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Top 27 Affiliate Marketing Programs + $200+ Every 24 Hours Plan

in this training we take 27 offers from offer vault and other cpa affiliate sites and cpa affiliate networks to show you what actually converts and why… you will also learn how i would promote these offers to start making money within 24 hours…

the premise is simple… what offfers would i pick and how would i promote them if i wanted to make $200 every 24 hours.

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remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

please note… making money online is harder than most people watching these types of videos realize, it takes hard work, persistance, ability to learn, and other factors… this is not a guarantee that if you do one or even all of these methods you will make anything… this is a business and business’ comes with risk.

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[Music] Not sure which affiliate programs will Actually make you money Feel like you’re taking a shot in the Dark well today indiana marcus is going To reveal 27 200 a day affiliate offers How to promote them and how you can Start making money You have chosen Wisely All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the show today we are going to show You cpa affiliate offers that are making Lots of money now these are hand Selected from offers that i found that i Know after doing this business for over 22 years what actually converts because A lot of people you go out there and you Try to get the right camera angle but it Does not work which one there we go That’s the one a lot of people try to go Out there and promote affiliate offers And they might get some traffic they Might get some clicks but at the end of The day they’re not really getting that Many sales which leads to A lack of having a lamborghini full Of cash so today we are going to go Through and we are going to show you Which offers actually work that’s right Ladies and gentlemen i’m going to show You the offers that actually work i’m Going to show you the stuff that Actually makes the money i’m going to

Try to get the camera angles on point we Did some redesigning of the setup and I’m going to show you the stuff that Actually puts money In our pockets as affiliate marketers so Let’s go ahead and dive in these are Offers that i found that would make Anywhere from Two hundred dollars a day to a thousand Dollars a day or more so these are very Important to look at this is going to go Through and show you the real world Stuff so that maybe one day you can get Yourself a lamborghini full of cash like The one we got right there so let’s dive In let’s talk about these 27 offers and Why i think these are the affiliate Programs that are gonna put money in Your pocket Now usually i would tell you to go for The niche first usually a lot of you Guys are like okay marcus always says to Go for the niche first now sometimes This is good sometimes Maybe it’s a little hindering because You don’t know what offers are going to Be out there and maybe you can’t be Creative so what we’re going to do today Is we’re going to take a look at offers And we’re going to we’re going to work Backwards and show you how we would Promote them because a lot of people out There trying to promote stuff are Promoting the wrong affiliate offers and

That’s why they’re not making money so Smash the like button let’s dive in to Offer number one now if you guys are Following along These offers i found on offervault Offervault is not an affiliate network Let me repeat that offervault is not an Affiliate network offervault is just an Aggregator it’s a search engine where You can go and find affiliate offers Affiliate programs and everything like That so very important to look at we Want to go through and say okay on offer Vault what do we do now what i like to Do on offervault is i like to find Offers either in a niche that i’m Working in or maybe offers in some kind Of um maybe like a free trial or a Download or something that works in a Very simple way so we’re going to go Through and maybe i’ll type something in Like free trial and i can see like Ketoblast gummies free credit score 360 Libido or libo max All kinds of different stuff here for Free trials now the reason i like free Trials is because there is a low Barrier of entry to The um To the offer right what does that mean That means that The customer doesn’t have to do a lot For us to get paid okay this is super Important because a lot of you guys out

There you’re promoting things where the Affiliate offer or the affiliate program Needs to be some big sale like your Customers need to get their wallet out And pay for stuff rather than these here Which are just a free trial like if they Do a free credit score it doesn’t cost Anything if they do some other stuff it Doesn’t cost anything so we want to take A look at that and and that’s how i came Up with these 27 offers so we need to go Through and we need to take a look now Someone in the comments says does anyone Here have affiliate sales that show that This works well i actually do have Something kind of cool if you watched Friday’s video how many of you guys saw Friday’s video uh which was about Local seo i showed you guys how to find A local site i showed you how to rank it Actually what i got here is Aniston Septic And i want to show you that this stuff Actually ranks because this is something That i actually put up Right in front of you guys like if you Go back to friday’s video you watch it You’re gonna see that i actually put This site up which is now ranking number One for the word aniston septic it Wasn’t number one before but it’s number One now which is pretty cool also the Main keyword i went for which was

Anniston Septic tank service aniston alabama That’s actually ranking as well right so We can see that this stuff is actually Working this is actually getting results Now this site Is not around it i sold the site um Because obviously this stuff works so i Sold the site and now this is something That ranks for these people looking for Septic tank service anniston alabama or Aniston or alabama or whatever it is and You could see that this is actually Ranking and it’s actually getting Results in a very simple way right so You guys can see hey you know what this Marcus guy might know a thing or two About a thing or two he’s been around For like 22 years And i think he knows what he’s talking About i don’t know maybe Maybe the guy knows what he’s talking About he might not know which camera Goes to which button but he certainly Knows what’s working now again We’re going to take a look here and We’re going to look at offer vault for Our offers because here if i go for the Septic tank one let’s say i set this Site up and no one jumps on to buy it Right away right now no one wants to buy It right away what i can do is i can go To offer vault and say well are there Any like septic tank offers

Okay and we could see that there are Actually companies Right here that are paying anywhere from Two to thirty dollars for a phone call For people who want septic service so do You guys see how that is a perfect match Right we’re like okay septic tank Service alabama i got this site and you Guys can see this this is the site that I set up there it is bada bing bada boom Super easy right there’s not much Content on it right very very simple so We look at this and we’re like hey this Is this is how it works now fatima says Um can you please show us a cpa offer That can make money quickly well this One i set this up friday How much quicker can you get it’s it’s Wednesday that’s like less than a week Later I can put an offer up and make money now The Speed at which you are going to make Money Has not much to do with the offer Okay it does it doesn’t really have to Do with this offer it has to do with Your traffic and we’re going to talk About that in a minute so without any Further ado A drum roll please Let’s dive into the 27 Best converting affiliate offers that I’ve found and at the end we’re going to

Talk about what my criteria is because When i go to offer vault i don’t look at It like most people i don’t just go here And be like hey well that pays 30 bucks No no i’m going to look at a specific Criteria that tells me how much money I’m going to get this is very very very Important because when we go through i Need to make sure that i am going to get Paid you guys dig smash your like button Let’s dive into offer number uno Offer number one here Is this one which is an invisible Hunting cap Now i like this because it was in a Niche that was kind of weird like we go Out there and we’re like okay maybe People want hunting Light right they want lights for hunting So like when they’re out there The deer can see them or something like That i don’t know i’m not a hunter but We can see here that there are lots of People looking up different lights for Hunting they’re like oh hey i want a Hunting light i want a light for um my Hat Right hunting light hat And we could see Different things that people are looking For so we’re going through and we’re Like okay There’s lots of people that are looking This stuff up and i think there’s quite

