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$10K A Month Niches 2022 – Make Money Online!

in this training we will show you niches that can be used for youtube, blogging, dropshipping, and more… you will get to see the niches, the proof, and everything…

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remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

Every day indiana marcus is on the Search for hot new profitable niches And today he’ll be revealing 19 niches That are estimated to make over a Hundred thousand dollars a year Ah You have chosen Wisely smash that like button we’re Starting right now All right all right welcome to the show Today we are going to show you 19 killer Niches that are making money right now These are niches that you probably Haven’t even thought about before and We’re gonna go through each and every One right here right now so you can see Exactly how this business works this is Stuff you’re going to want to pay close Attention to because we’re going to go Through and talk about the nitty gritty These aren’t the niches that everyone Else is talking about like hey guys Here’s a you know make money online and Here’s something about dryers and here’s Something about this product no ladies And gentlemen these are niches that you Can use that most people haven’t even Thought of and when it comes to niche Marketing it’s very important That you choose wisely so smash that Like button we are going to dive in we Are going to find The niches And show you how to make money online so

If you’re excited let’s get this show on The road let’s talk about these niches And talk about exactly what it’s going To take for you to get the profit now We’re going to dive into these these are Niches that i actually found through my Research in buying domains yes ladies And gentlemen unlike other gurus i Actually practice what i preach and i’m Out there buying domains each and every Day sometimes to the tune of thousands Of dollars a day why would i do that you Ask well all indiana marcus is going to Show you exactly why we do that and what They’re worth and exactly what the Niches are about how to make money and Everything so Let’s dive in let’s talk about these Niches and let’s get the show On the road well let’s pick the right uh Camera angle we don’t need to be showing The Lambo full of cash you guys have all Seen that before but Let’s dive in and show you how this Whole thing works now the first site the First niche we’re going to look at is From myprofitsite.com Over at myprofitsite.com i have a list Of some of these domains so that you can Go over there and look them up see Exactly what my thinking is see exactly What’s going on now you can learn from It you can get all the information and

Everything like that or if you see a Domain you like you can pick it up we Have them on sale we build them out some Of them i keep some of them i sell so Over at myprofitsite.com you’re gonna See a list of the different domains that We have available a lot of these we will Be going over today as you can see these Domains actually have traffic they Actually have rankings that one up There’s got 1.2 000 rankings there’s another one with a Thousand rankings 346. some of them have Traffic value already so we’re going to Show you how this whole thing works in a Real world way now Let’s take a look here at the first one We’ll dive in at any time you want you Can go to myprofitsite.com And check them out now let’s take a look Here at this first one i found which was A cutting site like like uh craft Cutting vinyl cutting and stuff like That now the site that i bought for this Was called Craftcutguide.com now i like this one Because i was like hey check this out we Could go over here we could look at Craftcutguide.com we could see exactly What’s going on now it’s important that When we look at sites like this We go through and we look at the Competition Because what’s going to happen here is

You’re going to see Hopefully we can switch over here with The hundred thousand dollar niches You’re gonna see some certain things now What you’re gonna see is you’re gonna See first the tip of the iceberg okay The tip of the iceberg is going to show You like oh hey here’s these people They’re making money with these niches And they’re making a little bit of money Okay what i’m going to show you is how To look at the competition and Understand exactly what is going on so That you can find the big money in the Niche because what we’re going to talk About is a hundred thousand dollar Niches all of the markets all of the Niches that i chose on today’s call are All Niches that i believe can make a hundred Thousand dollars a year or more now Again remember the results are not Typical implied or guaranteed watching This training doesn’t guarantee you Money buying websites doesn’t guarantee You money Life is a risk life is a gamble but you Know i’ve been doing this like 22 years I think that i kind of know what i’m Talking about here and i think that if You actually do the stuff you can get Results it’s very important that you do The work now when we take a look at a Niche like this one here

Which is craft cut guide this was all About vinyl cutting machines now to me I’m thinking okay wait a minute this is Pretty cool so we got Vinyl cutting machines okay now now when I think about vinyl cutting machines i Think okay you know you got your little Craft guys and your stuff like that some Etsy people whatever it is But what i think more importantly is That some of these vinyl cutting Machines are super Super expensive all right so i’m like Wait a minute yeah is there is there a Hundred thousand dollars in this niche Yeah i think At least all right so what we’re going To do is we’re going to take a look and See we got like uh some kind of cutter Versus another cutter a laser glowforge Desktop vinyl all different kinds of Things related to these metal cutters This is buyer traffic it’s super easy so We’re going to go through and we’re Going to take a look at the competition What’s out there for something like Craft cut guide now the one that i found Was some cut cut craft site according to Ahrefs they are saying that the traffic Value Of this website is about Five thousand dollars a month so yeah It’s a hundred thousand dollars a year In there many times over right now again

This is the ahrs traffic value we don’t Know what they’re making if they know What they’re doing they’re probably Making more than that right if you were To look up my site you’d be like marcus Doesn’t really make very much but y’all Know your old buddy marcus has a Lamborghini full of cash over there in The corner somewhere there it is a Lamborghini full of cash so you know We’re doing pretty good there all right So we’re going to take a look at this And we’re going to be like okay This is good what what is a competition Now i like to use lots of tools i pay Lots of money for tools a lot of people Don’t like it if you don’t like the fact That i Pay for tools go watch my video on free Keyword tools there’s enough to get by With all right fair enough there you go For me i do this for a living i’m in it To win it i pay for the tools i pay for Ahrefs i pay for semrush i pay for tons Of other tools i’m probably paying like Three thousand dollars a month for the Different tools but again you don’t need To be at that level you could get by With a fifty dollar tool or a free tool Or whatever now the reason i like using These side by side is because Semrush has a very good competitive Analysis like i could scroll down and be Like hey what are the competitors doing

Right and we can see them so if i do i Believe this one is cut cut craft Type that in right cutcutcraft.com And i’m taking a look at this i’m like Okay here’s what we got here let’s look At the Competitors okay this is important uh we Got circuit which is a vinyl cutting we Got vinylcuttingmachines.net Okay that’s pretty cool so i could go Through and take a look at sites like This And say okay this guy is pretty much Reviewing Vinyl cutting machines so let’s go to Overview Take a look at what he’s got okay and This is how we value niches and how we Look at this stuff and how we really Take a look and say well what is this Actually worth to me right what is this Actually worth this guy 17 000 a month is that guaranteed of course Not but it’s giving me an overview of Like wait a minute what i thought in the Beginning which was okay there’s like Four people out there buying vinyl Cutting machines all right again that’s The tip of the iceberg now again a lot Of people aren’t going to know how to Convert this traffic what we need to do Is we need to be Very aggressive With our marketing methods we need to be

