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$271 A Day Finding Memes? Copy And Paste? Legit Method!

make money finding memes online what is the truth and what is riskey… this video shows everything. plus my legit copy and paste methods to using memes to profit online. we will go over redbubble methods, youtube compilation videos, copy and paste meme sites, and more…

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remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

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Find memes Get Paid thirty nine hundred and ninety five Dollars in one week 162 dollars an hour Four hundred and seven dollars a day Okay so first we’re going to download The meme from the secret site right like This it’s going to go down here in our Downloads Then we’re going to come to the secret Meme uploader site Drag and drop the meme right here click Next and boom we’re ready to get paid Okay so there’s lots of videos out there Talking about how you’re gonna copy and Paste these memes and get paid but There’s something they’re not telling You that has everything to do with your Ability to actually make money online And A little warning we’ll talk about later So in this video i’m going to talk to You about things i’ve actually done Where you can actually go out there and Make real money with memes and other Related things like that but first let’s Get to the bottom of what these other Guys are teaching so that you understand Exactly what’s going on and what not to Do which is more important than what to Do because what to do is actually pretty Simple but what not to do Could get you in hot water and a lot of People are teaching this so can you copy

And paste images and copy and paste Memes and then just put them on etsy Teespring redbubble image sites video Compilation sites then just sit back And put money In your pocket let’s check it out i’ll Show you some examples and then at the End i’ll show you three killer ways to Actually make this work for you so that You can make money with memes online Let’s dive in so the question can you Just copy and paste memes and make money Well let’s take a look here are some Youtube channels that are dedicated to Copy and pasting memes as compilation And according to a lot of people online They’re making lots of money like this Guy here he uploads memes and it says He’s making between a hundred and nine Thousand dollars a year and wait a Minute what 1.8 Million dollars a year finding memes Online here’s another one shelley who’s Got similar results 1.5 million a year Meme locks wait a minute zero and lastly For reference a personal friend of mine He posts reaction videos to different Memes and video content online and According to the tool he’s making Anywhere from 90 to 1.5 million dollars A year wait marcus this is your friend And he’s making like a million dollars a Year posting meme videos online no

Actually he makes about thirty thousand Dollars a year but as you can see he’s Posted close to sixteen hundred videos Wait a minute that’s like 18 bucks of Video so you got to take these images With a grain of salt now let’s take a Look at something we can actually Quantify which are websites that are About memes we have know your meme which Is getting about 2.9 million dollars a Month in free traffic i funny 315 000 a Month imageflip Makeameme.org with almost 20 grand a Month meme creator 1300 a month mima Droid 65 000 And on and on we go now in order to make This work and put lots of money in your Pocket you need to pay attention to this Simple formula hvt Plus Fco Equals Money for you and this number right here Is the amount of traffic you would get If you just took the little sample of Websites i found about memes and added Up their traffic over 18 million Visitors each and every month and this Is the same kind of traffic that people Told me i couldn’t make money with years Ago and yet i was able to make as much As four five even six thousand dollars a Day Okay now first of all before we get into

How you’re gonna make money and Everything like that i got two things That are very important number one is The big question after watching this Video am i gonna make four to six Thousand dollars each and every day like Marcus and the answer is no actually the Results are not typical implied or Guaranteed and the average person trying To make money online makes nothing so Keep that in mind this is a business It’s not some kind of magic solution law Of attraction manifest money Kind of stuff this takes work second of All is my big warning only use memes That you have the rights to or are in Public domain or fall under fair use and If you can’t do that make your own mean Why because posting memes online that You don’t own could actually get you in A lawsuit and costs lots of money yeah This is the meme owner and this is you Posting memes he doesn’t look very Friendly does he and according to one of The lawsuits grumpy cat sued for over 710 000 For the use of their meme being used on Unlicensed merchandise wait a minute What so all those videos telling me to Copy and paste memes on t-shirt sites i Could actually get sued Yeah so be very careful and pay Attention because i’m going to show you

How to do this above water in a really Cool way so without any further ado Let’s get into how to make money with Memes well you could as we showed create A meme youtube channel again you’re Going to be kind of slim on content if You’re just using public domain and you Don’t want to get sued you can also sell The memes on redbubble invest in digital Meme products sell memes as nfts make Cash with print on demand stores where You’re actually selling like a t-shirt Or a hat you can make money with fiverr By selling memes you could create a meme Focus instagram account or page you can Sell memes on etsy or you could go to All the pay-per-post sites which pay you Like a nickel Per hundred thousand bazillion views and As you can see Those methods are pretty risky And i don’t advise doing that instead Here are three of my favorite ways to Make money with memes number one is to Make your own memes get traffic and Monetize them this is actually pretty Simple what we’re going to do is start With a list of the most popular keywords That people look up related to memes we Could see here 55 000 people a month Look up monday meme they’re looking up a Meme for monday morning like i hate Mondays 74 000 are looking for a thank You meme 67 000 are looking for cat