A bit of money Now when we look at this and we’re like Okay marcus Tell me the truth here how are you going To get to 200 a day well on this type of Offer again this was in my list or i’m Like yeah this could probably do a Thousand dollars a day and you need to Remember That there are people out there that are Making a thousand dollars a day with Stuff like this Right this is not rare it’s not weird This is happening all the time people Are making insane amounts of money by Going through and saying okay How do i take the magic hunting light Right we’ll draw the light here There’s our light okay how do i take the Hunting light and how do i make that Something that is going to work for my Profitability okay now when we look at The hunting light i could see that this Thing pays 14 Per sale okay so 14 dollars a sale i’m Looking at this i’m like okay this is Looking pretty good i got 14 of sale Patrick over here is super happy now When i look at 14 a sale i have to start To understand exactly what’s going on Because i need to look at this and say Okay if i want to get to 200 a day What do i need to do now earlier

Someone had mentioned that they want to Get fast results okay if you want to get Fast results what we’re going to do is We’re going to do pay per click Traffic if you don’t like pay-per-click Traffic there are some fast methods but It’s pretty tough to beat paid traffic In terms of speed of making money so What we’re going to do is we’re going to Take a look at this offer and this is What we know Is called a constant all right so a Constant In marketing Means That is a given I sell the light i get 14 that’s a Constant i can take that to the bank now In order to get to 200 a day we’re going To need to sell about let’s see 10 of Them would be 140 And then another four of them so we’re Going to need to sell 14 lights a day At 14 i think my math is correct there Okay so 14 at 14 Uh dollars so what we have to do is we Have to look at our traffic here and we Have to say to ourself okay With our traffic here What is the likelihood that i could sell 14 of these okay maybe that would just Go through it’s just a numbers game That’s all it is and that’s why people Don’t like this because it’s a numbers

Game and people just don’t like Numbers so we’re gonna go through and We’ll say okay we got hunting light Hunting light let’s see what this Actually fits Rare night vision giveaway Okay so it looks like it might be free Okay hunting cap light So we could go hunting Cap So invisible hunting cap light Fourteen dollars Doesn’t say much about it but it looks Like it is a pretty solid offer here Right we’re like okay it’s got the the Hunting cap i want this free light okay Good so now this is getting even better And this is what i like pay close Attention because this is really really Important all right this is what the Page looks like it’s looking pretty good It’s a little light you put on the cap It costs nothing you just pay shipping And handling and when you get someone to Get that hat i get 14 which is pretty Cool or when i get someone okay is Everyone following along type follow and Smash that like button if you’re getting It because now we know okay fourteen Dollars great now all i need to do is Say well does it work for this green Light it did look like a green light Okay i could do a little bit of reading See if there’s a red version too

But it looks like a green light So we can do green hunting light okay so That’s 500 searches a month We got um hog hunting green light 600 a Month we got this other stuff here so We’re looking at about 27 000 people a Month that are looking for hunting Lights so 27 000 people a month again This is just a numbers game guys it’s Nothing it’s nothing fancy it’s nothing Crazy what we’re looking here is we got About 27 000 Searches a month okay they’re pretty Close they’re not exact but what that Tells me is that there’s approximately a Thousand people a day Searching for hunting lights okay that Doesn’t include like people on facebook And all this other stuff so now we got a Thousand people a day looking up those Lights out of that thousand people Can i get 14 To try this light out like that’s Literally like what 1.4 Or something like that and it’s a free Trial offer and they’re looking for the Exact thing that they want which is um The hunting light so how many of you Guys think that that is doable you’re Like yeah 14 type 14 in the box if You’re like yeah marcus i think this is Doable i mean you know 14 is not that Hard to do it’s something that i’ve done And we look at that

Right so we look at that we’re like okay This this definitely makes sense and i Would think again Very important to realize the results Are not typical implied or guaranteed Will you make 200 bucks will you make a Thousand bucks will you make anything Probably not actually the results the Studies show that the average person Trying to do this makes nothing most People make nothing it’s because most People don’t look at this the right way And they don’t look at objectively in Terms of this is an offer this is what People are doing i’m just going to put It in front of them and i’m going to Make it convert Now we need to understand this because If you get this and i’m spending more Time specifically on number one Because i want you guys to get the Thought process behind this i want you Guys to understand hey wait a minute He’s not just promoting anything just Because it’s an affiliate offer no no no No we are promoting stuff that we know Is going to convert what we need to do Is we need to make sure That this fits our traffic method All right if patrick over here is not Looking for a hunting light we’re not Going to show him a hunting light it Doesn’t make sense We’re going to show him stuff that he

Wants that’s what’s going to put money In our pocket and we need to make sure That the offer is good all right if this Light Cost them 900 and it paid me 50 bucks most people Would be like hey marcus you know what You know what 50 bucks is more than 14 I’m gonna win and i’m gonna say no You’re not gonna win Even though it pays more it costs more And the landing page is more difficult For people to sign up We gotta have a low barrier of entry for These people to sign up all right so First thing we look at here is Invisible hunting cap now if we were to Go through and look at the paid traffic On this all right we got like i think 30 Cents a click 45 50 70 and we can actually go through and do Like okay hog hunting green light okay Hopefully we don’t get anything weird Here but we could see that these are uh The hunting lights for this kind of Thing so people will probably like it on Their on their hat and we could see There’s lots of videos we could see Amazon All kinds of different things um not a Whole lot of ads all right so this tells Me That hey the ads are only these products So you know with a website i think i

Could probably do pretty good with this I think this would work i could probably Get traffic Pretty cheap i’m thinking 15 to 30 cents a click Right i could go through 15 to 30 cents A click all right if i do that so let’s Say with this site This is a free trial okay when i look at Free trials I’m like okay a free trial like it Doesn’t cost them anything They just pay shipping and handling they Get the hat light it looks pretty good Okay cool i like that so we’re gonna go Through Look at it say hey this looks pretty Good i think my conversion rate on this Is gonna be 1 out of 30 or better Okay so i get 30 people that would be Pretty good so if i’m getting traffic For 15 cents 15 times 30 what is that 0.15 so that’d be Let’s say 10 cents a click that’d be Three dollars If my math is correct about 450 so i’m Spending about 450 Uh to get a 14 sale okay and there’s a Little bit of wiggle room in there which Is good i like it if this was like yeah Okay you’re not gonna convert that many Then i would have trouble with it but This is the type of offer that i’m like Yeah you know from what i know if i get

The right traffic I should have no problem getting one out Of 30. i can probably get a little bit More than that Maybe one out of 20. Would that be better yeah that would be Better my brain is tired it’s still Asleep but you know you look at that and It’s like okay now i’m starting to get How this works i’m starting to look at It objectively now if you have a hunting Website with traffic you don’t have to Buy traffic so you know you might be Able to do a little bit um Not as good paid traffic’s going to be More specific um but again you’re not Paying for traffic so all of it’s all of Its profit right does that make sense Smash the like button if you guys are Digging this i want you guys to Understand how this works because we Need to say okay well what are we going To expect right we’re not just going to Go pick some random clickbank link and Put some facebook stuff up no we need to Be specific we need to understand Exactly What’s going on uh we need to go out There and say hey this is what we need This is how it’s going to work With that said let’s go ahead and dive Into offer number two again if you’re Just tuning in smash that like button Because we’re going over

