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Learn more about increasing longevity by increasing VO2 max.


0:00 Introduction: Longevity
0:10 The best test for longevity
0:20 What is VO2 max?
3:32 How to increase longevity by increasing your VO2 max
10:35 Learn more about HIIT!

Today we’re going to talk about one of the best tests for longevity—the VO2 max test.

VO2 max is the volume of oxygen your body can consume over a certain amount of time. You can get this test from doctors who specialize in sports medicine.

To increase your VO2 max, you need to consider two things:
1. CO2 – CO2 allows oxygen to go deep into the tissues.

2. Lactic acid – Built-up lactic acid affects your pH and muscles, making breathing and exercising more difficult.

Top athletes with efficient mitochondria, who have increased their capacity to absorb oxygen and get rid of lactic acid, have bulletproofed themselves against disease. They also have high VO2 max scores. This makes the VO2 max test a good measurement to help evaluate your overall health.

The best ways to increase VO2 max, and therefore, longevity:
1. Exercise
• Do HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

2. Increase CO2 tolerance
• Practice nasal breathing
• Practice holding your breath

3. Increase your lactic acid tolerance
• Get plenty of thiamine (vitamin B1)
• Avoid sugar

4. Hypoxic training
• Restrict air while exercising or exercise at high altitudes

5. Respiratory muscle training
• Try inspiratory muscle training and expiratory muscle training

6. Plyometric training
• Try explosive short bursts of exercise

7. Fartlek training
• Try speeding up and slowing down your pace sporadically while running

8. Cross-training
• Combine different exercises in one workout

9. Sleep
• Sleep eight or nine hours a night

10. Don’t overtrain
• Get plenty of recovery between workouts

11. A healthy diet
• Get on the Healthy Keto® diet
• Do intermittent fasting

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand how to increase longevity by increasing VO2 max. I’ll see you in the next video.

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