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2022 Recession + Inflation = My Recession Proof Business Plan

we are gonna have a real talk about inflation recession 2022 and how to protect yourself from economic downturns and whatever the fed does.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 18 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his blogging business and how he has helped others do the same.

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[Music] Warning for the 2022 stock market crash It’s known as a recession that will Change a generation they’re calling it The end of an era huge inflation is Coming warren buffett’s last warning Is the top u.s bank about to start a Recession u.s stocks lose 7 trillion The crash that will be worse than 2008 It’s a ticking time bomb the fed resets The market the recession just started All right ladies and gentlemen listen up Because today We don’t need any conspiracy theories Are over hyped news we’re going to talk About the truth of what’s going on in The economy what always happens during a Recession and how you can protect Yourself with a simple recession proof Business plus i’m going to show you the Investment moves i’m taking right now to Help me profit big time even during Times of economic downturn and we’re Starting Right now All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the old show today what we’re going To do is we’re going to talk about the Recession is there actually a recession Coming last night i poured over tons and Tons of reports and transcripts of Videos and famous people and economists Talking about the recession and a lot of People

Are really freaked out about this so Today i want to get to the nitty-gritty Of what’s actually going on we want to Give you an update from a marketer Standpoint an update from a real world Person just like you i mean i know we Can hear from all these bigwigs and Everyone turns to elon musk and the Richest people of the world for economic Advice but you got to remember Billionaires are billionaires because They look out for their own interest so It’s very important to look at we got a Different take here we’re gonna walk Through how this is working and what to Watch out for now one of my favorite Politicians of all times was fdr and one Of his famous speeches is is more Relevant today than ever was and this Was a time in the 30s when people were Freaked out because the economy was Tanking and everything was upside down And everything was going crazy and he Calmed the american people by saying the Only thing we have to fear is fear Itself and this is one of the things That i always turn to because i look at The world in a different way and i say Wait a minute everyone can freak out Everyone can get worried but there’s a Few people actually a lot more than a Few that make things happen there’s a Few people that during times of economic Downturn

They get insanely rich and that’s what We’re going to talk about today and We’re going to talk about my recession Proof business plan and what i would do If i was in your shoes as an average Everyday person now what i want to do Right now is i want to really talk about What is it that caused the recession Right there’s a lot of people that are Like oh it’s inflation because of the Car prices it’s supply and demand it’s This or that well what really actually Caused a lot of the inflation And a lot of what’s going on is a wealth Transfer this is something you are Always going to see When you have a lot of big economic Changes it’s a Wealth Transfer what does that mean what that Means is you have the ordinary Everyday weird-looking people here we’ll Try to draw normal people right you have The everyday normal people here okay This is the mass Population okay and over here you have Like the one point Actually it’s like point zero zero one Percent right so we’ll do Less than one percent okay and this is The billionaire class and there’s Nothing wrong with this but we’re going To talk about some flaws in our system That created this problem

And the problem is this all right during All of the craziness of 2021 And part of 2022 What we saw Is a gigantic wealth transfer To the top 1 right we saw jeff bezos we Saw elon musk these guys went from being Practically broke I’m saying that tongue-in-cheek please Calm down That was a joke being practically broke With 80 billion dollars Now worth close to 200 billion dollars And if you don’t understand How much money 200 Billion dollars is you need to really Pay attention to what’s going on because The news doesn’t talk about this nobody Talks about this because why we think That the billionaires are what makes our Economy run like if we didn’t have them Suddenly like we’d forget how to farm And eat and run businesses okay nothing Wrong with it this is a problem our System created in my humble opinion Which i like to share All right so we look at this we’re like Okay so there’s basically like i think The estimates were between three and Five Trillion dollars Went from the masses here to the Billionaire’s pocket Okay very important so follow along with