Cpa affiliate offers these are the best Affiliate programs that i think can make Between 200 and a thousand dollars a day Right so when we’re looking at this We’re like okay these are offers that i Think will work there’s lots of Affiliate offers there’s lots of junk There’s lots of garbage we need to know What is actually going to convert and Lucky for you Your old buddy marcus here with the help Of his Patrick buddy over here and his lambo Full of cash has gone through and found 27 offers and we’re only on number one So get ready this is gonna be a wild Ride let’s take a look at number two Number two Comes in at forty dollars a sale all Right this is a food freedom clickbank Offer now right now people are going Nuts with the prepper niche apparently i Missed the memo And like you know Stuff’s gonna hit the fan apparently i Don’t know but this is something that Gets a lot of traffic there’s lots of People preparing uh lots of people i i Was watching this guy the other day Where he was like literally just going To walmart and he’s like hey they’re out Of eggs this is a time to panic it’s a Supply chain issue they’re out of eggs And it’s like no the guy with the eggs

Is probably an aisle three Go get your eggs on aisle three and you Know whatever to each his own but a lot Of people do um subscribe to the fact That oh maybe there’s a difficult time On the horizon and this offer is pretty Good it’s 40 a sale i think the cost to The user was pretty cheap and this type Of thing that’ll convert really good now Again very important to remember as an Affiliate marketer it’s your job to make Sure That You promote good stuff now i haven’t Vetted this offer Could be a little weird obviously the Hat light is a hat light so i mean there You go it’s pretty simple this kind of Offer might be a little bit different so Do your due diligence and understand it But at forty dollars a sale again If we wanna get to two hundred dollars a Day all you need to do is get five sales Five sales that’s it right you go there And you’re like okay maybe i’ll just go Over here And look up supply chain Chain okay and you want a way to do this Right do a press release do a press Release about supply chain stuff it’s Pretty simple there you go supply chain Issues put them to the offer And you start to look at this and you Start to understand that wait a minute

So i was going about this wrong i was Looking at what all those other gurus Are talking about with their money Instead of looking at real world results That’s like cut and dry practical stuff That you can actually use Right we want to focus on stuff that you Can actually Use we need to make sure That it works And it’s something that works really Good okay we need to pay close attention Now cringe says from zero is possible to Make money following these videos that’s Up to you the average person trying to Make money online the average person Watching youtube videos about make money Makes Nothing don’t worry it’s fake money i Bought it on amazon it’s for prop Purposes only it’d be pretty silly to Actually have a lamborghini full of cash In my office but um most people don’t If you start to understand this what We’re talking about is a business right You’re like a guy coming off the street You say hey If i start a business will it make money Well what type of business are you Starting well i don’t know i just want Money Okay i mean Get a plan right This ladies and gentlemen is a plan if i

Go through and i say hey there’s people Looking up supply chain to the tune of 1.2 million people a year or A month and we look at supply chain Issues Supply chain issues All right this isn’t too bad and i’ll Bet you I’ll bet you there’s some press releases In the top ten Let’s take a look uh news center boom Press release Here’s some videos Right 19 hours ago four hours ago there You go there’s your press releases right There right so we start to look at this In an objective way and we’re like wait A minute so you’re telling me selling Something like that at forty dollars a Sale all i need to do to get my 200 Bucks a day is go through and get five Sales that’s it right so you go out There you talk about stuff you make it Work If you want to buy traffic you can do That On supply chain issues Didn’t see any ads at the top No ads at the bottom let’s check bing Because with a market like this where All you need is five sales bing has Enough traffic to do that And bing is um It’s a lot friendlier to someone just

Starting out with paid traffic right so Like i can go to bing and i can look up Supply chain issues i’m just going to do This off the Off the record here right in we have add Add A couple of ads there Okay It looks like there’s some videos Supply chain issues there’s some news Press releases So we’re looking pretty good right like This is something where if i did it Right i’m gonna be okay it’s not a Direct hit okay there’s several Different types of offers this is very Important pay close attention okay There’s several different types of Offers patrick’s gonna help us out First is what we call Direct Hit What’s a direct hit well a direct hit Would be if i had the offer for the hat Light And they’re looking for green Hunting light hat Boom direct hit i got a green hunting Light Hat that’s what i got it’s going to work Now if we’re going for something like Food freedom Okay i can’t really sell supply chain Issues like that’s not a product so what

We’re going to do is we’re going to be Like okay well this is Pretty darn close Pdc pretty darn close that means it’s It’s close to the offer i can make it Convert is it going to convert 1 out of 10 no Is it going to convert 1 out of 100 Maybe it doesn’t really need to because I can get the traffic less than 40 cents A click so we need to understand how This works and say hey okay so we got Direct hit offer which is going to Convert light years ahead of anything Else okay we have pretty darn close And then we have off The beaten path okay off the beaten path Means these things are going to take Some work and we’ll show you how these Work in just a minute we got 25 more Offers to go through smash a like button If you’re digging this we’re going to go Through them we’re going to talk about Where these would work i’ll show you how To promote them we’ll show you what you Do and if you guys appreciate this and Want to subscribe by all means Subscribe away and there’s some links if You want to buy stuff too and there’s Also free notes we’ll have over at Downloadmynotes.com Now number three The third offer i found that was good Was a mission lane credit card now this

Is a Credit card Service where you could go through and You’re like okay i have bad credit But i want to get a credit card okay This is a service where you would go Through You fill out your stuff they’re going to Match you with a good credit card Probably the mission lane credit card Now the reason i like this is it cost Nothing to the visitor doesn’t cost them Anything they apply for the credit card I get eighty dollars end of story don’t Have to get them to buy anything so i Like that and we’re like okay this is Pretty cool this is good eighty dollars You wanna make 200 bucks a day all you Need is three sales so if you got three Sales that’s 240 it means you got 40 Bucks budget for traffic pretty cool now This one is gonna take a little bit of Work Because you know not everyone out there Is looking for this and what you’re Gonna find out Is that it’s expensive right if we do Like um bad Credit Credit Card Or credit cards for bad credit or Something like that What you’re gonna notice is that this

Traffic is extremely expensive let’s do Bad credit Let’s do credit I could spell today i i hope i can Credit Card For bad Credit This should work okay so now we’re Looking at credit card for bad credit This is going to be expensive now again We need to take a look at what’s going On okay so apply for walmart credit card With bad credit that’s not too Competitive but if four dollars okay if You’re not converting one in uh 40 You’re not going to make money You got to convert 1 in 40. is that Going to happen probably Depends on how big the form is Like if it’s a big form that asks a lot Of questions yeah you’re probably not Going to convert one out of 40. and Again Like people looking for credit cards It’s a it’s an off the beaten path so We’re going to take a look now what you Can do Is you can find people that are looking Up different things right maybe you have Like Bad credit Or build Bad credit

Okay maybe you could do stuff like this Build bad credit now this kind of stuff Can work um it’s still kind of expensive But we can go through and we can see What’s out there you can do youtube Videos you can do all kinds of stuff so In this market for credit card unless You have the right keyword paid traffic Is going to be very very risky now again Remember paid traffic is always risky Because if you got your money on the Line You know your money’s on the line that’s A risk it’s a business that’s how it Works So i put that one there because i think With the right traffic getting three Conversions a day i don’t think would be Dude be too difficult now i will give You a tip One of the tips um and a lot of people They ask me all the time markets do you Just make videos or is this something You’ve actually done well i’ve been Doing this for 22 years and i only Started doing videos seriously like five Years ago right so i’ve been doing this A long time and one of the ways that i Got a lot of credit card sales actually Became one of the top affiliates for one Of the biggest credit card affiliate Programs in the u.s And the way that i did it is i didn’t Use credit cards i used gas prices and

