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$374 Daily With Canva? Crazy Simple Method!

today we are talking about how to use canva to make money… this is a super simple method anyone can do with a little work and some creativity… you can focus on templates and images and call kinds of already made templates canva offers.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 22 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

Welcome Is this thing on Today we’re going to talk about how to Make money on canva with canva because Canva is a big site now a lot of people Talk about all these ways they’re going To make money with canva and some of Them work some of them don’t work some Of them take a lot of effort and pay a Little bit of money but today we’re Going to get the old money gun out Because we’re going to talk about a Method that makes lots of money yes Ladies and gentlemen we’re going to lay It out for you today we’re going to show You exactly How to pick the right camera there we go We will we will get this right here We’re going to show you exactly how to Make money with canva we’re going to Show you some examples of people that Are making lots of money with canva and We’re going to show you exactly how this Works because a lot of people talk about You know let’s go out there and put some Templates together or maybe put some Stuff on t-shirts or make some designs Or whatever it is and some of that stuff Doesn’t work all the way it’s supposed To work so today what i did ladies and Gentlemen is i went out there and found 100 killer keywords that canvas actually Ranking for that you can use to make Lots of money so if you want that list

Stick around to the end because i’m Going to show you where to get that list For free and just to show you that there Is in fact a list there it is there all Right we’re going to go over we’re going To show you the Thousand 164 Niche that’s making 164 000 a month Using canva type templates now This is going to be very important Because what we’re going to do is we’re Going to focus on stuff that actually Works now when dealing with canva we Need to understand what canva is okay Are we actually going to make money on Canva Well no like canva unless you’re an Affiliate it’s not going to pay you Anything so that is one of the methods We could look at is maybe being an Affiliate of canva however canvas like 12 bucks a month or something like that So you’re not going to like get tons and Tons of money so what we’re going to do Is we’re going to talk to you about These other methods here that are Working very well all right we’re going To talk to you about how to make money With canva and my crazy high profit Methods okay so we’re going to first go Through The top three methods that are pretty Obvious okay pretty obvious methods i’m Going to turn this camera off here so

That It’s not blinking in my eye for some Reason it went into like the default Mode and now it’s flashing and it’s not Good so we’re going to talk about how This works smash the like button if you Dig this we’re going to talk about canva Now the first way to make money with Canva is to go on canva create some Graphics and sell them here on canva you Can get an account you could go through And say hey i want to make a video or an Instagram post or a presentation or Whatever it is on canva there is Literally hundreds of thousands of Templates and things that you can use to Make money now what most people are Going to tell you to do here Is to go out there And market your services okay so they’re Going to say that the first way to make Money on canva and what they say is the Best way but we’re going to find a Better way today because that’s what we Always do here at the affiliate Marketing dude so what we’re going to do Is they’re going to say go out there and Make these things on canva and then go Out to Fiverr we’ll just put 5r for sake of Spelling and time or they’re going to Say go out there to like upwork or any Other job site where people are paying You to do different tasks and they’re

Going to say to go out there and do the Task and get paid now this is good but You know what i don’t know about you but Uh I don’t like doing a lot of work for People i’d rather just do the work once And get paid over and over and over and Over and over again Like clockwork so we’re gonna talk to You about how that works in a real world Way now what they’re saying to do is Just go out there And learn canva cool thing about this is You could learn canva in like an Afternoon it’s not that hard to do you Just literally say hey i want to make a Poster or i want to make a presentation Or social media or whatever now you Could go out there and you can get a Little fancy with this and say well you Know marcus i’m going to go out there And maybe instead of just doing number One here We’re going to go ahead and say hey Maybe we’ll go out there and we will be Like a social Media manager smma a lot of people are Are hyped up on social media managers And what that means now again you’re Going to have to do work it’s going to Take effort you’re going to have to keep Your clients happy It’s a lot of work all right for me Again my goal here as affiliate

Marketing dude and what i’m doing is to Make something once and go out there and Get paid over and over okay we’re going To show you how that works In this training if you stay to the end We’re going to get you that download We’re going to show you this in a real World way number two The second way that they’re going to say To make money is to go out there and Create templates and sell them okay so You’re gonna go out there and you’re Like okay cool number two i’m gonna go Create templates And sell them all right so this is where You would go out there and you’d be like Okay cool marcus this this is making Sense here this looks pretty good so We’re going to go out there we’ll say Yeah i’m going to make a whiteboard Template or whatever okay and then all You got to do is go over here to like Etsy or something at c Alright and you put it up on etsy and You make some money right so let’s go to Etsy let’s type in template So hopefully we spell it right all right So we go to etsy we type in templates And we can see all kinds of different Templates people are selling so we could Take a look this guy has sold nineteen Hundred now nineteen hundred times fifty Dollars is like What is that about a hundred thousand

