why don’t You just fold your shirt I don’t know but at any rate apparently Some people need a shirt folding board Uh resume examples resume templates Um coloring books i thought that was an Interesting one pool house ideas on a Budget recipe card camper remodel Retirement sayings iphone size Comparison chart Okay size comparison chart might bring Up some interesting searches but i think This one here iphone size comparison It’s probably someone looking for a new Iphone And they’re wondering oh is the new one Bigger is it smaller it’d be a good one It’s got some money attached to it i Like that right very very very important Um outfits vegetable garden layout plans I thought that was pretty good

And you can find like if you go to Clickbank and you do um garden plans or Whatever Let’s see if we can get in here it makes Me log in every five seconds so we’ll Log back in and see what’s going on here So if i do garden On clickbank I can see all kinds of different Gardening things local organic garden um And you can see what they pay 67 of sale Aquaponics right you can even go through And be like okay well Let’s copy and paste it because i don’t Know how to spell aquaponics i will just Copy it there i am in fact the world’s Worst speller But we’ll go through and be like okay Pinterest Aquaponics boom let’s see if there’s Traffic show results and we got We wait And wait Do a little dance Wait some more And apparently we’re just gonna maybe We’ll just call this the waiting show I’m so good pierre says his wife has two Shirt folding boards all right well There you go there’s avid collectors Check this out they are ranking for agua Aquaponics fish tank So there you go 20 uh 2800 a month Searching for that and again remember

How i said pair these together i Actually bought A couple of fish tank sites Last week And You can you can pair these like here’s Some of the domains and sites i buy so We could go through and be like okay Check this out Freshwatercentral.com This is a domain and website i bought That we’re going to be building out Unless one of you guys wants to take it Over i do offer Some of my sites as high ticket niches Like this one here if you look at Freshwater central I could go through and see what it Ranked for Actually i think it ranks currently so We’ll do freshwater central and you’ll See why These are so valuable and we’re looking At it we’re like okay organic keywords This is one where if i build this up Fish uh for 40 gallon tank we got Rainbow fish fish tank this would be Perfect so like i could go through And i could take a look at these Rankings build it up and now i have Fresh water central now all i’m doing is Going out there on the old uh pinterest And i’m just building stuff up about Fish tanks and and aquaponics and

Whatever it is right and i could pair Those together or i could find a domain About aquaponics i’m sure i have one And we pair these together and you’re Basically unstoppable it’s like hey what If i get traffic from pinterest and use A domain that already gets ranking To point back at my pinterest and then What’s going to happen Ladies and gentlemen is this is all Going to fuel itself so i go out there And i’m like freshwatercentral.com This is going to link to my pins Which is going to link back to my site Which is going to link to my email list Which is going to link to my images and I’m going to use that to send them new Stuff i’m going to build my following It’s going to be a big self-serving Engine so that i can now make money and If you start to understand how this Works and you’re like wait a minute so i Could go out there and i could Get glutenfreeways.com Build it up and and do uh here’s a Pinterest about gluten There you go pretty simple or um this One’s about workout or salary data i Sold that one yesterday i need to take That one off um Or we could go out and do like student Debt Right go out there and do all kinds of Debt stuff or uh whatever it is lawn

Care company um Tons of stuff soap right here’s one for Goat soap um you can even do that like There’s probably people on pinterest Looking up soap all right i don’t know Why but they do but you could see the Idea here is like okay aquaponics it Leads to a clickbank offer All i got to do is build it out Right now is it going to be better if You get a domain name and build it out The right way of course it is But can you do this if you’re just Run-of-the-mill guy and you’re like okay I’m gonna go out there i’m gonna look at Pinterest for aquaponics i’m gonna see What’s out there and and i’m gonna build This up Yes you can do that Now is it gonna take work are you gonna Put one pin up and then make five grand Tomorrow and every day for the rest of Your life because you made one pin Well ladies and gentlemen i i would like To point you back to My disclaimer Which is no you are not gonna get that This takes work you might have to make a Lot of pins some of the pins might not Do good some of them will do good this Is a business the average person trying To make money online makes nothing but i Think if you understand how all this Fits together if you focus and you say