Using gas prices i was able to say oh Hey you want to save money on gas get This rewards credit card so one of the Things you can do is look at what the Benefits Of a credit card are And then market to those because if you Do that that’s going to change the game A bit where you’re not in with all the Other competition so when we look at This number three is absolutely um a Decent looking offer from my standpoint Eighty dollars a lead doesn’t even take A sale that’s looking pretty good bada Bing bada boom let’s dive in to Number four number four here Is one of my favorites now ladies and Gentlemen if you have not Looked at If you have not looked at The motley fool Look at their marketing whoever is on The motley fools marketing team Is a genius They know what they’re doing now this Means two things one let’s switch to a Camera that isn’t fuzzy And two It means that this thing’s gonna convert Okay and it also means Let’s look at what they’re doing right Because you can learn what they’re doing In a really cool way now when we look at The motley fool this is an offer for a

Stock Finance kind of thing okay they’re like A stock advisor House that shows you what to invest What stocks to get okay Now this one here Eighty seven dollars and fifty cents i Believe It’s a free one dollar trial i think i Could be wrong but i’m i’m pretty sure Let’s see um Over here Let me just double check it Make sure i get you guys some good Info that you can use All right so motley fool over here We got um Motley fool U.s let’s take a look at these and see If they say anything about what it is Molly fool Okay maybe it’s on the page Email Okay so it’s it looks like it’s a Subscription thing I don’t know how much it costs but i Don’t think it’s like 90 bucks i think It’s cheaper so we have to look at that And understand um what’s going on now With this All you got to do Is market to like different stock terms Right you could literally mark it um You could talk about the different

Ticker symbols and if you look at this Like you go out there and you could do a List Of Stock Ticker Symbols or whatever it is okay and i can Take a list of stock ticker symbols okay I can get a list of them And i’m just going to do this off screen Just to make sure it’s clean But then i’ll bring it over and what You’ll see Is that these sites rank For all kinds of stuff And the ticker symbols get lots of Traffic so this page alone For stock ticker symbols you look at Their organic keywords we’re looking at What like A ton of them 164 000 Tickers And we’re like okay here we got these All the different types of stock look at It there you go ebet And some of these will have very little Competition and you can just boom there You go um and if you start to understand How this works and you’re like okay Grvi stock or whatever um you could go Over and say well you know is there any Ads on bing right you want to make fast Money the fastest money i ever made

Again ladies and gentlemen disclaimer The results are not typical implied or Guaranteed this is risky this costs Money you might have to buy traffic to Do the method i’m going to talk to you About um but one of the things i did Was i actually ran an ad For i think it was the last time the Lottery was ridiculously high Um i ran an ad i got lots of traffic a Site i bought that morning set it up in 13 minutes by the end of the day it made Sixteen hundred dollars in profit again Ladies and gentlemen are you going to Set up a site in 13 minutes and make Sixteen hundred dollars by the time you Go to bed no i can pretty much guarantee You probably won’t is it doable can it Happen yes it can it can it happens more Often than you would think and even Though you might think sixteen hundred Dollars is a lot of money to some people Chump change right to some people the Amount i make every day is chump change You’re like hey buddy you know what That’s not then that’s not thin I make that in 20 minutes right you got To look at this and you got to look at It from a big broad world right now You’re looking at it from a term of i Work at a job and this is what i do and This is what majority of people say okay Well if you do what majority of people Do you’re going to get the results

Majority of people get if you go out There and you start to understand okay i Can go for this kind of stock And i can go to bing and i could see if There are ads Okay recent news so i could do like a Press release again be careful of Trademarks and stuff But we can go through and we can bid Like td ameritrade dividends super stock Screener and you could see what People are paying you could use spyfu or Any other keyword tool but this is the Kind of thing where if you market Correctly And you get the people that don’t know They want this You can make a lot of money again 87 You only need 2.5 sales a day to get Your 200 bucks if you want to make a Thousand dollars a day all you need is About 12 sales 13 sales and you’re in The clear and once you start to Understand this Right because a lot of people come to me And they say margaret i want to make a Hundred thousand dollars a year great Break it down break it down what are you Gonna do you wanna make a hundred Thousand a year Okay hundred thousand dollars a year is Approximately 10k a month 10k a month is Approximately 300 a day what am i going To do to get my 300 bucks a day well

I’ll tell you what i’m going to do i’m Going to go get a couple of sales for This whole here motley fool guy or Whatever it is and bada bing bada bang We’re gonna do this now the next offer I’m going to talk to you about if you’re New subscribe because i have a video Coming out about this offer I think friday we’re going to have that Video out and it’s going to be Phenomenal this is something i’ve done I’ve promoted stuff like this all the Time this is my favorite type of offer It costs nothing for the user they don’t Have to put their email in they don’t Have to they don’t have to fill a form Out All they got to do is click download Bada bing bada boom you are going to get Paid now ladies and gentlemen Number five i got to tell you about here Number five we’re going to get these Camera angles right because this stuff’s Important hopefully it doesn’t get Blurry on me but these are the types of Offers that i’ve gone through and i’ve Gotten five uh for 3 000 downloads a day Right imagine that you get like 3 000 Downloads a day and you’re like well Marcus downloads what are you what are You talking about mark is having to get Paid For downloads daddy you just click and

Download how do i get paid what you Talking about brother well we’re going To go through we’re gonna be like hey Check this out Retell me not how many of you guys have Heard Of retail me not right raise your hand By way of typing something or smash the Like button If you’ve heard of retail me not now Retailmenot is a big coupon site you’ve Probably used it and that coupon site Knows that if they get people to use Their coupons they make money what Market market how do they make money Literally they’re just giving away Coupons how do you make money giving Away coupons well Ladies and gentlemen i gotta laugh at Myself because i’m i’m pretty funny to Myself And we gotta go through and say well i Remember being a kid My mom would always take the sunday Paper and she would take that sunday Paper and she would open it up and she’d Get all these coupons and she’d go to The store and she’d save money Now why in the world Would that newspaper Put all them coupons in there All the advertisers would pay to put the Coupon well because there’s money Now the way that they’re making money

Over at retailmenot Is Affiliate marketing And healthy says he’s made money posting Coupon codes on there and take a look at This They are willing to pay four dollars Every time someone downloads the chrome Extension That finds coupons All right now you might be saying well Marcus you know buddy buddy buddy that Other offer pays ninety dollars i’m Gonna make more money than you marcus I’m gonna i’m gonna make more money Hands down you know what you’re talking About marcus i know you’ve been doing it 22 years But I’ll bet you Apples to oranges i’ll bet you You go find me an offer that pays a Thousand dollars a sale Okay You find me an offer pays a thousand I’ll bet you I could beat your numbers with this four Dollar offers marcus no The gurus say That you need High ticket i mean there was a guy Driving around and is bentley and he Said you need a high ticket offer every Affiliate marketing guru except marcus

