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$174 Per Day Finding Websites On Google? – Easy Side Hustle Job

this method is crazy simple and anyone can do this… you can simply find websites similar to other websites and make little lists and get paid 🙂 this also works with youtube automation however i would do my own videos and make good blog posts and run ads.

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remember: making money online is a business… its not a guarantee… in fact most people trying to earn money online make nothing. make sure you follow all legal requrements and disclosure requirements.

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All right let’s see here Websites like Zillow zillow realtor trulia foreclosure Home finder redfinhomes.com [Music] Today i’m going to show you the easiest Side hustle job ever that’s right i’m Going to show you how to get paid to Find websites quite literally you’re Just going to come over here to google Right like this and you’re gonna search For different websites and the more you Find the more money you’re gonna make in Fact sometimes you can get paid as much As eleven hundred and four dollars per Website Yeah and i know it sounds a little Unbelievable but what we’re gonna do is Rely on a very simple formula s w plus H T M plus E C m Equals Money for you Now the cool thing about this method is It can be done without any money we’re Going to show you methods where you can Do this for free without even having Your own website or anything like that Now if you want to make big bucks i Highly recommend you get your own Website which i’ll talk to you about in

Just a minute but first i want to show You some of the competitors in this Market that are making tons of money Starting with this guy right here who’s Averaging 400 000 a month in free Traffic here’s another one with 38 000 a Month 497 000 a month 140 grand a month and Last but not least 1.9 million dollars a Month and yeah we’ve talked about some Big numbers and if you’re thinking well I’m just going to find websites and make 1.9 million dollars a month think again Because the results are not typical Implied or guaranteed what i’m about to Show you will blow your mind it is a Business so you got to remember that the Average person trying to make money Online makes nothing but i think if you Follow these strategies you should be Able to get some results and as we can See here some of these guys are raking It in big time and in order to make this Work we need to dive into the formula First off sw stands for similar websites What we’re going to do is use a keyword Tool like ahrefs or if you don’t have Money to buy a keyword tool you can use Spyfu free version you can use the tool Over at the hoth there’s lots of free Tools out there for you but we’re going To use these tools and we’re going to Type something in like websites like That’s going to show us all the

Different websites people want to find That are like Other websites very important so here we Have almost 3 000 people a month looking For websites like airbnb and we could See that the competition is like medium Which isn’t going to matter because the Strategy we’re going to use is going to Surpass the other competition we can Also search for something like Alternatives using this keyword i found People were looking for paypal Alternatives i also found people looking For stripe alternatives which that one Actually has a really easy competition Score and we could see the traffic Potential of almost 1500 people per Month i can also isolate them by going For the keyword like paypal which has About 1600 searches a month and the Competition on some of these is not too Bad you can also take a look at Different directories of websites that Are the most popular and you can put These into your keyword tool and find Out exactly what’s going on so if i see Here blogger.com I could do like blogger And see all kinds of people searching For like blogger Or Blogger alternative or i could use Something like blogger alternative or Whatever it is we can even see wordpress

Alternative with 1400 searches a month And again some of these are not that Competitive the key to remember here is There’s lots of keywords with search Traffic of people looking for similar Type things and if you’re smart enough To find some wordpress alternatives by Going to google and typing wordpress Alternatives do the research and compile A master list then boom you can make Money keep watching this is about to get Really good so here we have the similar Websites what we’re going to do is we’re Going to look at our keyword tools and Find people looking for websites that Are like other websites then we are Going to link them with a high ticket Market this is super important if i go Over here to the google adwords keyword Planner which shows me on average how Much people pay for traffic for a Certain keyword i can see that keywords Related to wordpress alternative have Low competition and don’t even register As far as showing how much they’re Paying per click however when i think About wordpress i think about people who Want websites and blogs who need web Hosting enter the high ticket market When we put something here like web Hosting Wait a minute what some of these Advertisers are paying as much as 507 Dollars a click i told you it’s about to

Get really good and the way i’m going to Make money with this is adsense and Content ads affiliate ads and other Products and services that are related To the websites these people are looking For for example when i look at something Like stripe alternatives i can see right Here that some of this stuff already is Paying a lot of money for that keyword With low competition and since i know That stripe is essentially a merchant Account i could type in Merchant Account wait a minute a thousand dollars A click Yeah but remember that’s not the number You’re gonna get we actually don’t know The number you’re gonna get because your Traffic is not gonna be that exact Keyword but what that does tell us is There’s money in them dar hills and if i Can average a dollar or two per click Finding websites for this keyword alone Could be worth three thousand dollars a Month and that’s just on one keyword With one simple website imagine what Would happen if you started doing this For all the different websites people Are looking for similar websites about This is going to start to get ridiculous And that brings us to the next part of Our equation which is the ecm or easy Content method since these are pretty Much self-explanatory and all you’re

Going to be doing is compiling a list of Different websites and explaining what They do This is actually pretty simple we could Make blog posts you can make articles You can do whatever you want and what we Want to do is focus on where to post our Content this is important because it’s Going to open up the doors the Floodgates if you will to tons and tons Of traffic so we can see here that we Could post our content on medium if i Don’t want to start a website i can go To medium i can post some content i can Link to things that make me money or Just make money with their monetization I can put up a youtube video i can make A website or a blog i can post these Lists on forums social media facebook Groups paid ads and more and what we’re Going to do is we’re going to link them Back to our content whether it’s on our Blog or youtube or whatever it is and We’re going to get paid for the traffic Let me show you how this works if we Were to post on youtube for something Like websites like stripe we could see Here almost 8 000 views 16 000 23 A hundred and one thousand and these Views make money in fact here’s a Screenshot from some of my analytics of My videos so for those of you who think That i make most of my money posting

Videos i’ve actually only made about a Hundred and three thousand dollars this Year posting videos with monetization so Actually that’s only about ten percent Of my income that’s not why i wanna show You this actually i want to break these Results down and show you some of the Videos that are making the most money And we’re going to do that by looking at Column g which is the playback estimated Cpm or earnings per thousand views we Could see that most of them hover Between 45 and 128 dollars but sometimes You’re gonna get some that stand out Like this one where it’s 160 or this one That’s 289.171 173 wait a minute A thousand dollars but marcus Didn’t you tell us earlier in the video That web hosting pays a lot and isn’t That video about web hosting Yeah i think you’re starting to get the Picture here here’s one that got four Hundred dollars that one’s also about Web hosting and remember these results Are not typical implied or guaranteed But i can tell you that web hosting Credit cards merchant accounts mortgages These things pay like crazy and if You’re going out there and making Content about these topics it’s going to Show higher paying ads and you’re going To make more money and you can simply go To youtube here and you can even do

Websites like and find out all the Different videos that are taken off About different websites websites like Youtube websites like Whatever that is Amazing websites websites like canva Clothing apps Netflix websites Tick tock websites internet’s weirdest Websites and all you have to do is find Out websites that people are looking for Alternatives or similar websites to make Some simple content that practically Writes itself or if you hate writing you Can even outsource it on sites like Iwriter or hire writers put some paid Ads or affiliate offers on the page site Or video and boom you can make money by The way if you want to learn more about This strategy check out the video in the Description it’s going to go into this In detail on how i’ve been doing this For many years to make lots of money Online and just to show you that i Actually practice what i preach here’s a Result in google showing seven link tree Alternatives for the linktree platform Where i show some alternative websites And point to my product as the solution So if you want to make money finding Websites on google check out that video In the description smash a like button Subscribe and let’s do it

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