Dollars here’s another one eighteen Dollars times five seventy eight that’s About ten thousand bucks two thousand Times twelve You get the idea you do the math now the Problem here Is that when going on etsy you’re gonna Compete with all these people that are Doing templates all right so if i do Like wedding invitation wedding Invitation all right i’m gonna go out There and be like okay 52 cents so Really like what are we talking about A hundred bucks there All right i got better things to do with My time then make a hundred bucks making A template all right And hopefully you guys too Also hopefully you guys are here to Smash a like button and tell me you’re In it to win it because i think that we Can do a lot better than what other People are teaching i think we could do A lot better than the run of the mill Get with the herd deal with the Competition and make nothing right That’s not what we’re talking about here We’re going to talk about stuff where You could actually get in there and do This in a real world way and to show you This is an example of the list that You’re going to be able to download at The end of this training this list talks About all the different things that are

Available now again most people are Going to say go to canva put these in Whatever we’re not going to do that There is in fact a better way all right So number two They’re talking about creating simple uh Templates go sell them uh put them up on Different websites and hope that they Sell this could be good there are people Making lots of money but in my opinion In my 23 years of doing this business what I’ve found is that When it’s easy Okay it’s going to lead to lots of Competition and what you’re going to Have is a lot of people who are actually Lucky right there there is luck in this Business i’ve Been a windfall recipient of said luck But luckily i reverse engineered it and Figured out why now for the people that Are creating templates and selling them A lot of times unless you have a Strategy like if you don’t have a Strategy if you’re just out there Putting this stuff up It’s not going to work that good all Right now the third method To making money with canva here Is to create logos and charge for the Work so this one you know it’s okay it’s It’s all right again um logos are gonna Be anywhere from like 30 bucks to like

Maybe 300 or more okay you could go put Them on upwork fiverr Etsy has logos all kind of places have Logos so we’re gonna take a look at that And be like okay this might be able to Work but again how many logos can i make In a day and more importantly how many Can i sell in a day because it doesn’t Matter how many you could make it Matters how many you can sell very Important so again you’re going to deal With competition now in my opinion if i Wanted to work my butt off and go out There and make logos using canva and do A really good job i might be able to do That and make 100 maybe 200 bucks a day Again that’s a lot of work you’re gonna Have to make sure you get a stream of Clients and of course as always the Results are not typical implied or Guaranteed the average person trying to Make money online makes nothing this is In fact a business it’s not a guaranteed Watch a video get rich to push this app On your phone get rich we all know that That stuff doesn’t work i actually Researched one of them this morning that Was saying hey you’re going to make 500 For logging into an app and it’s like Are you really like you just log in That’s it i log in and i get yeah i Don’t think so so we’re going to talk About legit ways that work now when We’re looking at this

Canva can be really good for creating Graphics selling them templates Logos and things like that but what i Have is a crazy cool method to think Bigger all right here’s what we want to Do All right you could do all this stuff Which is fine good wonderful let’s see If this will erase properly it might Take a minute Because it does have to be a Different type of erasing but what we’re Going to do is we’re going to take a Look at this and we’re going to look at A bigger method and what i mean by that Is this Think about this with me Nobody wants a logo Nobody there ain’t nobody on the planet That wants a logo what they want is an Identity for their business okay there’s No one out there that wants a template What they want is what the template does Okay very important you gotta look at This because we need to think bigger Okay when people are out there Buying logos I know that these people have businesses Let’s say old patrick here wants to buy A logo All right why is he buying that logo Because he’s got a business our Businesses spend lots of money i know i Got a business and we spend lots of

Money and lots of other businesses spend Lots of money so when we take a look at This we’re like okay So i could go out there and i could Think bigger picture Not necessarily just with logos but With other things as well okay let me Explain and if you guys are digging this Follow with me smash the like button This is all gonna come full circle it’s All going to make sense and you’ll be Able to go use it and make money because Here’s the deal When it comes to online marketing There’s several problems people have Number one the problem of the niche what Niche am i going to go into marcus Number two is the problem of traffic how Am i gonna get traffic to this niche That i just picked number three is what Am i gonna give this niche so they come To me Right how am i gonna make this work if i Don’t have something to give then Nobody’s going to come to my site Because at the end of the day they want Content Right or a giveaway pretty cool and Number four is how do i build a mailing List What if i told you ladies and gentlemen Right here right now we have That problem Solved