Says you need a high ticket offer No no no you don’t my friend Because i have actually made thousands And thousands and thousands of dollars a Day Millions of dollars a year with offers That pay less than four bucks four bucks That’s new right they figured out they Could pay more back when i was doing This the first offer i did was 70 cents 70 cents Made 300 grand that year off a 70 cent Offer Now this one’s four bucks now why Will it make money well let’s let’s take A look all right you go out there and You’re like okay Marcus you know we’re gonna go through We’ll do High ticket uh high ticket affiliate all Right everyone searches for this and it Just brings more competition to a bunch Of stuff and you know sometimes those Ten thousand dollar affiliate courses Aren’t really all their pa cracked up to Be sometimes They’re not really going to help Us get Money you guys better enjoy this and Smash the like button because every time I do that i gotta clean out the office And it’s a complete pain but it does Make a more entertaining video so we Look at this or like high ticket

Affiliate marketing all right well you Know i got two point eight thousand Searches i got five Almost six 000 searches a month so i Could promote some let’s say you’re out There and you’re like marcus i’m going To win here we go watch me win what We’re going to do is we’re going to Promote this 10 000 course that probably Is crappy but it’s it pays me Four thousand dollars commission Four grand commission Okay great wonderful go out there do That You’re gonna have to go get that sale And you only got 5.6 000 searches Now Watch cheryl buddy marcus here because This has competition it has all the Marketers doing it but if i go over here And i tap in Coupon code Okay watch that number 5.6 000. There we go dramatic effect 9.9 million people each and every month Looking up coupon codes Now You gotta get the guy to come out here Get his credit card out and buy Something All i gotta do Is say hey buddy You want coupon codes Download this tool for free

And you’ll probably go out there And you’ll see the guru and he’s like Hey i made 12 000 Selling this thing all right you might Get lucky Maybe But i go out there and i’m like well Out of 9 million I’m actually getting 3 000 people a day To download The retail app To get coupons now ladies and gentlemen I have been in markets like this this is What i do for a living This is my favorite type of offer this Is my favorite traffic and it is not Rare To see people getting 3 000 downloads You say wait a minute marcus are you Kidding me There are people out there Making 12 000 A day With an offer like well there it is over Here there you go with an offer like This Yeah There are have been one of them And we did this with e-cards we did this With smiley faces we did this with um Layouts and backgrounds and music Players and tools and once you start to

Understand Like why am i trying to do what every Marketer says to do Rather than looking at stuff objectively Okay there’s a little rule in marketing I learned this back when um there’s a Bunch of network marketers and they were Like marcus you need to join our company You need to join our network marketing Company and they wanted me to join their Company And i noticed that everyone who joined The company i never did join Right i was like you want me to join Then you pay for it if it’s so great you Pay for it and they never did but at any Rate i was like okay you know let’s take A look and i looked at all the people That were in these companies and they All did the exact same thing it’s called Indoctrination what they did is they Said well how did bob get me to sign up I’m gonna do what bob did and the same Thing happens with affiliate marketers And for some reason this new camera Thinks it needs to find my face i i know Where my face is camera it’s right here You don’t need to find it but thank you And we go through we’re like okay when It happens with affiliate marketing you Have people who sign up and become Affiliate marketers and then the first Thing they want to do is go get other People to be affiliate marketers which i

Think is completely silly Like it’s so silly that that means That you don’t know how to market that’s What that means you don’t know what You’re doing you don’t have a business You don’t know what you’re doing um and A lot of times you have to look at that Because a lot of people are doing that And they’re not understanding how it Works now offers like this are great Let’s get into offer number six This one was pretty cool this pays Almost 60 dollars and remember when You’re promoting these if you start to Get a lot of leads You can actually go through and make it Work now uh claudia says what traffic Platform would you use for retailmenot That one It could work with paid traffic now it’s Going to be difficult because when i was Doing paid traffic For download offers Okay um your margin is gonna be like Half So in order to make 12 grand a day Sometimes i would spend six Okay now that’s risky like if it doesn’t Convert who wants to lose six grand a Day i don’t right so you got to look at That you got to understand now with that Said You would only lose that much money if You’re not paying attention like i had a

Friend who i taught the business to and He accidentally put ten dollars a click Instead of 10 cents a click we went to Dinner and he came back and lost like 15 Grand luckily they cleared it up and you Know No harm no foul but You know That was kind of difficult so you have To understand what’s going on now you Can also for coupon codes if i go Through and i say hey i want coupon Codes That are only Let’s say one competition or less Boom we’re going to go through and say Okay we got Coupon codes that are one or less There’s 8 000 keywords there’s 326 000 Searches a month Right so like you could do it with free Traffic it’s not hard to do and what People don’t realize is these companies Some of them are doing 100 million Dollars a year and you’re like well Marcus was that work i thought the guru Forget about the gurus They focus on what actually sells Focus on what’s actually working Right very important now can you learn This stuff yes i think you can the Tactical pen pays 58 Per sale So this one was a flashlight pen glass

Breaker thing a lot of traffic in this Market people are looking up tactical Stuff all the time um All kinds of stuff like that so pretty Cool we look at that and we’re like okay Yeah this kind of thing four sales a day 200 bucks a day um Not too hard to do again you just need To make sense it needs to make sense if I’m gonna get four sales a day I need to say okay to get that four Sales a day how much traffic do i need Well let’s say one percent conversion Rate Means i’m going to need 400 visitors all Right so 400 visitors They better be less than what i make Right so every hundred visitors if i’m Assuming a one percent conversion needs To be less than 58.5 cents That makes sense to everyone so we got To understand exactly how this works and What to do okay we gotta go through and Say hey Boom this works now Again Focus Make it make sense can you do free Traffic yeah in this market i think you Can number seven we have uh roofing now I like I like this one come on listen up this Is a fun one this is what we call a zip Submit

A zip submit offer pays when someone Puts their zip code And hit submit Or in this case Calculate savings so this is an offer For a roofing home improvement kind of Thing that’s like okay this is a pretty Cool offer It pays two dollars and fifty cents When someone puts their zip code in And sees if they qualify that’s it That’s all i got to do put their zip Code in bada bing bada boom you get 2.50 Now on this one You want to make your money um you would Need approximately 75 leads a day if you Were doing free traffic or probably 100 Maybe 150 if you’re doing paid traffic Now again remember when we’re doing this Type of stuff We need to understand That we’re going to run other offers Alongside it so if i’m doing this Roofing offer yeah it’s going to be the Main course like that’s the offer i’m Going to promote the most i’m probably Also going to have ads i’m probably also Going to have maybe mortgages refinance Or whatever it is okay So very cool very easy it’s like there We go 250 don’t even have to sell anything Right a lot of people are like oh marcus I got to sell stuff no you don’t you

Just get them put the zip in now a lot Of times what you’ll have on an offer Like this Is you’ll have the ability to do Something called pre-populate Pre-populating an offer means i can take Them from my page i can get them put Their zip code on my page send them to That page with the zip code already in It And it’s like okay all they got to do is Hit submit they don’t have to type it in Again right this is something that can Work extremely well when you’re doing List building Things like that it works really really Really well um an ad budget you know Like for me Advertising is not an expense Okay it’s It’s it should be producing like in the Old days when i was a magician Right i would run ads in the magazines Local magic magazines and stuff like That and It cost me 170 bucks to run the ad it Took two three months for it to come out So i didn’t know If i was going to lose my money Or get sales or whatever for two months Now with the internet Okay i could go out there and i could Say well on an offer like this I would expect to convert one out of