Out there and say what am i going to do To be super aggressive with my marketing I don’t want to go out there and mess Around and fool around i want stuff That’s going to put money in my pocket I’m not going to just slap up some Amazon links to these printers no no no I’m going to go out there and make it Work in a very simple way okay and i’m Gonna go out there and i’m gonna find Offers maybe i’ll go on offer vault and Be like hey what do we have for craft Stuff uh who is the affiliate network That’s going to pay me the most For This cutting machine okay very important So we’ll show you that on the screen There right there we go But we can go over to offer vault here And see the different craft offers well We can make this work we could go out There and type in you know vinyl uh Cutter Affiliate program And what we’re going to do is we’re Going to find the most because what’s Going to happen is most people are going To do amazon Okay and they’re going to sell a 1 000 Printer and they’re going to get like 10 Bucks and they’re going to be like Affiliate marketing sucks i only made 10 Bucks all right not not your old buddy Marcus your buddy marcus here goes out

There and finds stuff that works in a Super easy way where we’re gonna make The most money possible i need to Maximize every click that’s very Important so the first niche here again You can go over to myprofitsite.com You can take a look at these niches you Can look at the domains and i mean if You don’t want to buy stuff from me just Go through the domain see why i buy what I buy reverse engineer it now if you’re Out there and you’re like hey wait a Minute i like that craft one you can Actually buy that we’ll get you a Website and help you out with it and Everything like that so we’re gonna take A look at these and again These are niches i i need to really Really stress this these are niches That i’m actually in i put my money Where my mouth is i bought the domain Name i’m ready to go There we go so We got to look at this and we got to Understand it In a real world way The second niche we’re going to look at Here Is a really good one This one actually has a lot of traffic a Lot of traffic a lot of money now this One here actually relates to The lawnmower niche now not just any Lawnmower but it’s the ride on

Mowers or the Rom For short there we go we got acronyms Here so you know that this is the real Deal all right so we got rom which is Right on mowers which are expensive These are expensive units uh you guys Saw my little tractor thingy in the Beginning of the old indiana jones car And uh those those are not cheap all Right now the cool thing about these is A lot of them are imported which means That the people selling them have a big Profit margin now amazon they’re not Going to share a lot of that margin with You okay i will use amazon because hey One click order i am going to make some Money there and using amazon gets me Traffic i wouldn’t normally be able to Get like a lot of people don’t Understand they say oh marcus you know Amazon doesn’t pay well that’s not why We use amazon We use amazon Because What happens is Amazon will have A thousand different write-on mowers Okay now if i didn’t have amazon i Wouldn’t be able to really review these And use them but because i have amazon i Can review them and i could get traffic From all 1000 of these to my ride on Mower site which all traffic is good

Traffic in my opinion so what we’re Going to do is we’re going to try to Monetize that now when we take a look at This niche here i want you to take a Look here okay the domain that i bought In this niche this Ladies and gentlemen ladies and Gentlemen come on come on over here this One Was a zinger all right i think i got This one for like 300 bucks something like that okay i buy These at auction all the time i’m doing This stuff i build sites this is what i Do for a living i’ve been doing this for 22 years now the reason i got zaza Gardens is because i’m like okay check This out this niche Is in The Arena of these right on mowers okay Pretty cool now right off the bat the Traffic every month Is valued at 388 so i pay 300 for the Domain If i put some Some junk on the site i should be able To make profit like right away again That’s my thinking but you know i paid For it so either i’m a lunatic who buys Way too many domains or i kind of know What i’m doing And i i kind of like to think the latter I mean you know you be the judge of that

But let’s take a look at this one let’s Take a look if you think this is worth 300 bucks type 300 in the box and say no Brainer because check this out we got a Hundred uh we got what do we do We got a thousand uh keywords related to Small ride on like small Riding lawnmower i’m number four That keyword gets 7 400 searches a month All i got to do is put some content up Talk about these writing mowers We are In The money right that’s all we got to do Is just focus on it it’s not that hard To do now again we’re going to take a Look And we are going to do A Competitive research okay we’re going to Go over here and be like okay well what Other people are out there because what We’re going to do With the competitive research is we’re Going to look at the big picture i’m a Big picture guy people come to me They’re like marcus i want to learn this One little thing on wordpress and i’m Like i don’t i don’t bother myself with Such things Right i don’t care about the seo plug-in Now i care about the keyword i care About the money i care about the traffic And if i nail those things right with

The right domain and the right Everything then we’re going to be off to The races that’s Not even a question so we’re going to Take a look at this and we’re going to Go up a level and see what’s going on we Got um Some other stuff here zaza gardens we Got right on lawnmower reviews.com Freedom lawns okay cool so let’s take a Look at right on Lawnmowerreviews.com Okay we’ll take a look at something like This to get The big picture what we want is we want A broad overview before i get into this Niche of what is here what’s going on How does this work okay and once we Understand how it works Everything starts to change ladies and Gentlemen all you gotta do is paint by Numbers follow the system and make it Work now is it guaranteed are you going To get a website and go out there and Make a million dollars tomorrow of Course not the results are not typical Implied or guaranteed the average person Trying to do this gets nothing but if You focus if i was out there and i said Hey guys open a hamburger restaurant Right over here these people love Hamburgers and they know they never had A place that has hamburgers you open it You win there you go all right they open

One by my house and it doesn’t do good Because there’s 50 million apparently People in my area only want hamburgers And terrible food so i gotta cook myself But you know i’ve gotten pretty good the Other day I gotta tell you i gotta tell you your Old buddy made Some curry crab fried rice and that was Some damn good stuff i’ll tell you what Man that is good Crab curry fried rice but at any rate i Digress let’s get back to the money here Um and we’re gonna take a look at the Overview of this site okay So we’re looking at zaza gardens uh Overview we got this main overview and Now we’re gonna look at This uh other one here which is Ride on lawnmower reviews hopefully It’ll let us copy it here okay and we’re Going to toggle between several Different keyword tools now if you don’t Have keyword tools again Watch my video on free keyword tools if You don’t pay for them okay so we’re Going to take a look here now this one It’s not very good i’m not super Impressed actually my site Is doing better than this one but at any Rate and i just bought mine i haven’t Done anything to it all right but at any Rate we could take a look at their Keywords and we can actually do like