Me right does everyone agree with that It’s like 5 billion if you’re like yeah We see that that’s something the news Doesn’t disagree with that’s something The billionaires don’t disagree with That is a fact A fact is This money switched hands it went from Our pocket to their pocket and that is a Fact now What happened was There was less money That the everyday person had to spend Okay less money so the average person Had less money And they were struggling and restaurants Got shut down as long as you weren’t Owned by a gigantic corporation Then you know you were you were in deep Trouble and so what the fed did is the Fed said well you know instead of Actually making things Fair and you know making anti-trust laws And dealing with um corporations that Are way too big Dealing with people that have way too Much money personally i don’t think we Need people with 200 billion dollars if We can’t solve hunger Issues That’s a fact i mean that that’s my Opinion fact so what the fed did is they Said i don’t care who you are We are going to take this here money

Printer and we’re going to print money We should probably make it big here Right here we go here’s the fed printing Money Right and they printed money and they’re Like okay we’re gonna print money and Guess what happens Not only does marcus have a giant mess Of fake hundred dollar bills to clean up But also Now people have lots and lots of money To go spend on stuff when they were Cooped up for like months without Anything to do so what’d they do they Went and spent it on stuff and since People weren’t able to work There wasn’t that many cars available There wasn’t that many products Available there was supply chain issues And now Because people want to buy stuff and There’s not that much stuff to buy that They want Inflation goes through the roof and what Does inflation do well guess what my Friends it does absolutely nothing For The billionaire class there’s my pen it Does nothing for the billionaire these People don’t care they’re like i got 200 Billion dollars if tomorrow it’s worth 175 They ain’t losing any sleep unless They’re completely neurotic which you

Know that could be the case Now me and you we go and we’re like oh Man you know i got to pay 500 a month For gas last month it was 150. that’s a Game changer for a lot of people or hey This is what’s going on now we need to Understand this because there is a very Very Important thing to look at Okay again the only thing we have to Fear is fear itself because you can Make it for yourself if you make it work Now what really causes inflation and a Recession now we need to look at this Because during the recession And during all the stuff that went on All right the richest 10 percent of the World Now owns 76 Of all wealth now the republicans And some democrats not that i’m on Either side i don’t think anyone have Has answers that i like since like the 1930s but we got to look at this and say Okay Most of the people in politics today are Saying well you know You got your people that own restaurant No no that’s not what we’re talking About here What we’re talking about is people with A net worth In a huge bracket that’s why in my Opinion the tax system is ludicrous

Like why does it stop at 500 grand Right like that’s the biggest tax Bracket like 500 grand is nothing in Today’s money you go live in california It’s like you know you’re basically uh Struggling so we got to look at this so We got to understand this and here we go Billionaire wealth up A combined 5 trillion dollars Went to the richest class Gee wait a minute marcus what did the Fed inject into the comet Was it Wait are you telling me That it was almost exactly the amount That the billionaires gained Hmm Interesting interesting now We also have people talking about Minimum wage all right a lot of people They get jobs and they’re like hey i’m Getting 15 bucks an hour now that’s Pretty cool All right But the problem is the salary increase Is not equal to inflation so you might Say well yeah i got an extra thousand Dollars a year but things cost two Thousand dollars more So there’s a struggle here and we need To understand exactly what’s going on Salaries do not keep pace with inflation Jp morgan tells managers to send up to Half to work from home

Now they’re going back to work a lot of People are talking about that get ready Now we also see income and poverty in The united states now while we have These billionaires getting trillions of Dollars All right and then they’re protected Like if a billionaire loses his 200 Billion You know they’re like like congress’s Pen can’t write fast enough for the Wealthy it doesn’t it’s like automatic It just comes on like a harry potter and It’s like here you go sir here’s your Money Right remember those like space Expeditions that’s partially taxpayer Funded For a guy with 200 billion i don’t get To go to space not that i’d want to i’m Scared enough going on a roller coaster I don’t know if i’d want to go to space But this is what we look at now let’s Talk about the real problem if you guys Dig this video give me a thumbs up i Know this is a different one than my Normal videos so let me know if you like This by smashing the like button so here Is a little formula that we need to look At because right now you might be you Might own your house and you say hey you Know what My house is worth 500 grand and it used To be worth 300. okay okay let’s look at