Three Right so if i send three visitors One should fill out the zip thing That’s what should happen so then what i Would do is i’d say well i got you know 30 clicks How many filled out the form well 30 Clicks cost me Ten cents each three dollars Okay no one filled out the form okay Let’s pause it i only lost for three Bucks Okay so you have the control And the cool thing about paid ads is It’s instant I know right away i only pay when people Come to my site very very simple okay uh Number eight here Was ax rate auto this was also a zip Submit um this is a pretty good one now Auto insurance traffic is super Expensive and difficult to get But you could go around the beaten path Maybe people looking for you know ways To save money or whatever it is Again three dollars on a zip submit Here’s another one number nine this is Um same thing now this form was a little Bit bigger But i think it’s easier in terms of What it’s about right it was about like How to get help with unemployment Benefits or resources something like That and i think they put their name

Last name Phone number some other stuff like that It’s a little bit big of a form for 320 But i think it could work as a Supplemental offer Right and again you know you get uh what 70 leads a day you make a 210 bucks a Little bit more if you can count the 20 Cents right So pretty simple if you look at it now Number 10 was a bigger sale but it also Comes with a bigger set of money okay so Um i do have to sell norton lifelock now When i do stuff like this everyone knows What norton is it’s pretty easy what i’m Gonna do is i’m gonna find computer Error words right so i’ll go through and I’ll do Uh windows error Windows error Code Okay windows error code is something People look up all the time They got all the stuff right you got 40 000 searches Bunch a bunch a bunch of bunch of Different uh windows error codes i’d be Like well that windows error code is Because x y and z you should probably Get norton that way your computer is Safe and it fixes the errors Right very very simple so we got to look At that now someone says um some of the Advertisers don’t like sweepstakes and

Credit repair well Here’s what you do You go to the ones that do Pretty simple right i’m not going to let Something stop me from going where i Want to go right a lot of people are Like oh well i’m out i get one of the Friends that i taught this business to Guy made 7 Million dollars it wasn’t all profit but He had a lot of profit right this guy Made seven million dollars but he didn’t Listen to me And he went out and he bought fancy Pants right my pants cost me 12 bucks Right i don’t care about fancy pads but He had fancy pads they were like 500 Pants and he got a new car and he got a New house and he also went completely Bankrupt right i taught him the business But he didn’t listen To The business part And the business part is being able to Adapt because once something changed Policy change whatever he was out So what am i going to do i’m going to Look at everything as a whole and i’m Not going to rely on one thing i’m going To go out there and figure out what to Do and have multiple stuff out there That actually works all right and when We look at this we’re like okay norton This could work good like error codes

That’s not hard to advertise on um you Know if i’m a tech guy i could make Videos about error codes and then point Them to stuff That works and again remember always do Ethical stuff if you’re doing sweepstake Offers Make sure they’re legit There’s a lot of junk out there right There’s a lot of junk and as an Affiliate marketer It is your job To make sure That these are good It’s my job at the end of the day what i Promote Is what i’m standing behind uh that’s Why you’re not going to see me promote Every person that offers to pay me i get People they’re like hey Pay you 20 grand do a video on this and I’m like no i don’t want to do a video On your bitcoin scam I don’t want to they’re like we’ll give You 20 grand i’m like yeah but i value My audience more than your 20 000 Why because the minute i promote your Stuff and promote other junk not only am I doing a disservice But i also Am going to lose my audience Right because you’ll be like dude that Marcus guy all he does is promote junk I’m out of here there goes my long-term

Income All right for a quick buck today Like my buddy with the seven million Dollars quick buck today he’s out of Business tomorrow He’s gone Because he didn’t understand this this Is about building something of value and That’s why when we look at these offers It’s like what works like this one here Number 11 the flex belt i promoted this A long time ago uh back in 2006 i Started promoting this um i did make 200 A day i think i was making about 260 280 A day With my ab flex belt site and this is Something that stood the test of time Does it work i think so i don’t know how But apparently it gets you some some abs I only got one ab but maybe if i had That i’d have two or however many you’re Supposed to have right so uh pretty cool Stuff now this is one i really liked Uh this is 350 dollars per Lead okay it’s a phone call they call up They say hey i got water damage Speaking of which i need some water They say hey i got water damage in my House Um there’s lots of ways to promote this What i would do is um Something like how to clean water damage Clean water Damage

Okay um how to clean up water damage Clean up water damage basement I remember i found basement was cool it Was water damage Basement It might have been flooding Basement flooding or something like that Water damage basement see these are low Comp Pretty good stuff we can also do i think It was Flooding Flood basement cleanup flood basement or After a flood basement flood what to do Flood and basement what to do well what You need to do is you need to call the Water guy so i could get 350 well i mean So you can get help and i can get 350. Right and you start to understand how This works and it’s like okay this is Pretty cool very cool All right let’s take a look at number 13 Here number 13 is pet health insurance i Like this niche because it ties into all The many things that are pets which i Like pet people look up pets all the Time now anita says how do i get Accepted to the affiliate networks Without a website well Short answer Get a website Right i get like people watch these Videos all the time and they’re like i Want to make five thousand dollars a

Month Okay you want a website no Do you want to make a video no Uh do you want no What do you want to do i just want five Grand a month well then you need to go Find someone who can give you five grand A month because here on this channel we Talk about ways to earn money and we Need to understand that we need to do What it takes if that means building a Site so we can get accepted build a site So you can get accepted treat this like A business and you’ll get business Results look at this objectively and you Can get objective results now is it Difficult I don’t think so I don’t think so i have to go through And i have to do what it takes jay says Um i have trouble getting Approved to the affiliate networks uh we Have a video here on the channel Most of the affiliate networks i’ll tell You um will accept you if you have if You call them on the phone if you have a Website they want to make sure that They’re not liable For whatever you’re gonna do like if you Go out there and you tell people hey This is gonna cure the world You know no it’s hot Right and that’s what they have to watch Out for they got to watch out for that

Because at the end of the day they’re on The hook right if that advertiser’s like Dude i’m not paying for leads they Already paid you They’re out so they need to do their do Their work and understand exactly what’s Going on But with this one here pet health Insurance 75 elite you’d only need Three leads a day you’re making over 200 Bucks a day again it falls into all the Different um pet stuff healthy says i Got approved with max bounty after Talking to the rep on the phone exactly It doesn’t it’s not that hard to do the Problem is is you fill out a form and They don’t accept you and you get your Feelings hurt Really that’s what it’s about people get Their feelings hurt And then they’re like oh i’m gonna quit Not me i’m like this is a business this Is how i feed My family So am i gonna let my feelings hurt Because they didn’t accept me on the First try Stop me Of course not i’m gonna try again i’m Gonna be persistent i’m gonna make it Work I’m gonna make it work i’m gonna find Out the rules and i’m gonna follow the