Okay best small writing lawnmower now What i’m going to do is i’m just going To go to google i’m gonna look up the Other sites Okay And we’re gonna try to find i don’t want Spruce he’s on everything i don’t want Forbes he’s on everything the yard and Yard and garden maybe maybe that said so Maybe we’ll set that over On the maybe stack all right we’re going To go through we don’t want any home Depots lon love maybe that could be good Garden beast yeah that’s what i want Right there and what we’re going to do Is we’re going to take a look at these Sites and get an overview of exactly What’s going on okay so we’re gonna look At this here and be like okay overview Okay we’re on the actual page here so We’re gonna go up a level Right over here yonder up a level Boom and we’re gonna see what’s up for Garden beast All right Now we’re talking now we’ve got 60 000 a Month now to give you an idea of this Look down in the bottom here okay right Down here in the bottom Okay watch this Because this guy just started his site Like in 2019 so imagine imagine if you Will Right imagine if you will

You started a site back in 2019 you’re Like i want to make some money online This sounds pretty cool And you’re like okay you’re making a Little bit a little bit a little bit and All of a sudden in 2022 just three short Years later You are now Making ladies and gentlemen Say it with me Like 60 grand a month how many guys Would be like Wait a minute are you kidding me is that What happens Yes That happens more often than you would Imagine is it going to happen to you i Got no idea that’s a lot of work right There that’s a lot of work but I mean most people go to work every day For eight hours drive to work another Two hours and they probably make 60 Grand a year So are you willing to do what it takes All right very very very important And to look at it now jim says it’s Interesting that the last two have Nearly the same dr but vastly different Traffic Volume now the dr and the traffic value And volume are they’re not related Okay what we’re doing here and this is Extremely important What you’re going to notice is that on a

Lot of sites there’s going to be a lot Of waste okay so house plants do i want That Maybe not I might not want that i might just want The the right on mowers okay because What you’re gonna see is that some Certain words are gonna be the big thing It’s the old 80 20 rule of business Okay the 80 20 rule of business says That 20 Of the work you do is going to produce 80 Of the revenue this is a fact It just happens that way right if you Make 100 youtube videos You know 20 of them are going to make Most of the money if you make 100 blog Posts 20 are going to make the most now What i do Is i reverse engineer that because most People are like well that means I better go out there and make a lot of Blog posts Well yes and no yes enough i want to Make the right blog post so i’m going Gonna go out there and i’m gonna be like Hey wait a minute wait a minute let’s Check this out here I want solar string lights because That’s something i can sell I want this i want that i want the ride On mowers and i’m gonna pick each and

Every one that i want because i know the Money’s in it and that’s how you look at These and you’re like okay that guy Might have 927 thousand dollars a month Worth of free traffic Like a million dollars that’s insane Right Is he making a million i don’t know i Don’t know the guy i just found the site But what i can tell you is there is Money in them thar hills There’s a lot of money there if you’re Willing to focus if you’re willing to Look at it because i could start a site About lawns or [Music] Ride on mowers or whatever it is and i Can focus now here’s another one I think lawns is great because um super Expensive and then of course you could Be like hey instead of buying a ride on Lone mar The lawn mower we will be able to talk At some point today uh we could go in And do uh different lawn offers on offer Vault and be like hey maybe i’ll just be Like hey instead of getting a ride on Mower you can get this guy to to to do This stuff for you okay very important We got to look at that and and and and Take a look at exactly what’s going on Okay uh tanya says the site is making 15 000 a month how do you know that

Like where do you get that from if You’re getting eight hundred thousand Visitors a month I probably make it more than fifteen Thousand but if you if you know a better Way like if you know this guy and you’re Like hey uh you know uh that’s what he’s Making then by all means let me know But i think you might have just made That number up i i don’t know you know Here we’re actually using real world Stuff you gotta understand Exactly what is going on okay so while You might think That this is the case right like look at This Okay uh tanya says oh well you know Marcus this number’s made up well let’s Take a look at my number all right i Make usually between 70 and 110 120 000 A month all right let’s see what my site Says Affiliatemarketingdude.com okay so just To show you We look at it we’re like oh wait a Minute let’s look at the overview well You know uh old tonya says that marcus Is he’s not he only makes 500 a month There you go well 500 bucks a month i Spent more than that On my indiana jones gear So get out you take it there but what You have to do again you need to look at This like a business because a lot of

People are going to say well marcus you Know the tools don’t really show you The real stuff Well i will tell you What shows you The real Stuff Okay the real stuff Is This pay close attention The real stuff is The real stuff is What are people paying for the traffic That is in the higher part of your niche The higher part of your niche What are people paying for so if you’re In the mortgage calculator niche you’re Not going to use the word mortgage Calculator because that’s 30 cents a Click no no no i’m gonna use the word Refi we’re gonna take that number we’re Gonna say okay well let’s take our Traffic maybe i’ll get 10 percent To click on some ads Okay take ten percent of traffic look at The money look at that look at the other Affiliate offers and look at the big Picture Of the niche because if you look at the Big picture this is where everything Starts to change Everything starts to change right and we Have to take a look and understand Exactly what’s going on and if you want

To check out sites you could go over to Similarweb.com And take a look at stats over there as Well okay So very very important now let’s take a Look at the next one here very very very Important okay Very important so we’re gonna go through And we’re gonna take a look at number Three All right number three here and tanya Start your own Video teach people the right way if you Think i’m doing it wrong go teach it the Right way make some money it’s pretty Cool next up here we go we got your Guitar academy okay this is a really Good one now this is a domain that i Bought Over here where we’re like okay check This out We got Guitar jam tracks all right guitar jam Tracks was a really good one all right And we’re looking at this we’re like Okay guitar jam tracks again Let’s look at the big picture all right What i’m looking at for the big picture Is What is the traffic like i’m gonna go Out there i’m gonna do guitar Tracks Okay guitar tracks and we’re gonna take A look at this and we’ll be like okay

What are the guitar tracks okay All right we got guitar backing tracks Backing tracks for guitar so we got Quite a bit we got 7 000 Search potential Just on guitar tracks okay There’s a lot of other stuff that we can Look at as well so we’re like okay check This out we go for guitar tracks and we Look at our site so we’re going to go Over and take a look at Guitar Guitarjamtrax.com we’re going to type This in here like this Okay and we’re going to take a look at Exactly what’s going on All right so we got organic keywords 103. this is what i’m looking at now What i’m looking at here Again Big picture Big picture what’s going on what is the Big picture of this niche well the big Picture is These people Switch cameras here these people Want to learn to play the old guitar Okay they want to play the guitar so We’re going to go out there and be like Okay this is a pretty good site we can Go and we can take a look at all the Broad stuff that has to do with This Okay now i’m thinking