That Let’s look at that because there’s Another Cog in the machine Of this inflation recession risk and the Cog in the machine is this formula here This formula here what the formula is A y i average yearly income Times 28 All right so Let’s say You’re out there And you’re like marcus i’m doing all Right You know and and According to the fed you’re rich if You’re making a hundred grand according To natural actual logic You’re pretty much broke if you’re Making a hundred grand but hey you know There’s what you look at times 28 percent Equals 28 000 All right so what does this mean we got To take a look at this and we got to Understand what’s going on okay What happens here Is You have your average yearly household Income Times 28 percent And that is how much house you can

Afford so this guy here Can afford A 20 is it 2200 22 times 12 Somewhere around that right so 22 to 2500 Per month okay so this is what we’re Looking at 22 to 2 500 a month that’s What that guy can afford all right now Some people get like interest only loans And everything because we never learned Our lesson from 2008 But we look at this and that’s what they Can afford so what’s going on here Here’s what’s happening all right Billionaires they’re fine they got their Trillions of dollars average americans They feel fine because they got some of The money injected like people in my Family i’m like why did you get it You’ve been retired for 10 years You weren’t affected by this stuff why Did you get a check It was weird right they didn’t they just Didn’t hear you it was like an oprah Show it was like you get a money you get A money we’re the fed we just got money Everywhere there we go right And so we got to look at it we got money Everywhere but as long as it doesn’t Come out of the Point zero one percent pocket so we look At this and we’re like okay now people Got lots of money And they’re looking at this and they’re

Like okay What can i afford well the average Person in america the average family Household is making about 70 000 a year Okay Now if you take that you times it by 12 And you do this little arithmetic here You get 15.75 so here’s what happens Here’s what happens okay Fifteen hundred bucks Now We’ll get you a house that’s two hundred And forty thousand dollars Last year or even in the beginning of This year It would have gotten you a house that’s 3.25 Or A year before that it would have got you A house that’s 360. That is why The prices went up because people could Afford more houses this was completely Controlled by the fed controlling Interest rates okay nothing wrong with It they’ve been doing it for years it Works But For the average person we need to Understand what’s going on because Here’s the deal What happens here’s a guy in 2020 he’s Like dude i can afford a 360 house Let’s go get it everyone buys 360 houses

And the price goes through the roof Because people are buying them Then the next year he’s like oh man Now i can only afford 325. that kind of Sucks what happens Houses stagnate less people start buying Them and then the next year oh wait wait A minute now I mean i make the same amount of money Now i can only afford a 240 000 house so You’re telling me it dropped that much Exactly and that’s what we got to Understand because wages control Everything that the common normal people You and me Deal with Right that’s what people deal with this Is wages affect your house prices wages Affect all this stuff and if it’s if the Wages Are stuck or worse going down Or people are losing jobs Then your house price is going to drop Less people are going to invest And so we got to understand what’s going On so what we’ve been doing is we’ve Been living on a little bit of funny Money Right it’s like okay we need to do Something and God forbid we take it from uh you know People who have enough to buy like Islands and and rocket ships god forbid No no sir don’t touch that not that you

Should just take it but we need to Understand The problem was created By our system Right you would not have people with a Hundred billion dollars if our system Wasn’t messed up It would not exist right you look at it And it’s i remember a couple years ago Amazon wanted to move their factory to Florida or something like that and the Government was like here’s a bunch of Money and so we’re throwing money at a Guy who has more money that it probably Would he’d probably lose money if he had To go pick it up and be like hey i gotta Fly down and pick up money i mean that’s That’s that’s a waste of my time i mean That make a billion dollars a second or Whatever it is so we need to understand That these are the problems that the System Created all right everyone with me smash That like button if you’re with me so This is what we have Okay and this is one of the quotes from The things that i looked at he said are We entering a new age where serious Downturns caused by genuine economic Hardships can be avoided With piles of cash this is the question That the fed has With their money printer and they’re Like okay we got our money printer we