Rules And i’m gonna go make it work and that’s What you gotta understand is like this Is a business that could be super Rewarding if you’re willing to do it Uh here’s another one i really like this Offer this was about how to get your pet To be a service pet I was like okay this is kind of a cool Niche this is a niche that the gurus Don’t talk about this is a niche that You know you go out there and you’re Like okay service pet Service Pet and you look at this and it pays What seventy-five dollars a lead or Eighty dollars a lead was it Seventy dollars a lead and we look at Service pet And we’re like okay yeah we got like Service pet um let’s see service pet I think it’s like a a certificate or Something let’s do pet certificate Like for a service animal Pet Service animal something like that uh Yeah there you go service animal Uh certification right or service animal Vest you can be like hey you know in Order to wear the vest you need to get The certified which is what this is About um and that can work really well Do i think uh this could do 200 a day Yeah not even a question that’s not

It’s not hard to do at all it’s three Leads i mean come on it’s not that hard Number 15 This is a system mechanic ultimate pc Cleaner This one Tons and tons of keywords you know you Could do Errors you could do System registry Software all kinds of stuff tons and Tons of stuff number 16 here mosquito Wristband 48 a lead now these kind of Offers i like again make sure they Actually work um but the reason i like These is the sales pages are really good And also um Also it’s it’s like a 60 product where i Get 48. right most affiliate People are out there and they’ll promote Something that that’s a hundred dollars And they’re only getting paid like five Bucks all right this is one where i’m Getting paid more than half i like that So this kind of thing we can do like um You can even look up like mosquito Wristband or whatever And you could yeah There you go boom done deal Pretty simple Okay you could do a video on do they Work or uh What are they or anything like that or How to get rid of mosquitoes

All kinds of stuff and this kind of Thing like again you don’t need that Many four sales a day does the trick and You start to look at it and say hey this Is pretty cool Very good uh number 17 was a Constipation relief product i thought Had a funny name um but it was actually It’s actually a problem that people look Up a lot 22 dollars you need about five Sales a day to get to 200 a day um Probably i’m probably going to do paid Traffic if i was going to do this i do Paid traffic on bing i think that would Be easier cheaper slower pace Um because bing has like 10 of the Traffic of like google or something Which means it’s a little bit slower That means if you go out to lunch you Know you’re probably not going to lose Like 10 grand at lunch if you’re not Paying attention um but i think this Could be a really good one Um to use and and what i would do is i Would do like Foods that help with Foods that help with this foods that Help with that Promote it in a really simple way and Then boom there you go uh here’s another One Bark stop dog barking device uh this is Something to help your dog stop barking Which

That’s a problem that’s annoying i’ve Had a dog that barks too much and Sometimes i wish i had something to make Them stop barking but you know at any Rate uh this is something that works i Don’t know how it works again look at The the logistics look if it’s good uh Stuff like that okay uh 24 a lead again Not that hard to do here’s a survey one That pays on a zip code three dollars a Lead pretty simple now uh paid surveys And stuff like that there’s lots of Traffic let me give you a little hint a Hint would be Start reviewing a bunch of sites out There that claim they’re gonna pay you For stuff Pretty simple right and then you can Point them here and say hey put your zip Code in to to learn how to do this or or Whatever it is uh number 20 i thought This was good now a lot of you guys know That uh my political persuasion is a Little different than this one but that Doesn’t mean i wouldn’t market it and if You read this guy’s sales letter it’s Hilarious um and apparently people are Still interested in uh trump memorabilia And uh there’s a gold coin and i think It’s i i believe It was free with shipping or it was Actually really cheap and again 25 bucks all i need to do to get my 200 A day um

Is get eight people Right and there there’s tons of people That are looking this stuff up uh which Is pretty cool and again we need to look At this and and we’re gonna go through a List at the end where i talk about my Criteria of what i look for in an Affiliate offer and what makes it work For me um again you have to make sure That it’s in line with your ethics make Sure you’re promoting good stuff don’t Do anything Slimy or weird right focus on stuff That’s actually really good um that’s Gonna bring in the money something Simple like okay a gold coin big deal You know or or this one a power water Shaving water saving Shower head now i like this one fourteen Dollars a sale so again it’s going to Fit with Um What would we need about 14 sales a day Uh and what i liked about this Was going for Um Stuff like Shower Stains people that are looking up like Uh water stain Water stain Okay and they’re looking up all Different kinds of water stain um well That’s actual like stain for water but

You could do like hard water spots Um water spots Let me just make sure this is clean Sometimes people search for some weird Stuff so we gotta be a little uh a Little uh careful with that um so like How to remove water spots Right um we would do like water spots From shower Okay that’s what i would do probably not Car there was a word that i looked up I’ll put it in the notes uh so when you Get the notes at downloadmynotes.com I’ll put them there it was something About how to remove hard water from your Shower and then what i would do is say Hey So that this doesn’t happen again Sign up for this or buy the the power Shower or whatever right does that make Sense to everyone that would be what we Call Somewhere between a pretty darn close Offer and off the beaten path right a Direct hit would be like Click a button and your water stains go Away magically Pretty darn close would be like water Stain remover But this i think would work because Their sales letter is actually about About Water stains and that’s one of the Things that you got to do as an

Affiliate marketer read the sales letter Make sure it’s legit make sure Everything fits and it’s it’s it’s it’s Good for your visitor Obviously a shower head is It is what it is right um pretty simple Number 22 Was a quit smoking product i thought This was pretty good 50 cpa lots of Traffic um I’d probably market this in like groups And stuff which would be pretty cool Number 23 was a wi-fi booster you could Get people that are looking for why is My internet slow uh different stuff like That number 24 was an assault tactical Backpack This was pretty cool it’s a 40 product Pays me 19 bucks sell 10 of them a day Boom i got my 200 a day i might need 10.5 of them um and so we start to look At this and this is something that you Know you could pair with um tactical Traffic bug out bag people look at bug Out bag i got what am i gonna do when i Need to bug out bug out bag right people Are doing this all the time uh looking It up Oh bug out bag not back There we go you gotta spell correctly Bug out bag um you got 72 000 people a Month looking up bug out bag And what i would do I do pay per click to a lead page with a

List of what should be in your bug out Bag and then on the thank you page and Say thank you for subscribing your list Is on the way to the email By the way you need a good bag to put Your stuff in check this one out Boom there we go all right does that Make sense to everyone smash that like Button if you guys are like dude this is Off the hook i like this uh we have this One which was a vpn Uh number 25 was a vpn pays 43 dollars This is for all the people who want to Surf the internet anonymously which There’s lots of people that want to do That Number 26 was an identity guard This would be a good one for people like That are worried about compromised Things passwords codes stuff like that Um and seventy dollars a sale really low Barrier of entry i think it’s you know They sign up for a year or something Like that and they get a deal really low Barrier of entry really simple and Lastly number 27 i thought was pretty Good was a hearing type product a lot of People a lot of my customers are in the Tinnitus niche and they have trouble Selling stuff i think this could Actually work pretty good if it fits That niche And i think it does and it’s cheap like It costs them i think a hundred dollars

We get 70 and the The sales page is on point now a couple Of questions coming in i’ll take a few Of them um syex says as a beginner how Would i select the ideal stream to bring In customers ideal street like traffic You’re going to want traffic that fits The market Or you can find the traffic first and Then find the the market so like if i Was gonna do the hearing one i’d Probably go out there and i’d do Something like um hearing Difficulty Or something like that Hearing loss hearing difficulty Stuff like that can work pretty well Over-the-counter hearing aids or Something like that it’s do your Research and you’ll find traffic out There but again here’s what you need the Problem is is people have no direction Right they go out there and they’re like Okay I’m just gonna promote whatever and they Try to do it but there’s no real Direction What we need is we need a clear path Direction of why Why am i going to promote this to these People why am i going to put this in Front of these people um very important Because that’s really what you need to Do is is get a path get a plan say how