I’m thinking okay uh clickbank Guitar offer guitar affiliate offers Guitar tracks offers places where you Can go very very important so i’m like Okay this is pretty cool right we got Guitar jamming tracks now let’s take a Look let’s do this by volume let’s see Where the big stuff is backing tracks For guitar 2000 good okay so what we’re Gonna do is we’re gonna take a look at Other sites in the niche like this one Here all right 18 000 keywords 12 000 Visitors a month now We’re going to look at this and we’ll be Like okay What exactly is going on here how do we Go up a level let’s say We’re gonna take that into Into The Other market so we’re gonna take that Into learn guitar Okay we’re gonna take that into learn Guitar okay right here and we’re gonna Do learn to play guitar and we got uh Four thousand three thousand two Thousand now this is our bigger market Okay again If you want to get to this yes if you Start with just This site here about jam tracks okay if You start with just this site here Yeah you’re not going to make much You’re like oh hey well you know i got

This traffic that traffic whatever okay We’re not gonna make much at all not a Whole lot of traffic but If We go through and we’re like oh i get it I get it it’s about guitar It’s about that Right Right on lawnmowers that one’s easy it’s About Right on lawn mowers Very very very important now we need to Understand exactly what’s going on here We need to understand Where to go okay where do we go what do We use All right what we’re gonna do Is we’re gonna say okay i’m gonna get All the guitar affiliate Products all the guitar uh lessons all This stuff and i’m gonna put them Together and i’m going to make a big Site and then what i could do is go out There and say okay well let’s do Um learn Let’s see learn learn guitar or whatever We’ll go over here Learn Learn guitar Okay so learn guitar We’ll go over here like this And we’ll do learn guitar and we’ll be Like okay Learn guitar

And we’re going to try to find okay Justin guitar okay so let’s take a look At something like this and we’re gonna Take a look at what his site is like Okay Right like this Okay cool so we have this here this Tells me that he is like a probably like A youtuber or something like that so He’s getting traffic for his name he Does rank for guitar lessons okay and Again if you have issues with these Numbers Look them up in google look come up on Similar web now i personally find that The numbers are pretty damn accurate It’s pretty close right like 35 000 yeah That’s if you get a ranking for that Word there’s a lot of traffic there okay Um different chords different Calculators different stuff like that And we’re like okay cool this is pretty Cool Okay again Is it exact are you going to get exactly 69 of course not But Are you going to get somewhere close to That actually ladies and gentlemen And some people that are naysayers All right here’s the deal You’re probably gonna get more traffic It’s a fact i’ve been doing this 22 Years

What do i know well i know that if i go For something like guitar lessons I’m going to get sub-category words if You do this right now give your if You’re doing it the wrong way which a Lot of people teach the wrong way if You’re up there the wrong way and you’re Like i just want this one thing for Guitar Lessons okay yeah okay you’re probably Not going to rank for that but If you do this the right way and Federico says kd is not i’m not Is also a non-reliable metric well you Guys have actually seen Here on the channel like i went out There and i was like watch this keyword I will rank for it Like I don’t know i mean You can come up with ideas all you want But if you go through and you say hey Here we go all right um guitar lessons Near me guitar lights so what we’re Doing here is now where we had this Other word about guitar lessons 35 000 Searches a month now we’re branching up A level and we’re like now we got 1 000 Search volume Now it opens up a lot bigger okay very Very important guitar lessons near me Not so competitive guitar center lessons Not so competitive right and we can go

Through and we can look at this in a Very Real Way Okay very real way like i do this all The time you guys watch my videos i’m Like hey i got this ranking watch there It is there it is you go there you get The ranking right uh we did this with i Think it was let’s see Lyft Affiliate program i think we did that One we did a couple others as well so Yeah lyft affiliate program all right Watch this will show you exactly how it Works lift affiliate program we got Number two ranking right below left all Right you look this up in ahrefs i Looked at it i was like okay I can get this Because it’s like a zero or a six or Something a two Right i knew i could get it do i get Traffic from it yes i do it’s my site i Actually know it gets traffic right so You can look at this and you can make Excuses all you want Or You can go out there And you can do the work it’s not that Hard like i’ll go out there and do it i Went out there i showed you a video i Said watch i’m going to rank for this And i actually ranked for it so it’s not

That hard to do now let’s go ahead and Talk about other niches um very cool Right we got Guitar academy which is a really really Good one We got the guitar niche which is awesome Right very cool rod says i saw you Ranking for a keyword then i did it on My site and it worked too There you go right you have to look at This um It’s a says marcus if you pick the right Key Kd you will rank fastly even with a no New domain yeah that’s true with a new Domain you can rank if you have the Right keyword very important but you Have to have the right keyword now when You look at these other domains Right when you look at these other Domains Okay Uh tanya says the best way to manually See the serps for your keywords yes the Best way Is to google it Right but You’re not gonna know what to google if You don’t have a tool Like you need to go out there and be Like oh you know Indiana jones hat i mean what are you Gonna do that’s where the tools come in Handy right and again you use them as a

Rule of thumb to get where you want to Go Let’s take a look at some others here we Have um number four Which is about New mother stuff now i thought this Niche was awesome I was like hey wait a minute this niche Is totally cool watch what happens here And this is where i find a lot of my Niches is by buying domains right i go Through and i’m like hey check this out We have this We can take a look at what this ranks For And we have lots of traffic here Which is cool again i’m looking at the Bigger picture Bigger picture okay bigger picture is These are new moms that want stuff and New moms spend a lot of money on stuff Strollers bottles everything right Really really cool and we understand Exactly what’s going on because we’re Like okay here we go now again what We’re gonna do And this is where your tools come in Handy is we’re gonna look at the Competition right like this stuff yeah You could probably rank for this it’s Not too hard especially with this site Guess what the site already ranks for it Right so we look at that we’re like hey There we go uh

It says of course i ranked for a keyword In just 24 hours because of you uh thank You well thank you for that well it’s Actually because of you you you followed Along one of the things you got to Realize here is that i don’t teach you Anything I don’t teach you anything you’re Watching me you might feel like you’re Learning i don’t teach you anything You learn that is an active process Okay once you understand this you’re Gonna stop looking for gurus to solve All your problems Because they don’t solve your problems You need to learn You need to focus you need to understand And you need to come up with your way That works Whether it’s my way some other way Whether you like using tools not tools Whatever it is you need to come up with That and once you understand that and You’re like wait a minute now i can go Through and i look at this and i look at This um This new mother’s site and i’m like okay We got like nursing pillows Diaper bags all kinds of stuff okay i’m Like wait a minute this is a niche That’s got some serious money all right We could take a look at it let’s take a Look at the overview of this domain Okay

Um diy says using the free kd Tool on ahrefs i made a youtube video Last night currently ranking number one Awesome cool deal we actually this year We’ve had more success students uh Success stories from students that are Absolutely mind-blowing i’ve never i’ve Never seen this in my 22 years And i think it’s a lot to do with this New domain strategy That we’re looking at okay so what we’re Going to do here is we look at the Overview And again we’re like okay it’s got some Keywords good and what i look at here is This is where i’m going to build this up Right i’m going to find The keywords And i’m going to be like okay What can i do better Well i can go to volume And i can see exactly what’s going on Now this is the stuff i can go for right I’m a number 99 and it’s a four I could i could get that up to the top Very easily um 65 and it’s only a 16 Comp i could do that uh lots of stuff Here right so we could go through and be Like hey this is pretty cool now when we Go through again we’re going to go up a Level we’re going to look at the Competition and look at what other sites Are doing in this fish and all we’re Going to do is follow the plan