Could print money whenever we want now a Lot of people think that printing money Equals Rampant inflation Yes and no you have to print a lot of Money To have inflation a lot of people Do not understand how the national debt Works they’re like hey we need to pay The national debt guess what if you paid The national debt there would be no Money in our society debt is money That’s how it works they print money you Get money it goes on a negative balance Sheet as debt a lot of people get this Wrong now can the fed come out and print 100 gazillion dollars yeah and then your Dollar will be worth nothing right That’s how it works now um again there’s A balance there but i think we need to Look at this differently and i think That a lot of you guys are here because You want to learn What to do What am i going to do Now that hey i A week ago i thought my house was worth 500 000 and now i’d be lucky to sell it For 4 10. Next year i’d be lucky to sell it for Three right remember what happened in 2008 when people in california i Remember i bought my first house at 24. It shot up to like 800 grand

And then it dropped down to like 300. I was like wait a minute this is Interesting and like masked mage says Absolutely housing isn’t a bubble it’s a Different type of bubble though It’s a very different type of bubble and What we have to look at Is we have to understand Why Why what happened in 2008 the house was More than people could Afford fact so that the Lending companies it was their fault but What happened Nothing They got big checks Right big corporations fail government Bails them out little people fail you’re On your own and what we’re talking about Today is you know that’s the fact of our Economy i think it sucks But i’m gonna teach you how to be on Your own because that’s what i’ve always Done i’ve always gone out there and said Hey you know what i ain’t getting any Handouts so i better hand myself Something in the form of doing what i Need to do and so what i did is i i Learned right a lot of people don’t know This about me i never went to college Not that college is bad i i’m glad my Doctor went to college because you know I don’t want some guy who’s like hey i’m

A self-taught surgeon just come on over Here man bring you know it’d be a little Weird Right so we got to understand this um But i i learned this stuff because i had To I was like how am i going to feed my Family if i don’t have a job and i don’t Have any credentials or anything and i Had to learn this And so what i did is i focused now i Want to read some things that i found About inflation because i think this is This is interesting um This one says we are currently living Through one of the most trying times in Our global economy unemployment is below Four percent which a lot of people think Is good but it might not always be that Good we got to understand that um and he Says hey are we just kicking the can Down the road are we are we kicking the Can down the road is the fed just like Propping things up on stilts Are you like that guy in the basement Using bubble gum To block all the leaks and eventually You know the lake’s going to crash in Your house is going to fall down is that What’s going on here We need to understand this and a lot of People they turn to people like elon Musk and Bezos and stuff like that for economic

Advice and i think that’s that’s kind of Flawed Right do they have some things to say of Course they do But are they economists no like if i Want to learn how to start a company Like paypal hell yeah i’m going to Listen to elon musk if i want to do uh Something like amazon yeah i’m going to Listen to them but as far as economic Policy You know maybe not maybe i’m going to Listen to some different people and we Need to stop just looking at every Celebrity for the answers Because they don’t have the answers All right we got to look at this as a Whole and we got to look at this in a Real world way because pharma too many People are watching the news looking at Talking points but the talking points Are protecting Certain interests And the certain interests are The money interest The business interest It’s very very rarely Your interest And so what we’ve got to do is we’ve got To look at that here’s another one that Says inflation is the obvious problem at The moment yeah it is an obvious problem But what are we gonna do about it we saw A lot of people with crypto and and and

One of those nft monkeys Spending so much money on all this stuff And we got to look at this and say why Now i did i never touched it i was like Okay i don’t i don’t understand Why buying some stupid drawn monkey i Mean let’s face it It’s pretty stupid looking like okay Here’s a monkey drooling on himself and It’s worth 600 grand Like i don’t know i think maybe i’ll go Buy a picasso Like like a guy who actually does art Well you know marcus you don’t Understand one day when uh mark Zuckerberg plugs us all into batteries And uh That monkey’s gonna be really Really okay maybe maybe not but last i Checked people lost their butts Investing in stupid crap now some people Made a lot of money But You know you gotta look at it i like to Be Smart and i like to be long-term And i’d rather take a long-term smart Approach than going out there trying to Get rich on the next thing because That’s a very quick way to go out of Money for everyone you see that made Millions with nfts there’s hordes of People