Am i going to promote this who would Want it right it’s not just like Everyone looking up ear Now you need to get something uh Specific Okay a couple questions here um auto Insurance is expensive can you go around The beaten path yeah absolutely go Auto insurance I would probably do like people looking Maybe to save money on gas and be like Look you’re literally driving across Town to save four bucks why don’t you Let me save you 300 on your insurance um So again around the beaten path think Differently and thinking different is How i’ve made most of my money when you Start to think differently and you start To understand Exactly how it works Um then then you got a plan arun says i Think the hearing stuff works well with Native ads anything can work good with Native ads native ads it just needs to Be broad Milligrows If i want to promote more than one offer Should i purchase a domain for each If they’re in a different niche yes like I’m not going to put hearing And dog barking product on the same page I’m not gonna put hearing in The coupon offer no it’s gotta be okay i Might put tinnitus hearing

Supplements boom within the same niche You can promote multiple offers in the Same niche on the same domain But if you start to branch out i would Definitely get a different domain That’s how i do this business Some people do it all on the same domain Chances are if you’re buying traffic It’s going to cost more and if you’re Doing free traffic it’s going to be Harder to get if you’re using the same Domain unless it’s a powerhouse domain Then you can do pretty much whatever you Want So we got to look at that Psych says do i do group or Pay-per-click or video or blog well Let that let the market tell you Right if you’re gonna do Um you know a stock thing or groovy Stock look at the homepage of google all Right this i’m gonna do a press release Not even a question if i’m going to do Something like Let’s say How To basketball Let’s say i’m going to do have to spell It right i can’t spell today If i do how to basketball right and i’m Like how to shoot basketball how to draw Basketball how to play basketball uh Some how to get better at basketball Let’s say i’m gonna do that okay again

Look at your home page what shows up Okay if i’m gonna do search Okay so there’s some master clients some Videos i’m gonna do video on that one Right so we’re gonna let that Focus us Okay Garage says hey marcus how can i get Tons of traffic to my new website well Depends on what kind of traffic you you Want do you need tons Like I mean if you want tons of traffic yeah You could go buy tons of traffic cheap But is it the traffic you want okay i Would rather see you focus on the Traffic you want Rather than hey i just want tons of Traffic to my new website Um do you use simple blog theme for all Your sites yes i do how about a sub Domain I don’t i’m not a fan of using sub Domains i mean it’s nine bucks get a Domain do it the right way Uh focus all right here’s what i look For with offers number one i want a high Payout with a low barrier of entry so The coupon offer In in terms of the barrier of entry all They do is click download i get paid That’s a high payout with a low barrier That’s good even though it’s only four Bucks i like that i want an easy sign up

Page I do not want a phone number on the Offer because that’s unless it’s a phone Number offer because that’s going to Take take away from my sales i don’t Want distractions and i want one Track focus which it says one track Focus down there but I didn’t make my slide big enough so That’s what i look for it’s very Important uh adrian says as for the one That people have to just download is That appropriate for a press release Well Probably Maybe i mean it’s going to depend on Timing so like could i do a press Release On black friday yeah that might work Um Would i do a press release about coupons Probably not I mean Maybe That wouldn’t be my number one focus i’d Probably just try to get the easy uh Coupon traffic okay So very simple there um any Recommendation for a dating related Offer i need a low barrier of entry Than dating subscribers well steve would I would ask you this and this is Something important all right a lot of People

They struggle with this hopefully our Camera will get clear a lot of people Struggle with this and they say well Marcus i need traffic for this offer and My question is is why Why do you need to promote that offer Why don’t you just promote something That’s easy Why don’t you just promote something That makes sense to you like why would i Go out there and try to get dating Traffic for a dating offer if i don’t Know it converts Why why would i do that Why don’t i use one of these that are Easy Why don’t i use something that makes Sense that that’s easy to see The path right because you could spend Months Trying to figure it out Trying to figure out traffic for Something but you know why Like this is my business i can do Whatever i want As long as it’s ethical i mean you know You can do whatever you want and so i Say hey this is what i want to do um Soothing says how would you promote the Trump coin i’m seeing a lot of those Offers and they seem to be doing well That would be one you could do on Contextual ads Display ads you can also do like i would

Put it on a bunch of um news sites that Fit that narrative Right that’d be pretty simple um and Sometimes you could get that traffic Really cheap a lot of those people don’t Know how to convert that traffic And all you need to do is a little Better like if you understand That the average person out there with Web traffic Is making less than two cents a click Once you understand that i’m like hey Here we go all i got to do is fit this All i got to do is do better than two Cents that’s it that’s that’s the bar That’s the standard I could do that All right i could do that and and you Look at the drop coin it’s like okay Well how would i make that fit how would I make it appeal to enough people To where it won’t not sell right because I could get anyone to click Something silly But i need them to click so that they Are qualified to buy i need to click so That i would get people that want to buy And once i understand that And start to focus on okay now i don’t Just want every visitor Not all traffic is the same We have to get traffic that is going to Convert Right like you got to look at your your

Guide as my dad used to say right we’d Go and we would play video poker and He’s like hey you got to read your meter You got to look at what payouts are here So you know what cards to keep he loved Video poker um and it’s the same thing With affiliate offers Gotta look at your meter what’s your Meter say well says uh you need usa Traffic So then i’m not gonna buy All the traffic in the world i just want Usa traffic And i want usa traffic that’s interested In investing in stocks and once you Start to understand that you are in Control of your traffic You are in control Of what you put in front of them You are in control of what your site Says So at the end of the day It’s me who chooses what to promote and I’m going to choose to promote stuff That i think is going to convert and That is what These 27 offers are about things that i Think will convert again Look at them make sure you follow the Rules if you’re doing pay-per-click make Sure you do ethical good stuff There’s plenty of money in ethical good Stuff There’s plenty of money in things that

Are that are on the up and up i do it All the time i remember years ago people Were promoting this offer making lots of Money and i’m like you know what that Doesn’t fit what i want to do like it’s Not in my wheelhouse but they made money And i made money doing something else Because i chose to you are not forced to Promote an offer just because it’s there You go promote what you think your Traffic is going to want and over time You’ll start to learn and if you want to Learn more about this check out Blogprofitnetwork.com You can come on and say hey here’s my Traffic markets what do you think will Convert or here’s an offer how would you Get traffic every tuesday uh at three To five eastern standard time if you’re A member of blogprofitnetwork.com Um You hop on and ask questions All right i check out your sites I look at your traffic i help you out we Got people getting results like crazy And they’re ranking and they’re getting Results and they’re out there doing the Work and we’re all helping each other It’s like a cool community um and that’s All good and it’s super inexpensive too It’s my cheap intro product to help you Decide what you want to do But once you understand this and you Understand how

Marketing works Then You’ll smash a like button Check out highticketnitches.com Subscribe and watch the video on friday Because we’re going to talk about an Offer that is off the hook have a good One smash

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