We’re going to follow the plan make it Work super simple okay that’s all we Need to do we don’t deviate we don’t you Know come up with whatever we’re gonna Follow the plan and be like this is Where the traffic is this is where People are making money because um You know they used to say that success Leaves clues Well on the internet it’s kind of like The success leaves the entire path with A map and a guide and everything and if We start to look at this and we’re like Okay here we go uh different baby sites Baby carriers we’re gonna take a look at These and we’re gonna say okay what is It we can do with these What is it we can do with these and We’re gonna start to look at the ones That have higher traffic and what we’re Going to do is eventually What i would do if this was my site Which it is my site but You know someone can buy it if you want Over at that site what i’m going to do Is i’m going to start to build this up To be an authority site in the niche and I’m going to start to go for very Specific keywords Very specific stuff that i want that i Know is going to convert not the ones That everyone else is talking about all Right this is not what we’re doing we’re Going out there and we are going with

The flow Okay a lot of people don’t understand This this is why Buying a niche or a high ticket niche or A domain or whatever Or an old business this is why it’s so Important because so many of you guys Are trying to go against the stream You’re going against the stream you’re Swimming upriver and everything’s Difficult what am i doing i go out there And i’m like hey hey hey where’s our Screen thing here there we go hey that’s What i do right and i go out there and I’m like hey hey Mr site Friendly Site here What would you like me to build And i asked the site what it wants and i Look at the tools this is where they Come in handy you ain’t gonna get this Data just by searching on the the web You have to get in there you have to use Tools whether they’re free whether They’re paid whatever they are we need To get out there and we need to use this Stuff because this is gonna tell me Where i build the site When i go out there and i get content I’m very specifically going to say what Do i want well first of all let’s see Where we rank good Boom then what i’m going to go through

And say okay so number number one on This Okay great Now let’s go up a level And i go up a level and i’m like okay Maybe maybe this keyword Goes up a level Okay so we got 20 searches oh marcus how Are you going to make money with 20 Searches a month what do you what are You going to make a quarter well maybe I’ll probably make lots of dollars and Here’s how i’m going to do it i’m going To go out there and say oh wait a minute Wait a minute you’re telling me that These products That my site Already ranks for Get 44 000 searches a month So so what am i to do well i’m going to Go out there and be like thank you site My hat is tipped to you Mr site And thank you What i’m going to do is i am now going To make a post About those Products and i’ll rank Yes That’s not top That’s not a reliable number marcus i You know don’t know watch me Watch me i do it all the time i’ve been Doing this 22 years if you do anything

22 years you’re gonna learn a thing or Two about a thing or two and that’s what You do right you look at it and you’re Like there you go there you go um and We’re gonna look up a level and i’m Gonna do this on all of them Boom i’m gonna go for the next one the Next one the next one and what i’m gonna Do is i’m gonna start to build this Thing out i’m gonna make good content Very important that you make good Content very very important and i’m Gonna build it out and i’m gonna make it Work now how many of you guys are like Yeah marcus i think this niche I think there’s enough expectant mothers I think there’s enough people out there That uh are having babies For this to be a hundred thousand dollar A year niche how many of you guys are Like yeah that’s easily a hundred Thousand dollar a year niche i mean come On not even funny there it is this is Traffic right there right and you start To understand it And you start to look at exactly what is Going on okay so awesome stuff let’s Take a look at niche number Drumroll please Five and again if you want to take a Look at these domains and find out where I got these niches uh go over to Myprofitsite.com there’s a big list of Them there’s niches with different

Things you can actually see the notes of What i’m going through today and if you See one you like you can pick it up We’ll work together we’ll make it happen Okay next up i have the pond Website so the pond website was one that I found which was really good what was It pontastic all right so i look at this One and i’m like this is a no brainer i Think it cost me 300 400 bucks i was like yeah pontastic I can sell that not even a question There’s someone out there that’s gonna Buy that domain by itself from me right If i wait long enough they’ll come Knocking on my door and they’ll be like We want the domain and they’ll say we’ll Give you 500 bucks and i’ll say give me 5 000 and we’ll probably sell it for Like four grand or something eventually Not guaranteed but eventually so we’re Gonna go through here and we’re like Okay pontastic Pretty good let’s take a look at The big overview here okay So our overview here On pontastic and by the way if you like This Smash the like button and let’s get rid Of These spammers here A lot of spammers Okay i think we got the spammers all Right um so we’re gonna go through and

Be like okay pontastic this is looking Pretty good smash the like button if You’re digging it if you guys haven’t Noticed it takes a lot to actually make These live streams so if you appreciate It smash that like button subscribe Check out the offers we have we got a Lot of stuff going on cameras Spammer people all kinds of stuff that We got to deal with So we got to understand it but we’re Going to go through and look at Pontastic and what i’m looking at here Again Is the big picture right the big picture Is water pond sites like this one here Uh 86 000 A month traffic value again what they’re Doing is they’re taking the average Amount per click that it’s going for and They’re looking at um that times the Traffic so some of the keywords like if You have mortgage traffic it’s going to Be worth more than a dollar a click so You know that’s going to be according if You have traffic for like you know How to How to Cook eggs it’s probably not going to be Worth as much so you have to understand That and we have to look at this and say Okay What’s going on all right this is all About ponds it’s all about pond pumps

And things like that which again this is Leading to very expensive stuff right We’re like okay these people are Spending lots of money on their ponds Their pond pumps um all different kind Of things like that so i think All indiana marcus approves Of that niche hopefully i don’t you know Get too crazy with that but you guys see That uh that is a good niche and there’s Lots of traffic lots of money here um This site here actually does really well Uh it ranks for all kinds of different Ponds and stuff like that uh which is Cool um let’s take a look at the volume How many gallons probably like that Would be an example of a waste keyword Right i wouldn’t want that keyword Because like who cares how many gallons It doesn’t make a difference to me uh Pond repairs yeah i do want that keyword Pawn contractors yeah this is good right We could go out there and we can go here And type in land scaping And we can see landscaping All kinds of stuff right so now we got Offers we can use for this type of Traffic and this is something we can do Right away We got landscaping ideas pond installers Uh koi pond cost i like that keyword That’s a good one um and all we have to Do is start to build it up and start to Understand that these keywords are worth