That lost tons of money And they don’t talk about those people Because that’s not fun So what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to Talk about this now this one says if Investors start to think that growth can Continue forever they will throw money At any business they can find Same thing happens with houses if house Buyers Think That houses are going to go up forever This is what happened in 2008 oh now It’s never going to happen marcus you’re Full of it you don’t understand It’s a buyer’s market to sellers mark You don’t understand and the realtors Come parading around and telling me what To do and i’m like there’s a bubble There’s a bubble there like there’s no Bubble There was a bubble So we got to understand this because Investors will go nuts If something looks like it’s going to Last forever nfts crypto whatever it is The more the more people that are Employed the higher inflation Will rise Interesting people say oh well isn’t Aren’t jobs the greatest thing i mean The 2008 election was all about jobs Everyone’s got to have a job everyone Needs to my dog needs a job my dog she

Really does need a job laziest dog i’ve Ever had but at any rate um You know a lot of people think this is Good but sometimes it’s not and a lot of Times we look at this and we say well You know you don’t understand marcus Elon musk and jeff bezos and all these People they provide employment yes they Do But they also made the industry so Efficient that they put a lot of people Out of work and guess what the Population’s still growing We got problems here but we got to Understand this so what is it that we Are going to do if you’re sitting there And you’re like you know congress is Arguing about everything this guy’s Arguing about that the fed prints a Bunch of money which makes money worth Less and i only got 1500 bucks or Whatever you got And what am i gonna do What is a real world person Like you and me Going to do If tomorrow are dollars worth 70 cents Or tomorrow your house that you’re Banking on for retirement Is worth 220 Instead of 500. What are you gonna do Well what you’re gonna do and what i’m Gonna do and this is not financial

Advice i mean i’m telling you what i Would do i’m not telling you what you Should do you got to decide that on your Own that’s that’s the nature of this so Again remember this is what i’m doing And this is what i’ve always done and This is what has sustained me Remember i started before the dot-com Crash I was still in business after it I was in business in 2007 2006 the crash Happened still in business Actually thrived so we got to understand Exactly what’s going on and we got to Play the game Smart Right we got to play The game Smart so we’re going to look at this and We’re going to say what are we going to Do well what i’m going to do is i’m Going to look at smart assets What is a smart asset a lot of people Think their house is an asset well if You’re paying a mortgage it’s not an Asset that’s a liability that might be Growing in value that’s good that’s Smart you need a place to live anyway so Obviously that’s smart but a smart asset I’m talking about Is something that’s going to pay you Over and over what if today You woke up and you’re like hey i made a Blog last year

And now it makes me 2 000 a month how Many of you guys you’d be like oh my god That’s a game changer are you kidding me Like if i got an extra two grand a month Again in the grand scheme of things two Grand is not that much But if someone said you are now gonna Get two thousand dollars a month from a Blog you created and it’s gonna happen Every month How many of you guys would be like wait A minute That’d be pretty cool Like now I i don’t have to worry as much I don’t have to struggle as much another Thing we’re going to look at in addition To smart assets which could be like a Youtube channel a blog Advertising a little business you set up Is Skills if you learn a skill That is recession proof which we’re Going to talk about some of them in a Minute if you learn a skill that is Recession proof Then you can pretty much make it through Anything knock on wood within reason Like you know if everything hits the fan Then you know the only thing you’re Going to make money with is how to clean Up after the fan so we got to look at That but skills Can really work for you if you do it in