I would if it was solved would you smash A like button if you’re like marcus did You just literally solve the problem Using canva did you solve all four of Those using canva and yes But there’s a little asterisk where you Gotta understand where i’m coming from Here So let’s take a look at this let’s Understand how it works now i got this Big list of keywords that canva uses That they’re actually getting traffic From okay Here’s what we got and if you want this List smash the like button i’m going to Show you where to get this list so what We have here Is we have the keyword here and we have Our coffee there’s our coffee we’re Gonna have coffee it’s been a long day And it’s only noon Ah there we go Good coffee So what we have here And i’ll give you this list towards the End is the keyword so this is what People search for so if you go to google And you type in cover letter examples Okay let’s do this here cover letter Examples Search for it in google you’re going to See lots of things you see some Templates and some examples here You have resume genius

Novo resume Some other one On and on we go Indeed my perfect resume job hero on and On we go now What is something you don’t see Let’s uh let’s Bear with me here What is something you do not see On this list okay we’ll try another one As well let’s try another one Let’s go over here And i want you guys to be Interactive here okay let’s try Uh meme generator okay cool we talked About memes on monday if you guys are Following my channel here all right Let’s take a look at meme generator Let’s see so cover letter examples What do you not what do you not see here Let’s see if you guys have your thinking Caps on let me get my thinking cap which Thing let’s use this thinking cap here Here’s a good thinking cap all right This Is our thinking cap all right what do You guys not see all right let’s try Meme generator Okay here’s another one All right there we go Same thing what do you guys not see All right what do you not see All right well ladies and gentlemen If you

Said You did not see paid ads Give yourself a little pat on the back You have been using the proper Thinking cap all right so what does that Mean for us what mark is so what so There’s no paid ads what are you talking About Well What this means my friends Is that Nobody is advertising On these terms Ah wait a minute so you’re telling me That these keywords here Meme generator Cover letter generator I could get For like five cents a click Or less It’s exactly what i’m saying it’s Exactly what i’m saying so now we know Hey wait a minute margaret are you Telling me That for five cents or less I could get someone who wants a Meme Or a cover letter template Or example And i can get them for a nickel that Means for like a hundred bucks i can get Like five thousand people i think is That is my math right Something like that right and so we look

At this and we’re like hey wait a minute Maybe it gets 20 000 people actually if Another 2 000 people something like that It’s too early for math but We got no ads all right so now follow With me here because ladies and Gentlemen if you don’t want to pay for Traffic Don’t worry You don’t have to and don’t freak out a Lot of people freak out these are fake Dollars It would be silly to have a million Dollars in cash in my office that would Be kind of silly i mean i make a lot of Money but not enough to just have a Million sitting around in a fake Lamborghini but at any rate let’s take a Look here so Free methods paid methods now We see here that this list has all these Things people want now we could replace The word keyword all right so let’s Replace the word keyword here With What They want hey that makes it easier what Do they want well they want cover letter Examples they want a meme generator they Want a resume builder they want a Background remover they want a resume Template over here we have the Difficulty which is the difficulty of How hard it’s going to be to get free

Traffic All right to get free traffic that’s Going to be pretty hard like a hundred Is pretty much impossible zero is pretty Much easy and most of these are pretty High which is why we’re gonna talk about The paid traffic method because if i Could get it for five cents and i can Make 10 cents how many times a day would You give me a nickel if i gave you a Dime Like i don’t know as many like till your Hand like gets literally tired of course You would so that’s what we’re talking About here we have a collage maker Infographic free logo mega now what we Need to do again remember how i said Nobody Not even patrick over here Wants a logo Nobody wants a logo Nobody Wants resume Examples what do they want all right Let’s see if you guys can guess what They want they don’t want resume Examples they don’t want a resume Builder that’s not what they want at the End of the day They want A job There you go now here’s where it’s all Going to come full circle smash that Like button keep watching because this

Is about to get really good so what we Have here Is words like this and we could go Through and say hey i’m going to go to Canva and i’m going to type in resume And i’m going to see all different kinds Of resume things boom boom boom boom Boom tons of resume templates so i could Go through There we go i could go through And i could actually find and create Resume templates For people looking for resume templates So i create them on canva cool great Wonderful all right so step one Step one over here Is All right Find keyword Find Keyword now at this point in the game i Don’t care if it’s difficult or easy When i go through i don’t care if the Keyword is super tough or super easy now If you’re going for free traffic you’re Going to want to find the easy ones so You might want to find some that are Like maybe this one with 21 Okay again remember nobody wants a Vision board template they want whatever The law of attraction is promising to Give them nobody wants a presentation Template they want a presentation that They can give okay nobody wants this