Money when done correctly okay all you Got to do is go out there and understand Exactly what’s going on Pondless waterfall uh Gallons in my pond Koi pond cost all kinds of stuff and you Start to look at this you’re like well These people are probably going to spend A thousand dollars making their koi pond So i’d like a piece of that action and That’s what i’m going to do is start to Understand that and that’s where This big number comes from Next up number six we have Designer dog stuff all right this was a Fun one it’s like okay these people are Literally looking for like gucci Necklaces for the dog which is like okay Really like like i don’t know my dog I don’t think she’s worthy of a gucci Necklace i don’t think she’s even gonna Care but some people you know they do Their dog is like a fashion accessory Which is like I don’t know borderline animal cruelty Right a dog is a pet not a uh fashion Excess it’s not yeah that’s at any rate We’ll take a look at this and look at What’s going on uh d says couldn’t you Flip the keyword on the gallon one well On the gallon keyword like that word It’s probably not worth it it’s a 27 kd I’m going to spend all the time trying To get that to rank and i don’t even

Know what they want at the end of the Day Okay so let’s take a look at this one Here uh the dog designer one i actually Found that niche using this Luxury pet site um and it had all kinds Of rankings now what i liked about this Is it kind of went into The idea of like Um Sports like green bay packer dog collar Um different stuff like that so i like That Right that’s what i like and i’m like Okay well that Now opens up a whole new can of of Money-making goodness um for the word Dog collars i’m gonna do this off screen Just to make sure There’s nothing weird because sometimes You know the internet is a little weird It’s got some weird stuff that People do search for um so let’s see i Think i think we’re okay Yeah i think we’re good here um but when You look at like uh dog collars okay we Got all kinds of stuff for dog collars Which is looking pretty good they’re Like okay this is cool etsy dog collars This here like looking at this alone Just dog collars Which is which is a small segment right We’re looking at dog collars and we’re Like okay cool so dog collars um this is

A little small segment of the luxury pet Market and that alone that’s got uh Enough traffic to make a hundred Thousand dollars a year i would think Again results not typical applied Guaranteed we don’t know what you’re Gonna make but hopefully you get some Success right and we can see here uh 617 000 searches a month uh which is pretty Cool Right pretty cool stuff all right so Let’s take a look here And look at number seven number seven is A to z zen life um this one was Actually to be honest with you i forgot What this one was Let’s see um Zen life i think I think it tied to this one Which was like Um Feng shui zen Uh type stuff which is a pretty good Domain this one actually had quite a bit Of keywords on it And what we’re looking at here yeah so This was all about Um like ikea and stuff like that which i Think we have as another niche But yeah all kinds of stuff there We’re looking at like Zen livings and gardens and uh products Uh different stuff like that next up we Have career tool belt i absolutely

Love this niche i also love The domain that i got in this niche Which led me into it now surprisingly I’m going to show you this domain and i Want you to guess what i paid for it Because this is one I got super cheap Uh let’s see where is it Um Let me find it hold on one second i’ll Find it it was Okay bear with me one second and i will Find it Um lauren do you remember the domain About resumes If you remember it Let me know It was a resume one it’s a really good One too let me see if i can find it Because i did really like this one which Was cool So let me see here Let’s see where’s my phone I need to log in here Bear with me one second Technical fun are you guys digging this If you’re digging this let me know All right cool um yeah let me know by Smashing that like button if you guys Are digging this and we’re going to keep Rocking and rolling until we get to all Of these niches here And let’s see if we can find The old niche

Okay bidding one All right there we go it was This one Freeresumesites.com i also have a Job site a job finding site which is Pretty cool so this one here for free Resume sites Um Was pretty cool right so we’re like okay Check this out Freeresumesites.com We had Some organic words which i liked it had Backlinks which i liked and it was all About resume databases and jobs i was Like okay this is pretty cool because Like resume is a huge niche right like This guy here Um career tool belt was talking about This and he’s making some decent money According to The ahrefs traffic value And again all i would need to do Is go through And build that site up right i’m like Okay here we go we’re just going to go Down the line we can look at old keyword Rankings with the movement start to Build those up and again all you have to Do Is look at the bigger picture of okay Resumes and jobs yeah that’s a 10 000 a Month niche no problem so all i would Have to do was talk about free resume

Sites and different things like that uh Which is pretty cool right all we have To do is focus focus focus and Understand What the real value of the niche is That’s that’s what’s important right and That’s why when i buy these domains I’m going through and i’m like okay what Is the bigger picture what is it i’m Looking to do And you can see exactly what it is we’ll Go through some others that are going to Show you exactly what’s going on as well Okay so for the career one again free Resume posting search sites i’m just Gonna go through and i’m gonna start to Build this up also what i’m gonna do is I’m gonna start to rank for uh the Different actual resume sites like okay Site1.comsite2.com Different stuff like that which is also Going to build this up in a really cool Way so i think that this niche Absolutely Is without a doubt Um a hundred thousand dollar niche not Even a question if you like that one Smash the like button let’s take a look At the next one here again if you want To take a look at these myprofitsite.com Now when you do get these at my profit Site they come with a year of support They come with content they come with my Plan they come with me helping you

Pretty cool stuff right really good um You’re gonna take over the site work With us and we’ll help you make it work Next up we have uh coffee and tea now This Was a different one all right it’s not So much coffee and tea As it is like The boba crates like people are obsessed With boba tea And like boba tea plushies And different things like that which is Like i don’t know people got way too Much time on their hands but you know It’s kind of cool they’re kind of cute Whatever And we look at it we’re like okay boba Tea We can go through and look at exactly What’s going on in this market do like Boba Tea plushie i think is what it is like a Stuffed animal kind of thing i probably Spelled it wrong so let’s get the Correct spelling here Plush i think is is the word they use um And surprisingly a lot of people look This stuff up it’s it’s it’s insane um And it’s a direct target thing with very Little competition uh and we can go Through we can do like t Plush uh for people that don’t type in Boba and all kinds of things like that And there’s so many people searching for

This stuff um and this is a site that Talked about that it had uh the Different things and i think i was on The wrong screen but you could see here I’ll show you that again boba tea plush Was looked up quite a bit um the site That i got for that niche was A tea site uh let’s see where was the Tea one I think i Got that one Tasta boba Which i like because i’m like okay it’s Not exactly A site about The boba tea Plushies but it is about the tea which Means i can easily turn this into Um a site where we actually sell The boba tea plushies and stuff like That uh shell by the beach yeah the Resume one is is an awesome one i don’t Know if we have that listed on the site But you could go over there and you can Ask my team via live chat um what that Is and they’ll get it for the there as Well okay Pretty cool uh ray what are those on the Screen what are we looking at Domains Yeah these are the domains okay next up Uh we have the coffee and tea one next One was a really good one we talked About this uh last week where we talked