The right way and then what i also like Is smart Controllable investments if i invest in An nft i have no control either people Like the dumb looking monkey or they Don’t and guess what Guess what ladies and gentlemen come on Up here let’s get real for a minute no One liked the dumb looking monkey They didn’t no one bought it because it Was great art They bought it because they thought There was a way to make money if you put It at an art show they would have Laughed you out of the art show It’s terrible art In my opinion that’s my opinion But we got to look at that next digital Advertising Did you know that digital advertising Actually grows During times like this did you know that Right now the company tick tock which is Literally a bunch of people watching Videos that are less than a minute long Is valued at like 400 Billion dollars And they’re raking in billions of Dollars worth of advertising every Quarter did you know that google is Making like 200 billion dollars a year In advertising or something crazy like That did you know that amazon is making Billions of dollars and

What a lot of people don’t understand Tick tock’s a huge advertiser Um Facebook’s a huge advertiser Amazon’s a huge advertiser And if we understand Hey wait a minute Recession no recession what do we know What did marcus say in the beginning of This training This stuff don’t affect the billionaires This stuff don’t affect the huge Corporations amazon they’re gonna get Rich during times like this we saw it Happen All right that’s not a stock speculation I don’t know anything about the stock Market except a little bit but when we Understand Wait a minute so this company thrives Makes billions of dollars throws money At advertising like it’s going out of Style Literally pays people to make videos on Their platform for products they sell And get a commission Wait a minute wait so the gap The gap Is the corporations are paying the money I want some of that I want some of that So how am i going to get it well Tick-tock worth billions tick tock in 2022 is likely to triple

Ad revenue okay this isn’t Valuations Like in our world we have valuation oh That company’s worth 10 gazillion Dollars apple is worth all the apples in The universe or whatever All right no no no that’s how much money They took in 11 Billion Dollars and what did they take it in for They took it in For advertising So if you know how to do stuff that Advertisers are willing to pay for You’re going to be able to get your own Little money gun here And instead of loading it with these Fake dollar bills you could put some Real ones in there i don’t know why You’d want to do that but you know Apparently people like to throw stacks In the club And then i never i never got that i mean If i was at the club i want to go Dancing i don’t want to throw stacks At the club but at any rate You could laugh at yourself too at any Rate here’s the deal here’s what i do Number one A lot of people You’re gonna see here Turn to the internet look at this State of the economy

People are searching like crazy What does that mean that means that if You had a blog If you had a youtube channel If you had a twitter or a platform that Was talking about economic issues You’d be getting that traffic And guess what ladies and gentlemen If you get that traffic Advertisers Pay Big Money Big money If you know how to do it Look at this Recession traffic okay here we are last Year nobody looked up recession Here we are this year Damn near everyone’s looking up Recession which is why we got a lot of People looking at this video which is Why you need to smash a like button so That we get more people to look at the Video and actually you know what i’ll do I’ll actually even show you the Screenshots there there i was just Showing my face which i don’t think you Guys want to look at that i’m not that Party but we can see here People are searching for this stuff Look at that Personal finances mortgage forbearance Look at that mortgage forbearance went

Nuts if you had a site about mortgage Forbearance you would have made a Fortune We got this here people looking up Recession 2021 nobody 22 everybody How to prepare for a recession look at These trends Look at this Based on what people are searching for On google a recession is nowhere near Well that was 2019 so i think it’s Changed a little bit now Here we have us recession saw more Google stress Searches People are searching they want answers U.s recession indicator google trends Google search trends as recession Forecasting tool All right smash the like button there You go and subscribe if you dig this Stuff so what we could do is we could Blog about topics we can reach out and Help people right a lot of people you Could go out there you could set up a Site you could have live chat and you Could say hey if you’re struggling talk To me i’ll try to help you i’m not some Genius but you know i got some Information i study this all day you can Reach out and help people You can break a blog or website or