Memes Crying memes Some meme about some brandon guy happy Birthday And on and on we go so what i would do Is go to a site like clipart.com and Find a picture of something related to One of the memes people are looking up That has low competition so i would look At this list and take something like Monday meme i could go over to Clipart.com Type in Monday see what comes up or i could Think about what mondays are about like This guy here looks like he’s not having A very good monday we could simply take This image Download it right like this and since We’re using a paid clipart account we Actually get the rights to be able to Manipulate and use these images i could Pull this image up in my favorite image Editor right like this crop it down a Little bit add some text and boom now i Have an image that i have the rights to That i can actually use on all these Other websites including my own website Merchandise videos and more and since I’m using this list i can make all kinds Of monday memes and even link to other Memes about mondays and the best way to Do this would be to start a website and Put all the different memes related to

The high traffic keywords get paid when People click on ads and sell merchandise Boom it’s actually really easy but the Problem is instead of looking at data And making good decisions people are Taking a look at memes that they like Ones that are in the copyright ones that Can get them sued and they’re trying to Reinvent the wheel no no no no what we Want to do is create stuff based on what People are searching for and you can see This list here has tons and tons of Stuff we could go here and make all Kinds of cat memes just find pictures of Cats or if you want to make hump day Memes you can find a camel that’s pretty Cool Or this guy here he looks like he’s Having a good hump day Download edit and boom you’re off to the Races and the way it’s going to work is Simple you go through the list of memes People are searching for You create a simple meme based on what They’re looking for You make a blog or a post or a video and You get traffic to your new memes then You monetize with paid ads affiliate Offers and even print on demand stuff Got it good method number two is to Advertise on meme sites or do arbitrage You remember those sites i showed you Earlier getting 18 million visitors a Month yeah you could probably 10x that

Number and still not come close to all The sites with all the memes getting all The traffic but what does that mean for You That means if you take all the different Websites about all the different memes With all the traffic and you add it up You can actually advertise on these Sites for pennies on the dollar this is Exactly what i did with my backgrounds And layouts websites making as much as Six thousand dollars a day or more and That is where our equation comes in High volume traffic plus fast converting Offer equals money for you And if you like this arbitrage method i Got a cool video in the description you Can check out after watching this one But first let’s talk about these fast Converting offers where to find them and How you are gonna get paid so let’s say You’re gonna advertise on a site like Cheeseburger.com that’s cheese with a z Not to be confused with an actual Cheeseburger this site actually started With funny cat memes with a cat that Wanted a cheeseburger and now they’re Making tons of money they’re one of the Biggest meme sites ever now what you Have to remember is that these meme Sites no advertisers really know how to Convert this traffic so it’s really Really really inexpensive yeah we’re Talking like two to five cents per click

With most of these sites which means if I can find an offer that pays me more Than two to five cents a click i can Make lots and lots of money here’s how It works 13.4 million visitors each and Every month equals about five hundred Thousand page views a day which means There’s over probably 1.5 to 2 million Ad impressions available each and every Day on this one website alone and my Goal is to think what would these people Searching for memes actually want and How can i make money and the key is to Find something really generic that Appeals to everyone or find something That pays a ridiculous amount and hope That you convert one a day but i like The method of going very broad maybe Something like these samples that pay Three dollars and 20 cents for an email Submit or maybe the capital one shopping Extension that promises to save people Tons of money and it pays eight dollars Per download so if i’m only paying five Cents a click i could divide this here And see all i need to do is get one out Of every 160 people that click my ad to Download the extension and boom i can Make some money and if i get 1 out of 80 I double my money if i get 1 out of 40 Well you get the idea and the key is to Find offers that are really generic that Are going to help everyone looking for Means again remember they don’t go to

These sites to see your offer so you’re Going to have to be a little creative And to learn more about arbitrage check Out the video in the description and now Method number three which is by far the Easiest safest method of all of them and That is to focus on meme creation Tutorials and tools if you were to take A look at some of the key words According to ahrefs you could see that Make a meme is looked up 23 thousand Times how to make a meme make your own Mean make a meme free and on and on we Go we can also see that people are Looking up create a meme and all these Different keywords related to meme text Make a meme meme generator meme font Generator and on and on we go all these People that want to make memes And what you can do here is quite simple You’re going to teach these people how To make memes with different software Tools and get paid when they buy those Tools as an affiliate you can see here All the people getting traffic for how To create a meme with little tutorials And things like that it’s actually very Simple what you’re going to do is make Videos tutorials and websites and blogs About how to make memes how to edit Memes and all the different tools that You need for memes and you’re going to Point to things that get you paid Sometimes you’ll get paid on a free

Trial a free download or when people buy Software products to make these memes Some of my favorites are fotor which Pays 45 percent and cost anywhere from Zero to twenty dollars a month that Recurring revenue adds up fast Or canva which is super popular that Pays up to 36 dollars for a new user Sometimes on a free trial account Snagit which is my favorite kind of pays Low but it’s a good software that one Pays 15 and i believe it costs around 50 Or click designs which i’ve actually Gone through and sold quite a few of Those they’ve got lots of meme templates And meme things as well so as you can See you can make lots of money with Memes in lots of creative ways without Stepping on toes or having to use Copyright stuff or any of that junk and If you want to learn more about these Methods check out the links in the Description smash the like button Subscribe and i’ll see you in the next Video

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