About making money drinking water um and This was all about like water filters Which i really liked and i like the Niche because it really leads into lots Of money and there’s lots of avenues to Get into the market right like i could Go for like um you know tampa water Quality report or los angeles water Quality report or something like that And i can really get a lot of traffic in This niche In a real world way I can also do like Water quality I can do water filter but i like this Because i can go through And i can rank for a lot of these water Quality things and then since a lot of The water quality is bad i could Actually go through and be like hey Here’s where you get a filter and what You’ll see is that the cost per click And the amount they pay for water Filters Is is astronomically better uh which is Really cool and we’re going to start to Look at it be like okay now we can do uh Whole house water filter yeah that’s a Good one that that’ll trigger some Expensive ads and i can do this in a Very very simple way now uh ikea is Number 11. ikea is a a trademarked name So be careful like i would not put it in My domain however lots of people are

Doing it again i’m not legal advice But this here For the um ikea stuff there’s a lot of Traffic i mean it’s literally insane and I think there was A domain that i got that Fit into that Let’s see which one was it it was Something i just got recently Was it choose frugal i think it might Have been choose frugal Choose frugal i think this was the one That had Some uh ikea stuff on it which again That leads to stuff that makes money uh Which is pretty cool and you could leave To other stuff i think it was Yeah this had like wedding registry save Money Um all kinds of stuff and then it also Had I believe this yeah minimalist stuff and Then it had some ikea stuff as well Which was pretty cool right and i was Like okay this is cool we go through and And we can start to do like cheap Furniture wedding i if i convert this Into frugal weddings Easy ten thousand dollar uh a month Niche easy six figure niche again when i Say easy You know Are you guaranteed of course not Nothing’s guaranteed you’re not gonna

Pay someone and get guaranteed money Right that’s called a job that’s the Only one that guarantees it and even That ain’t guaranteed right you could Lose your job but when we look at this We’re like okay this is something that Yeah i can get into the cheap wedding Market that’s That’s some money there right how much Does this stuff cost for weddings uh What is this you can talk about credit Cards get a credit card put your wedding Stuff on it get some uh cash back and You could use that for your honeymoon or Whatever and if you start to think Different if you start to think Different you’re like okay now i can Take this traffic and now i could do Something with it in a really really Cool way because we need to be thinking Ahead We need to be thinking a step ahead of What other people are doing we need to Think a step ahead this is not just About cheap weddings and cheap wedding Favors No this is about getting people into Stuff that makes lots of money okay very Important all right let’s take a look at The next one here i think we’re on Number 12. this was an interesting one i’d have Found this this domain and i was like Hey wait a minute this niche is kind of

Interesting it was about pet stickers Right let me see if i can find the Domain here I have it on my mind blistering Uh in my mind blistering Resolution monitor i have like a Vertical monitor here uh that shows all This stuff um But the screen is pretty by the time you Do it vertically it’s pretty small for My old eyes here but we could take a Look here and say okay well this one Was all about um pet stickers you know There’s like little pet paw stickers That you put on your car um was this a Ten thousand now this one’s going to Take a lot of traffic to make the money But i think it’s pretty good like you Have all kinds of different um pet Stickers dog stickers Stuff like that that’s looking pretty Good so i’m like hey yeah this is Something that can work really really Really good uh diy says loads of ideas Here just found a katy zero idea in the Water niche while you were chatting good That’s a great one i like that niche a Lot um because it leads to the expensive Stuff and and that’s what we like so This here Rottweiler bumper stickers pug decal Like you could sell all kinds of Stickers you could even do custom ones Uh which is pretty cool like uh

Redbubble or or whatever those sites are That do um print on demand stickers and This this site will trigger that this is What a lot of people don’t understand a Lot of people go out there and they’re Like oh i want to make money on Redbubble and stuff like that now when You’re going to make money on redbubble And and different things like that what You’re trying to do is you’re trying to Get the algorithm to favor you which Isn’t always that easy What triggers these algorithms is Traffic and sales So if i have a site like this That ranks for all these um Pet decal stickers and i make pet decal Stickers on redbubble what’s going to Happen is i am now going to use this Traffic To push to my red bubble which is going To boost it up in the rankings because Now i’m going to get traffic and i’m Going to get sales from my domain name Does everyone get that Right it’s kind of like Rigging the game in your favor it’s like Okay now i’m going to go through and Make this work Okay uh cool stuff uh it’s a says i Think the number one important thing is The right keyword not the domain name Not backlinks Yes and no

There are some keywords that i can’t get Without having the right domain name Like uh one of my clients we went Through and ranked It was uh crystal Heart Okay so this one crystal heart with a New domain There’s no way I would get this ranking no way not even Going to happen but with this domain we Were able to rank um for crystal heart Right there okay so i wouldn’t be able To get that like ain’t gonna happen But because of the domain and because of The keyword That’s why it worked right like if you Try this with a new domain for this Keyword that by the way has a lot of Traffic um It’s not gonna happen With that this is a domain i someone Bought a domain like here it’s actually Where he bought it right uh we set it up And he got that ranking within days Uh which is really cool uh eddie says Would flipping the car stickers market To car vinyl wrapping be profitable Probably not Yeah i think that’s a stretch like you Might get one out of every couple Thousand to To do that but again you know that’s Gonna be a difficult one

All right you guys digging this so far If you guys are digging this Let me know Smash the like button And we’ll go through some more Money niches If the money gun Continues to work All right let’s get into some other Niches here every time i do that i gotta Spend like 10 minutes cleaning up the Office because The money literally Goes everywhere but It makes it a lot more entertaining so Let’s keep going here we got the next One which is satellite therapy now this Is an interesting one the site that i Found i actually used just the page About satellites and i got a valuation Of about a thousand dollars a month Worth of traffic Now This niche is a lot bigger Than it seems on the surface It’s a lot bigger than it seems when We’re looking at satellites Okay and Not to be confused with satellites This is actually a product For therapy right it’s a little light That you put on your desk that’s Supposed to give you The sunshine effect and help you

Not be sad right and this is one i found Actually this domain i paid a lot for um And you’ll see the ones i pay a lot for Obviously have to charge more for it but This one here satellite actually ranks For all kinds of stuff related to Satellite and what i like is there are Um different satellites available and Different therapy things that work Really really good Uh robo hoover i think if i got a robo a Robot vacuum in here it would probably Not like the fact that there’s too much Uh money on the floor um so yeah you Gotta look at that but when we’re Looking at satellites um this is Actually a really good niche i think it Definitely has potential um to make You know a hundred thousand dollars a Year or more Um because it’s like okay this is all About light therapy which leads to lots Of good stuff sunbox light therapy Things and and my thinking is okay i can Sell the lights and i can also do like Uh better help Which is a therapy thing Pays 175 dollars a lead which is pretty Cool okay so i like this one it’s a good Niche i think it’s great next one we Have here Is a timeshare niche the timeshare niche I mean you’d have to be living under a Rock to not see that this niche has ten