Stuff they want what they’re going to Give and if you can think about that Then you can go for the non-competitive Ones however for me i don’t like waiting I don’t want to do a bunch of seo i just Want this traffic like right now And so i’m gonna get this traffic so Step one Find the key word step two Find [Applause] Easy Traffic method okay what’s the easiest Traffic method well I would say paid traffic it’s cheap it’s Easy it’s simple now if you want to do Free traffic or we could go out there we Could find job boards on um On instagram facebook we could make uh How to make resume videos on youtube we Could do all kinds of things about how To create these resumes very simple okay All we’re going to do is we’re going to Go to google we’re going to find out we Could put pictures of our resumes Obviously make sure you’re their own Because canva does state that you can’t Resell redistribute or take credit for Unaltered media meaning i can’t just go To canva download all the templates and Sell them no no it’s against their tos Don’t do it can i make my own derivative Of the work Yes i can which is pretty cool so we’re

Going to go through we’re going to take A look at this Okay so all i need to do is find the Easy traffic i could do a facebook i Could do youtube i could do Posting sites And imagine what would happen if i went To a job posting site and i’m like hey Guys check it out uh you could download 25 resume templates Pretty cool yay there we go that’s Pretty easy okay so we could go through We could make that work in a very very Simple way next what we are going to do Is we’re going to do some research On our keyword Okay so we’re going to go through and We’re like okay Maybe we have cover letter Okay cover letter template cover little Sled Cover letter samples job application Letter all this stuff okay we’re going To do some research figure out what it Is then what we’re going to do Is we’re going to think big We’re going to think big again all right So Now i know problem solved Found my niche it’s one of those Keywords problem solved found my traffic It’s the best traffic method for the Market if it’s too competitive On free traffic we’re gonna go for paid

Traffic Number three I am going to find Big picture Offers Okay now The easiest lowest hanging fruit would Be hey guys i made these templates on Canva click here to sign up for canva And You can edit the templates that’d be the Easiest way and canva actually does have An affiliate program which is pretty Cool okay so when we look at this we’re Like okay i could create All this stuff and then i could think Big picture okay what is it they want Well if they want jobs i could go here i Could type canva in i could type in Career i could type in schools i can Find all kinds of things let me just Type this off screen because typing job Could be a little risky we might get Jobs we don’t want all right so we could See that yeah there’s some job stuff Here Right so we have like uh active job Seekers so you send them a job seeker They put their name and email in a box You get two bucks uh home jobs job Quitter at home door dash right a new Job so you got all these different Things where people are looking for jobs Which is pretty cool

Right i get paid this amount All right now i can do the same thing With pretty much anything if i’m going Through and i’m like okay Maybe i want to do Something related to law of attraction Right i would find law of attraction Affiliate offers i would make sample law Of attraction vision boards i would give Them away and then bada bing bada boom So the idea is this Okay find your keyword Find your easy traffic method Find your offer okay so let’s go over Here Let’s go to the right screen There we go right so you’re gonna find This stuff and then number four You’re going to create Gift Okay so you just create a gift you’re Like hey guys i created this gift for You it’s these free templates it’s all That okay so what we’re going to do Is we’re gonna take our traffic Okay Traffic there we go that says traffic We’re gonna send them To a page That says hey guys put your name and Email To get the free Templates the free cover letters Whatever it is

Then We’re gonna give them this stuff aren’t We such nice people just giving away Free stuff that we made out of our Time Simple doesn’t cost you anything all Right then we’re going to go through and We’re going to take that Traffic that came to the opt-in and We’re going to email them Related offers Okay and and cool stuff hey guys i found This i think you’ll like it hey i Noticed you were looking for this i Think you’d like it oh hey you want Another law of attraction template i Just made one today or i made another Cover letter or whatever it is And what we’re going to do is we’re Going to use this in a very simple way To build our mailing list and build an Income and when you use this we could go Through and we could say wait a minute What we want is easy offers Right we’re going to go through we’re Going to find these easy offers here and We’re going to make them work because These people are looking for they’re not Looking for applications they’re not Looking for uh letters they’re looking For a job so if i could go through and i Could do like i remember in third grade And did you guys remember in like third Grade when you were in school