Whatever it is about credit Credit is always huge loans are always Huge in recession refinance always huge House prices right now you go to the old Google trends you look up house prices Let’s do google Trends All right and you look up house prices And you’re gonna see house prices are Are trending right now let’s there we go House prices look at that boom upward Trend Huge right now it is i can’t even go any Higher it’s a plateau And we can even see what states they’re Looking it up and we start to understand That wait a minute People are looking this stuff up look at This senior citizens guess house prices Um Madden 20 why don’t they Have to do it But we’re looking at this and we’re like Wait a minute so people are searching For this i can make this stuff and make Money and guess what you can even do a Youtube channel whether you want to be On face or on camera like me or whether You want to be behind the scenes and Just read stuff right look at this you Got meet kevin you got graham steven Both of them got highly popular Like one of them i think is making like 12 million dollars a year

And what’s he do he’s got a youtube Channel about Economic topics and guess how he gets Paid wait a minute marcus how does he Make all them 12 million a year or Whatever it is Advertisers Yes ladies and gentlemen big companies Like zillow and refinance companies and Loan companies and credit companies and Real estate companies pay fortunes You can also create press releases about Hot topics that are going out there You can also do video commentary make Little videos hey today here’s what Happened today in the fed because i Don’t want to sit and watch the fed guys Argue i think that’s boring more boring Than watching a pile of rocks try to Crawl across my lawn That’s really boring But I’d like a recap And that would work Social media updates you can make a Twitter and be like hey i’m the twitter Guy that’s going to show you what the Fed’s doing I’m the the youtube guy that’s going to Show you what’s going on and be real About it show people real world stuff That’s really going to help them What if you went in what if you said hey I like this stuff like for me i love

This stuff i love learning about what Happened back in the 30s what happened In 2008 because i think it’s fascinating What happened in the 80s and 70s with Inflation i think it’s fascinating i Think it’s important to look at creative Things because we can be creative We can learn how to do stuff but Unfortunately we live in an economy Where it favors people with hundreds of Billions of dollars so we got to find a Way to do our own thing And luckily your old buddy marcus here Shows you how to do that on this channel Smash the like button subscribe and Check this stuff right and we start to Understand exactly what’s going on we Can show people how to save money hey Here’s my blog about how to save money And guess what ladies and gentlemen If you’re doing a news topic site Website Or blog Or channel This stuff’s not competitive because Nobody knows about it yet nobody knows What the fed’s going to do in 2023 And if i can if i can tackle this stuff I can go out there and make this work In a real world way we could show people How to do frugal living How to cut energy cost how to save on Grocery costs a lot of people don’t know

But one of the biggest grocery stores Started during the great depression Because they went and said here is how To save money on groceries Right like right now we go out there you Go to the grocery store i remember i Moved to florida and i was like yay Cheap grocery prices and now it’s like Hey wait a minute i feel like i’m in California again You know it seems like everything’s Expensive Luckily i make a good living but hey Nobody wants to pay twenty dollars for a Pound of filet mignon which by the way If you know how to cook right I could show you how to make A sirloin And you would swear it was a filet Mignon you just have to know how to cook Right so pretty cool stuff but at any Rate we gotta look at this and say hey There’s a lot of stuff we can do there’s A lot of things we can do To make money on our own and it’s not That difficult all right the results are Not typical implied or guaranteed the Average person makes nothing that’s Because the average person expects to Get rich overnight i don’t i say what if I could do something today that’ll make Me ten dollars a day every day What if i could do something tomorrow That’ll make me another ten dollars a

Day every day what if i could do Something that can make me money when I’m not working what if i could build And grow on something that’s going to Build and grow Like the reason jeff bezos is so rich is Because he sacrificed early profits and He said this is what i’m going to do i’m Going to build a company that sells Pretty much everything that you can’t Avoid and now you can’t avoid it like i Go to the the store and they got nothing On the shelf i say hey i want that Computer they say well we don’t have the Computer so why is it sitting there why Would you have the computer on the shelf If you don’t have it in the back why Would you have the couch on the floor if You don’t have the couch that i could Take home with me i came here to buy Stuff and unfortunately i go home and I’m like okay i guess i’ll order on Amazon because i have to because the Store doesn’t have any damn stuff in the Store So there you go but we have to look at This and we have to understand exactly What’s going on Because what’s going on is you could Bridge the gap here’s the gap Amazon Has No Salesman