Wait a minute this is what pinterest Already works for this is what’s paying Me i link them together i make a site i Build it out maybe i get one of your High ticket niches maybe i uh join blog Private network and learn how this works I’m out there making this work based on What is working Now and ladies and gentlemen that’s the Key is to understand This is already there Whether you do this or not right some People will make a comment and be like Well margaret’s i don’t know if this Works that’s fine This doesn’t care if you believe if it Works or not because i know 300 people a Month search for diy aquaponics i also Know that pinterest ranks for that Aquaponics versus hydroponics 1300 Searches a month i know pinterest ranks For it it’s not very good which means Hey bing opportunity i could probably Nail that one aquaponics fish tank they Rank number seven aquaponic symptom and We start to look at this and we’re like Wait a minute so i can just Do something i know works This is not guest marketing it’s not Hope marketing we’re out there doing This because we know it works and when You understand this you’re going to be Able to use the trigger word list which You can get at theprofitscoop.com along

With this keyword list which we’ll go Over a couple more but you’re gonna see Hey wait a minute Wait a minute professional email format People looking to write professional Emails Uh amazon wedding dresses people looking To buy wedding dresses on amazon 3600 of Them each and every month right Stuff to buy on amazon small deck ideas On a budget good thing i didn’t say that Wrong uh small Ideas on a budget right we’re like there You go sober quotes ladies and gentlemen Ladies and gentlemen people are looking Up sober quotes On pinterest do you know how much money Rehabs pay for leads Again Ladies gentlemen Do this Ethically Don’t mess around do it ethically all Right but How many people are looking it up and we Go there and we’re like rehab 825 for a two Minute Phone call All right so what do i do i go out there And i build a following because i know That people are looking up sober quotes And bada bing bada boom i’m ready to go Right how many of you guys are getting

This smash a like button tell me hey Marcus this is good stuff if you think It’s good stuff also i got a question For you guys if you stick around to the End i do need your opinion because i Might Sign off on it today i’m not sure yet um Ista says how could i know if my Specific low comp will rank in google Search put it up there see if it ranks If it doesn’t figure out how to make it Rank Plain and simple if i don’t rank for Something i’m like okay i’m going to Repurpose this maybe i’ll go to Pinterest and make a pin maybe i’ll go To facebook and make a facebook maybe I’ll go over here and make this i’m Going to make it work i’m going to make It work Right there’s words that i can’t get on My blog i make videos about there’s Words that I can’t get here i’ll get on pinterest Or whatever it is because at the end of The day i don’t care where the traffic Comes from i just want it right very Very important Uh mr creative says please suggest one Niche that will give me more views for My website well you’re thinking about it Backwards okay you need to find the Niche and get the website for the niche Right don’t don’t

Force it you don’t want to put the Square block in the round Hole you want to make it natural all Right and when you use this this works Like a charm now before i got that Question i want to ask you I want to show you the crazy pinterest Money methods so what we’re going to do Here is method one you could create pins And send them to affiliate offers this Would be like clickbank offer vault Whatever you wouldn’t need a website Boom you just do it number two create Pins and send traffic to arbitrage sites Wait a minute mark I guess what do you mean here What are you talking about well there is Something in marketing online where you Can increase the value of a click Alright if i get someone clicking for Mortgage calculator There we go that’s a m mortgage Calculator that’s probably worth about 30 cents per click i know because i buy Traffic in that market so 30 cents a Click all right now Pretty good so if i make a site or a Pinterest and i just put a bunch of Mortgage calculators and talk about the Different mortgages or whatever I’m gonna get Roughly 10 cents a click because i get a Portion of that okay so i’d say we get Like five cents 10 cents a click however

