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$307 A Day? – Get Paid To Watch Halloween Movies!

6 ways to get paid to watch halloween movies and take surveys, give reviews, make blogs, and even simple video channels.

if you like halloween movies and watch them anyway… why not use the power of affiliate marketing to get paid.

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remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

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All right ladies and gentlemen today I’m Going to show you exactly a simple way To make as much as twelve thousand Dollars a month or more just watching Scary movies wait a minute what I could Get paid just to watch Halloween movies Online yeah and I’m gonna show you some Simple ways to make it work and I’m even Gonna reveal four websites that pay you As much as 1300 bucks just to watch a Movie and tell them what you think of it Whoa this video is gonna be awesome I Better smash a like button right now Because Marcus is gonna show me how to Make money alright pay close attention Because right here you can see several Different websites that are all about Horror movies and the traffic they get And the estimated money they’re making Here’s one where it says is making Twelve thousand dollars a month another One making Seventeen hundred dollars a Month and another one making about three Hundred dollars a month now you need to Remember that the results are not Typical implied or guaranteed what you Are about about to learn can make Someone a lot of money or it could make You a good side hustle or something like That but the average person trying to Make money online makes nothing so I Need you to understand that this is a Business you’re not guaranteed to make Money by watching this video however

Some of the things that you will learn Will actually help you make money if you Apply them and never give up and just to Show you how this works I’m gonna go Ahead and do a Google search for the Word Halloween movies and if you have a Favorite Halloween movie put it in the Comments below and let us know and I Think that’ll be kind of an interesting Thing because you’ll see that a lot of These are searched for quite a bit now If you search for Halloween movies right Like this you’re going to scroll down Past all the images and you’re going to See some websites you got Town and Country you got Good Housekeeping and You can see this one was put up like Less than 10 days ago or 12 days ago or Something like that here’s another one Seven days ago another one and on and on We go now right here you might notice Something kind of interesting yeah we Have top stories this is what we call Press releases and if we look at some of These we’re gonna see this one was three Hours ago which means they ranked at the Top of Google within like three hours Here’s another one five hours ago and Wait a minute why would CNN put out a Press release about spooky movies to get You in the Halloween spirit hmm very Interesting and the reason they put These press releases out is because they Know that this traffic is worth lots and

Lots of money to their advertisers but More about that in just a minute right Now let’s talk about the six ways you Are gonna make money by watching Halloween movies number one I’m gonna Reveal secret websites that pay you to Watch movies that’s right these are Websites where you watch a movie take a Survey and put money in your pocket Number two I’m gonna show you my crazy Blog method for scary movie lovers to Rake it in big time that’s right if you Like Halloween movies and scary movies And stuff like that you’re gonna love This little tidbit because this is Something where you could literally go Watch movies talk about what you do and What you see and what’s scary and when The scary parts are and actually get Paid big money yeah I’m talking some People are making like two five or even Ten thousand dollars a month or more Stay tuned for that one number three I’m Gonna talk to you about a simple Compilation automated movie review Channel method where you could simply Automate the process where you simply Create lists of the top movies Outsource The creation and put money in your Pocket I missed There we go number four I’m gonna show You a crazy Etsy method where you could Get paid with digital Halloween

Downloads wait what Yeah number five I’m gonna show you how To get paid to protect sensitive people From the scary movie parts and number Six I’m gonna show you some of the Offers that pay big money you ready Let’s dive in and we’ll start backwards Number six the offers that pay big money As you can see here we have offers like Netflix subscription 2.88 when they apply to win a free Subscription or 14 when they sign up Some kind of watch movies on your smart TV app that pays twenty two dollars and Fifty cents on a free trial another one That pays 16 to make movies clean so if You’re a religious person and you don’t Want the dirty stuff in movies with this App you can actually watch the movie and It takes out all the bad parts and we Can also see that there are Halloween Affiliate programs like Halloweencostumes.com Spirit Halloween The Halloween spot and more and a lot of These offers I can actually find by Going over to offervault.com calm typing In giveaway or Halloween or movies or Watch TV or anything like that and as You can see here there are simple offers That pay us as much as two dollars or More when people just put their email in A box to get a career guide unemployment Benefits gift cards and all kinds of Things like that just make sure you do

The research and check out each offer to Make sure it’s legit most of them are But it’s always good to double check so We could simply get paid by referring People through our affiliate link to These products and when they put their Email in buy a product or try a sample We get paid and don’t worry this is all Gonna make sense in just a minute and That brings us to Method number five Getting paid to protect people from Scary parts of movies this right here is An example of a website that ranks for Just seven thousand keywords and we Could see the estimate of the earnings On that traffic is about twenty six Hundred dollars a month or more but What’s the website actually about well If we take a look at the keywords here We could see that the traffic is coming From people looking for the scary parts Of the movie scariest jump movies Sinister jump scares the Batman jump Scares horror movies with jump scares And on and on we go as we could see here 22 000 people a month are looking up is Stranger things scary that’s a lot of People and you could simply watch Stranger things as many of us did it was Actually a pretty good series document How scary each episode is make a website Blog review or video and boom get paid You can also see other searches like Scary clown movies scariest movies