Walmart has no sales you go to walmart And you’re like hey do you know about This computer he’s like i don’t know I don’t know i was hired yesterday and What’s a computer You know not all of them but some of Them you go to the staples and they Don’t have the computer and they don’t Know about the computer you go to amazon You got to do your own research But what if Come on come on up here What if You Could be amazon’s Salesman What if you could bridge the gap and Help people make wise decisions about What they’re going to buy And how to save money On what they’re going to buy Wait a minute marcus are you yes These companies are paying right now You go on amazon and you look at a Sponsored video or a little video about The product and it says this guy’s Making money He didn’t even need his own website he Went on amazon upload a video where he’s Like hey here’s how this this battery Works here’s how the battery works oh Look it’s a good battery it’s nice and Light and it goes in the camera That’s what he does and you buy it and

He gets paid And people don’t understand That in the new economy You can make your own way And you can make your own way That makes a fortune A fortune Result’s not typical implied or Guaranteed but if you say hey wait a Minute That battery video makes me 67 a month oh hey i got this other video That makes me 1400 a month that one did really good Hey this one does this hey this is this And what’s going to happen is you’re Going to build those mini assets another Thing you can do During a recession or an economic Downturn is smash a like button If you like this video but you can also Teach people about hustles and sight Jobs something i do all the time a lot Of people watching my videos they love The videos where i talk about domains Just this morning i got an offer or Actually it was yesterday while i was Making my domain hustle video i got an Offer on a domain i bought for 200 bucks And i think i’m gonna get three grand For it they’re already up to 800 bucks i Know i can get three grand for it But it’ll be somewhere between 800 and Three grand and probably closer to three

Because that’s what i’m going to take i Bought the thing for 200 bucks last Month sold it now for three grand so you Could teach people hustles and sight Jobs and guess what these companies pay Through the nose you can do pet care pet Care is always big during a recession Health care is always being house repair Appliance freelance Help people through the changes and Remember That advertise Advertising always hold strong You think advertisers stop advertising No Here’s an old Saying in business When business is bad Or when business is good you ought to Advertise When it’s bad You’ve got to advertise And companies like at t T-mobile actually t-mobile t-mobile has A fantastic ad Right now and it’s an ad about Other companies charging more money for Recession it’s a fantastic ad and They’re like hey we’re going to save you Money and we’re going to give you a Thousand bucks i’m like damn Whoever came up with that ad concept Needs to get a raise Because they get it

And guess what ladies and gentlemen if You get it You can make money and if you want to Get it smash the like button subscribe Watch my videos i tell you like it is There’s information that you can use That will teach you how to start a Business run a business For free It’s all free just like today’s videos Free all you gotta do is smash the like Button subscribe if you want me to be Your mentor go to blog profitnetwork.com Come hang out with me every tuesday on a Live zoom meeting they’re virtual But we have a live zoom meeting where You can ask anything you want about Buying domains building websites be an Affiliate marketer influencing and how To make money in this economy And if you like that stuff check out Blogprofitnetwork.com it’s literally Like A dollar ten a day or something if you Do the math right it’s 127 bucks and Then 37 bucks a month and you can stay There as long as you want you can learn All kinds of stuff you can show up every Tuesday and get the help you need and There’s all kinds of good stuff for you But guys Remember You gotta learn to look out for yourself You gotta learn to educate yourself you

Gotta learn to understand and get Information that you need that’s going To help you through tough times if there Are tough times stop listening to what Everyone else is listening to Because that’s what they’re getting Right you can read the little headlines You can dabble in that stuff But if you start to understand this Stuff in a real World Way Then You can make a difference and you could Do what you love doing Say hey i’m going to teach you the truth About the housing market not as a Realtor not as someone who’s hacking Mortgages and and doing cheap stuff Because i don’t have to That’s the beauty i don’t have to be Shystery i don’t have to Sell things till i’m blue in the face I provide the information you either Like it or you don’t smash your like Button if you like it check out Blogprofitnetwork.com thanks for Watching

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