And you had a page that looked like this And it was like okay Here’s a picture of A fish Right and then you’d have to draw a line To the word fish and then there’d be Like a car There’s our car and you’d have to draw a Line to the word car right you guys Remember that this is what we’re doing Here i’m drawing a line from these Keywords to the things These people are searching for that’s it That’s all i’m doing i’m like okay Youtube banner maker guys does anyone Get an aha moment or is it just me that Has chalk on my head now somewhere there We go Gotta look pretty for the camera right Um does anyone else get an aha moment Because here’s the deal You are going to use let’s say you Wanted to do a youtube banner maker Youtube banner maker I know they’re youtubers I know they want more traffic and i know They want a good looking banner I’m going to generate a list of a bunch Of people that are vloggers and video Creators invitation i know they got to Invite people to something Linkedin banner people that want to Promote themselves on linkedin instagram Template instagram story covers i know

I could reach a ton of influencers Overnight Like literally there we go Simple uh vision board i could build a List of law of attraction people Overnight and it’s saying i think this Is is this a cost per click So like it’s saying it says Seven cents a click So like think about it if i’m like okay Well i could get paid traffic let’s say One out of ten Opts in i’m only paying 70 cents for an Opt-in which i’ll probably be able to do Better than that i’ll probably get one Out of three Okay is everyone getting this What we’re doing is using canva to make Helpful things promote canva make some Money sure But on the long run we’re building a List menu template Restaurant owners Um infographic template People that are doing social media Certificate template on and on we go Business cards well guess what They have a business Very simple right and we start to look At this they’re like wait a minute this Really doesn’t have everything to do With this it has to do with the Long-term goal it has to do with how can I build this stuff in canva and build

Something that’s going to work over and Over business card template maybe i Could be like hey guys you know what you Got this new business and it’s it’s not 1902 anymore so you probably need a Website And guess what You could set up a website here And get web hosting they pay for web Hosting you get 100 to 300 affiliate Commission bada boom bada bang Everyone’s happy everyone’s making money When we go through we’re like hey wait a Minute youtube banner or maybe instagram Hey guys you like your instagram instead Of using those crappy link tools why Don’t you get your own website boom Another sale for web hosting that’s how I got five grand last month just Promoting some web hosting thing Automatically sitting back doing nothing Like literally i didn’t i don’t even Think i logged in they changed their Affiliate thing and forgot my login i’m Like wait a minute where is it but i Still got my five thousand dollar check The other day for promoting that and When you start to realize wait a minute How do i find softwares and tools and Think long term of how we are going to Help these people out in a real world Way and when you look at that it’s like Yes i can use a tool like canva or i Could even do a tutorial hey guys here’s

How to use canva to do x y and z and i’m Sure There’s let’s do canva Resume right you could go over to Youtube and you could look at all these People doing canva resume Showing you how to do canva resume Really really cool really easy and when You start to understand that hey wait a Minute i can get this traffic We didn’t do that on screen here we go I will click the right button today Right Canva resume you can see lots of people Uh searching for canva resume and it Works in a really simple way all you got To do is create this stuff 141 000. imagine if you’re like how to Create your canva resume free thanks for Watching my tutorial go to my website to Get the canva resume Free templates right does everyone get That It’s exactly what i’m doing here on this Training you remember earlier how i said Hey I downloaded a hundred keywords from the Canvas site that i really like and i’m Gonna give them to you Now all you gotta do is go to Downloadmynotes.com You go to downloadmynotes.com if you Want those You opt in and bada bing bada boom you

Join my list i give you tons of cool Free stuff i practice what i preach that Is exactly how this stuff works and if You want that list check out Downloadmynotes.com And i’ll send it over to you but the Idea here is very simple what we’re Going to do Is we are going to create unique good Templates that we can use to help people Out your goal should be to help people Out i want to help these guys get jobs i Want to help them make their law of Attraction vision board so that they can Figure out that the law of attraction Doesn’t work and they need to get a job Anyway right we’re going to go through And we’re going to focus on stuff that Actually works and helps people at the End of the day it’s like jim rohn used To say He said um you can have anything you Want in life if you help enough other People get what they want what am i Doing here i’m helping you guys get what You want i’m showing you the way to make Money in legit real world ways i don’t Have to make it up i don’t have to give You junky methods that don’t work Because there’s enough stuff out there For everyone to be able to make it work Everyone who’s interested and actually Wants to do the work so that you can do It and you’re going to do the same thing

Maybe on a lower scale with a job Application which by the way job Application sites make more than i make All year in one day so there you go Maybe maybe a little bit less than that But you know you’re going to look at That and you’ll be like hey wait a Minute there’s a lot of stuff out there And there’s a lot of money and i can use Canva in a really cool way to do it so Downloadmynotes.com To check it out lots of stuff there Lots of cool things if you’re not on my List you should be on my list i mean Come on what are you doing here you can Check out the other links in the Description but this is a really cool Way to make money with canva Binge watch my other stuff in the Description and i’ll see you in the next Training You

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