If i put them to a site about refi Refinance That ladies and gentlemen is like a Forty dollar click Okay and most i’ve ever made in that Market was eight dollars per click i Think that was my my all-time high for That site um and in mortgages i i did That i took them for mortgage calculator Put them to uh refinance quote and it Worked really really well so i could Make pins about a topic like mortgage Calculator or um maybe even one of those Ones for like resignation letters Right or or resumes and then i can lead Them to the expensive thing which would Be you know go to school to get a job or Refinance or whatever it is and if you Understand how that works it’s kind of Like if i can teach you here’s how to Make a blog that’s cheap Okay i can make all kinds of videos About how to make a blog on wordpress And if i link them to a page about web Hosting because they need web hosting to Make their blog then i can make a lot so That would be where you take them from a Pinterest thing to an information site You want good info And then that that info site is gonna Have the expensive ads on it Okay number three we can create pins and Sell t-shirts merchandise stuff like That um

Number five There was one about a mailing list there We go number four was supposed to say Mailing list but it went up a level i Don’t know I don’t know what was going on with my Notes today but you could create pins And send them to a mailing list right so You have a mailing list of people Looking at your gardening stuff now you Have a big list of people interested in Gardening you could send them new pins You could send them links to your blogs You could send them affiliate offers all Kinds of stuff number five you can Create pins and then send traffic to Your blog this i like because i can do All the other stuff With number five all right and you can Learn how to do that at Theprofitscoop.com you can start a blog At Gohubsite.com super simple Number six which is my recommendation is To do all of the above and repurpose Your content Right i could make an infographic i Could put it on pinterest i put on my Site i put on my blog i could put it and Make a video out of it and if you start To repurpose stuff and you start to look At this in a real world way then you’ll Start to understand hey wait a minute That’s why marcus gets these domains

Because i’m out there and i’m like okay Freshwater central i can make a fish Tank one and i can do the pinterest Angle and i could do the other stuff Because at the end of the day That site had like i think 2000 rankings Right we did this uh one of my recent Customers that got one of these sites Was What was it it was a dog site Dog allergy Um Dog allergy advisor and she’s out there She’s just following the plan she was New she wasn’t like an seo Ninja if there was an seo ninja but Check it out Even with all the crazy talk about stuff Going on She’s got Lots and lots of traffic um kefir for Dogs all kinds of these are all the Rankings she has most of them are our Top ten uh which is pretty cool and i Think She’s got it’s pretty new she’s like a Month out on it Um But yeah so she’s got some or get three 722 organic keywords that’s pretty darn Good right and and now if she was to do Pinterest stuff Right it’s like get a picture of a kefir Lime and if it’s bad for dogs you say

Dogs no You know you get a picture of rice and You’re like birds no and i know birds Shouldn’t eat rice they used to throw it At weddings and the birds didn’t fare Too well with the rice but you start to Understand how it works and you start to Understand hey guys i’m gonna do this in An ethical good way Where i can help people out I’ll i’ll be the best Dog allergy finder ever i’ll be the best Workout finder i’ll be the best fish Tank person or whatever it is and if you Want to make like five thousand dollars A month or so you break it down and You’re like okay what’s five grand a Month well it’s about 160 dollars a day Boom there we go Right and you start to understand Exactly how this works Now again If you want to get this keyword list When i’m done with it Theprofitscoop.com Over at Theprofitscoop.com i got tons of tools For you you just click this link to get The keyword report And then you can check out the other Tools and stuff like that Which is really cool so now quick Question for those of you that are part Of my end crew the people who watch my

Videos to the end um i’m actually Debating getting a local Storefront office Where we can make videos and possibly Have uh collaborations and all kinds of Things like that our high ticket niche Boot camp people can come for trainings Uh when we have them available stuff Like that so i need your opinion It’s kind of expensive is that a good Idea or is that a bad idea is that Something you’d be interested in um Learning in like a classroom setting Because it’s actually the one i looked At it’s like a full-on classroom setting Which could be pretty good So if you guys think it’s a good idea Type go office or good office or Something i think it’s a bad idea type Bad idea the cool thing is it’s it’s Pretty close to home Which is good so we start to look at That we start to understand what’s going On uh hopefully you enjoyed this Training About Pinterest smash the like button Subscribe i’ll see you in the next video

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