Thousand dollars a year in it or a month In it a hundred thousand dollars a year Easy uh very very good niche selling Buying timeshares all different things Like that again i’d like to think that I’m a genius that just comes up with Niches but the way that i found this is By uh Looking at domains i found timeshare To go.com which actually was a more Expensive one i think they got it on Sale right now it looks like it Because i did pay a lot for that one but This one ranks for all kinds of uh Timeshare things and it gives you the Idea of what you can do with the niche Right cheapest time share how to sell a Timeshare And it’s very easy uh to build these up And really focus on Providing good content right how do i Provide good content in this market uh Ways i could make money would be like Adsense and different books about time Shares and stuff like that which is Really really cool okay next up we got Uh number 15 which is an interesting one This is this is an interesting one oh Indiana marcus here needs his hat for This one Right There we go all right this one here is Antique farmhouse this was for uh Decorations now this domain was a weird

One uh this domain i bought was uh let’s See It was the silver farmhouse the Silverfarmhouse.com now this one Had a lot of rankings with it and the Idea was to use this for Farmhouse decorations like farm barn Doors and different stuff like that Which by the way This stuff will trigger expensive ads And it’ll work in a really good way Because you know a lot of people are Looking up like farm Farmhouse trash cans diy cowboy hats There we go see i i knew there was a Reason i put the hat on there you go i Can’t make this stuff up but diy farm Hats uh wagon wheel Uh wreath uh Farmhouse trash can All kinds of stuff and this was actually This one had lots of backlinks i think It was a social media person that had Some site about All this stuff that that uh ranked Pretty good But all kinds of stuff there um and this Is pretty profitable stuff you got some Number fours um you got some number Eights nineteens tens this is something Where if you know what you’re doing uh You can build this up in a really cool Way all right number 16 here we got an Interesting one um this this site was

The domain that i had for this niche uh Was sold but this was for like notary Public right like notary how to become a Notary uh where to find a notary notary Public Which is cool because it leads into like Courses about notary public which i Thought was like yeah okay that’s that’s A pretty easy Uh six figure site notary public Underwriters um how to become a notary Public salaries uh certified a lot of Good stuff applications how to become a Lot of really good stuff and it’s very Targeted right so i i was like yeah i’m All over this niche this is a good one It’s super targeted it’s super easy Smash the like button if you dig it and Let’s go on to number 17 Which is about natural goat milk and the Domain was a weird one this is a weird One crazygoatladysoap.com All right i like this one because it was A An etsy seller who i don’t know why they Let their domain go but i was like yeah I’ll take it that’s a good one i like Those right and we could see all kinds Of different candle stuff and Goat soap goat milk soap different Things like that That we can rank for pretty easily And again this is something where you Could do like recurring revenue and and

Build it up in a really cool way so Goat milk i like that one next up number 18 was appliance parts the domain i had For that i think Is still available I’m not sure it was Something about appliances Let’s see here we’ll go over here And i’ll find it on Appliance Yeah Onesourceapplianceparts.com this is one Of the more expensive ones But you’re going to see why The reason i paid more for this is Because it had Lots of rankings for all different kinds Of parts for all different kinds of Dryers and washers and refrigerators and All kinds of stuff like that which is Phenomenal like this is not a difficult One At all and when looking at this there Are sites out there that are selling Appliance parts teaching appliance Repair Uh do-it-yourself appliance repair that Are making lots and lots of money now Drum roll please our uh last one here Number 19 was for rehab reviews uh this Was a pretty cool one that’s i liked Because here’s um The one here let’s see i think it was Rehab

Right here And the site i got There it is uh some kind of novato rehab Now watch this one this is pretty cool It’s like okay this one has a lot of Stuff now rehab is a niche that pays a Lot of money like you go over here to Offer vault and you type in rehab and You’re like bada bing bada bang 800 a Lead come on get out of here this this Is crazy um you know they call a phone Number for two minutes you get 800 bucks Now again there’s stipulations It can’t just be anyone calling it’s got To be Targeted leads but with this kind of Thing if you were to review uh different Rehabs and stuff like that This guy here this site’s not even up And running right and it’s like 7 000 a Month there are people in this niche That are doing Insane amounts of money um and this is One where we can look at like all the Different things like detox um rehab Different stuff like that which is Pretty cool so you guys can see that These 19 niches are insanely profitable Again this is a rule of thumb we don’t Know what you’re going to make but this Is kind of thing where if you build it Up and you focus you can get actual Results And this is kind of thing we do all the

Time um on High ticket niches if you go to Highticketnitches.com or if you go over To My pro myprofitsite.com uh you could see Some of the domains we have available Some of the ones i mentioned on this Call if you do want to get one uh you Can sign up for them and we build the Site out with you it’ll tell you how Much content you get Like this one comes with 12 pieces of Content 24 over here 24 over here so it Just depends on what you’re doing and And what we build these out for um and You guys can see this is what we’re Doing like crystal heart this is one we Built for this guy and he’s out there Getting rankings um and you can see it Right there like that’s it that’s the Deal you make it work super easy So if you do like that kind of stuff you Can go over to myprofitsite.com and Check it out you can also go there just To see why i buy the domains right like Reverse engineer take a look at these And say well why would marcus pay for Those domains why would why would that Work um and those are ones you can work Now if you’re interested in one of these Niches if you’re like dude i’m a Guitarist and i want that one You can buy that and work with me and Make that work in a really cool way

If you’re into the the one for the lawn Mowers uh you could get that one and Make it work in a real good way And it’s very very cool very easy um Again myprofitsite.com you can check Them out and these are the niches that i Think Have a hundred grand a year or more in Them um i think they’re really good and Again the idea is to build them up and And really be in it to win it because Some of these niches like you’re gonna You’re gonna do a combo you’ll do seo You’ll do youtube you’ll do this you’ll Do that and if you focus and you really Start to build and you say hey you know What i’m in it to win it i’m going to Work on it and i’m going to watch the Results and make it work That is the way the cookie crumbles so Head over to myprofitsite.com check them Out do some research reverse engineer What we’re doing check out uh if there’s One you like pick it up smash the like Button subscribe and i’ll see you in Friday’s video which by the way Is going to be a doozy if you’re looking For a way to make money with zero Startup money or very little startup Money probably like you know 100 bucks Or less I think you’re really going to like that Video so smash the like button subscribe Comment below if you enjoyed this and

We’ll see you in the next training

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