Horror movies and on and on we go here’s The rankings from that CNN article scary Movies Halloween movies Halloween streaming movies original Halloween movies Hocus Pocus movie Winona Ryder Halloween movies that’s Pretty specific and on and on we go Millions of people searching every Single month that provides traffic that We can use to make money and the way This works is very simple you would Create a blog YouTube channel notes page Facebook group about the scary movies Talk about them and point to those Offers above that put money in your Pocket and as you can see this is pretty Popular here’s a horror movie group on Facebook with over 34 000 members here’s Another one specific to Halloween movies With over 1 million followers here’s Another one with 38 000 members Halloween fandom with over 106 000 Members and on and on we go imagine Creating your own group talking about Movies that are too scary or not scary Enough or whatever it is you could Simply create a Facebook group talk About the movies get other people’s Feedback and point to the things that Put money in your pocket whether it’s a Netflix subscription a Hulu subscription A place they could watch the movie or Something that makes the movies more

Clean for the more sensitive audiences No matter how you slice it You can get paid and that brings us to Method number four the crazy Etsy method With digital downloads if you were to Search Google for best Halloween movies And you clicked on the images tab you’re Gonna see all kinds of images and Infographics with lists and different Things about various scary movies and if You put Etsy in your favorite keyword Tool ahref semrush or whatever you use And isolated the keyword for Halloween You’re going to see people looking up Halloween sweatshirts earrings curtains Decorations hey wait a minute Halloween SVG I wonder what that is people looking For digital downloads for Halloween we Can even do Halloween checklist people Looking up Halloween movie checklist you Can simply create a Halloween movie Checklist that you need to watch Throughout Halloween Put it on Etsy and get paid every time Someone downloads it but it doesn’t just Stop there you could go out there and Make all kinds of pumpkin carving Templates put them on Etsy and get paid When people download them how do you Like them apples or Pumpkins as it were and that brings us To Method number three simple compliment Simple automated movie review channels

If you were to go to YouTube and type in Halloween movies or list of Halloween Movies or Halloween movies ranked or Best Halloween movies you’re gonna see That some of these channels get hundreds Of thousands or even millions of views Where they’re simply talking about their Favorite Halloween movies you could Simply create a channel talking about The best movies to watch at Halloween Christmas Easter Thanksgiving you name It and you can get paid the way you Would get paid is by offering affiliate Programs as links in the description and By monetizing your channel it really is That easy and that brings us to Method Number two which is my favorite method Crazy blog method for scary movie lovers To rake it in this is a screenshot of The stats from a horror movie website That talks about up and coming scary Movies and as you can see here they rank For all kinds of terms and all kinds of Movies that are coming out which means You could simply create a blog about Your favorite scary movies talk about The movies rake in using the traffic of The movie be honest of course write your Reviews of the movies give outlines talk About the scary scenes Give them a rating and basically get Paid to blog about Halloween movies and As you can see here the competition is Pretty much non-existent on a lot of

These movie names but as you can see They get lots and lots of searches which Means more traffic for you and more Money in your pocket and that brings us To Method number one secret websites That pay you to watch Halloween movies Now these are a little tricky some of Them you have to enter a contest to win And some of them do just pay you for Your opinion however not that much now One of the ones that came out last year Was Finance Buzz they came out with a Contest or you could get paid thirteen Hundred dollars to review 13 movies or Something like that we also have Cabletv.com which runs surveys and paid Movie watching and things like that There’s also a Shane Co which was paying Up to a thousand dollars to binge watch Disney Halloween movies which a lot of Us do during Halloween anyway way so we Might as well get paid for it and then Of course what I found was Scarenetwork.com which you could talk About it’s like an app that has scary Movies I think from time to time they do Have offers and things like that Available and then lastly you can become A Netflix tagger where you get paid to Tag various Netflix movies for different Categories but like I said my favorite Method hands down is number two if you Can make a Blog about scary movies and Get lots of traffic you can get paid

When advertisers well advertise on your Blog and this is a very simple method And a very good Niche to use to make Lots of money during Halloween and Anytime people are looking up scary Movies and if you want to learn more About how to make money blogging check Out blog profitnetwork.com where we show You everything you need to know about How to make money blogging and even have A live call every Tuesday where you can Ask questions about your blogs your Niches affiliate marketing and how to Get paid Aid and be sure to check out my Other Halloween money making video link In the description

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