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100 High Profit Money Keywords Making More Than $100 Per Click

$1090 per click… how does adsense and ezoic pay per click affiliate marketing work and can you actually make $10, 25 or even $100 per click?

find out how this and ad arbitrage works in a real way.

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Hey guys it’s Marcus here eight figure Affiliate marketer and I’ve been doing This stuff for 23 years and I got to Tell you what you’re about to learn Today is responsible for making me Millions of dollars this information is Going to teach you how the internet Works how some keywords are showing up Paying as much as a thousand dollars a Click for your traffic why people pay This much how you can get a piece of the Action and how it’s actually a very Simple process so if you’re excited About this video smash the like button Subscribe and watch the entire thing to The end so without any further Ado let Me show you how you can get paid insane Amounts for each person who clicks on an Ad on your website and yes ladies and Gentlemen the information you’re about To learn has been responsible for making Me over 10 million dollars online now The tools we’re going to use in this Video are the ahrefs keyword tool which Is a paid tool semrush keyword tool Which is also a paid tool spyfu which Has a free version you can use and also If you want a free tool to look up the Amounts and everything you can use the Hoth or the Google AdWords Keyword Planner now in all of these examples You’re going to notice that the word web Hosting is paying like 17 a click twenty Dollars a click twenty five dollars a

Click or more and that’s on ahrefs if we Look at semrush we can see the average Is about sixteen to Seventeen dollars a Click spyfu says it’s about thirteen Dollars and eighty cents a click and the Hoth says it’s approximately 17.50 a click so we can see that the Range here is from 13 to 25 dollars a Click or more for the keyword web Hosting but why in the world would these Advertisers pay up to twenty five Dollars for one click to their website For someone searching for web hosting Well in order to understand that we’re Gonna go back to 1951 May of 1951 and Look at this Popular Science magazine in This magazine you are going to notice That is chock full with different Advertisers Here’s one for the US Army And one for how to be an accountant Likewise if you picked up an Entrepreneur magazine you’re gonna see That this also is chock full Of advertisements Same with forms tons and tons of Advertisements hey want to buy a private Jet and we could see here that a full Page ad in The Entrepreneur magazine is Over 22 000 and that’s just for one month and You’re not guaranteed any clicks any Sales or anything you’re simply just Buying a page in a magazine so when

These people come online they’re Actually paying for someone who actually Went out there typed in a term like web Hosting saw their ad clicked on the ad And now landed on their website and now We know why Google makes hundreds of Billions of dollars each and every year And some of the terms we’re going to Look at are paying like 165 dollars a Click 770 dollars a click 425 and more Now in just a minute I’m going to show You over 100 different keywords that are Paying over a hundred dollars a click Some of which are paying 500 to even a Thousand dollars a click but first I Have a big war morning so that you Understand how this works so you know You’re not just gonna go and click Something and get a thousand bucks but You can get lots of people to click ads And make more than that let me explain How it works first of all we talked About how people go to Google search for Something like web hosting see the ads Click the ads and Google gets paid by The Advertiser for that click now that Is called Google AdWords that’s where People advertise directly on Google Yahoo or other companies Yahoo ads are Called Bing ads and on and on we go lots Of companies sell ads now on the flip Side what happens is people out there With websites that get traffic about web Hosting can also put ads on their

Website and get a portion of whatever These guys are paying as long as they’re Opted into the content Network the Content network is a network of a bunch Of sites that are signed up for Google AdSense that’s where we get paid for Putting Google ads on our site and they Get a portion of whatever that Advertiser is paying for the ads on Their site for example I found ranking On Google like on page five web Hostingtalk.com which is a forum about Web hosting we can see here there is a Banner advertisement right here on the Top and if we hover over this you can See down there in the bottom Google ads That means this is a Google ad over here Same thing this guy is a Google ad down Here and on and on we go hey there it is Again at the bottom and what this means Is that this company is getting paid Through the Google ads platform for Every person who clicks on these ads About web hosting and since we know These guys are paying like 25 dollars a Click in some cases or more this Advertiser gets a cut and quite simply All they have to do is rank for keywords About web hosting and get paid when People click the ads smash a like button If you you’re ready to see the 100 Keywords and how they work because we Need to understand that not all keywords Are created equal if I get traffic about

Recipes those companies don’t pay as Much as web hosting or credit cards or Refinance or any of the others we’re Going to take a look at so making a Website blog YouTube channel or whatever It is around topics that we know pay Really well is gonna put more money In our pocket so let’s dive into those Hundred keywords and if you want a list Of these hundred keywords you can get Them at Downloadmynotes.com and if you want a Full report of over 1 000 keywords that I’m going to be using in this training All you got to do is join Blogprofitnetwork.com join our free Tuesday calls and I’ll give you a bunch Of these reports and stuff like that Each and every week now this list of 50 That I got was from my assistant some of Them are good some of them are not ones I would use now the keyword dating Advice is actually pretty decent you can Go for dating advice but it’s probably Going to top out at like three to five Dollars per click which means our Portion is probably going to be less Than half of that from what I’ve seen in My testing for example if you were to Look at this screenshot which is actual Money I made from a web hosting website You can see I averaged about eight Dollars a click even though though it’s Saying it’s like 16 to 25 dollars a

Click so again take these with a grain Of salt the numbers you see here are my Numbers I’ve been doing this since the Donna time and so you don’t want to Expect the same numbers in fact the Average person trying to make money Online makes nothing however there are a Ton of people making a fortune which is Why you want to watch this entire video So the word dating advice is okay mostly For the reason that there’s lots and Lots of easy traffic think like how to Get back together with my ex or cool Text to send to make her like me or Signs to know if she likes me or he Likes me or whatever it is so there’s a Huge traffic pool although it doesn’t Pay that much now education is kind of Interesting the results that we found Here was like a dollar fifty one a click For the word education however when we Look at online degree which is pretty Much the same exact Niche we could see That these are going for like ninety Five dollars a click forty dollars a Click an average of 18 dollars a click So it’s a lot higher priced of a market And number three is the keyword Chargers Now while this is saying like 61 cents a Click what we’re going to look at is the Word charger and we’re going to see that This has a ton of volume because what we Want to think of is like all the Different products that need Chargers

And people who need those Chargers and It just goes on and on and on and some Of them do have a decent amount per Click if it’s an expensive charger or Something like that so Chargers is Definitely a pretty good one the next One number four is the word bankruptcy Which is a Zinger we can see here that The average is about ten dollars a click But for the word bankruptcy some of These are going for a hundred and fifty Dollars a click or more what we want to Think is how easy it is to rank for Local bankruptcy terms in your local Area get that traffic because those People are paying a fortune number five Is is the word makeup which looks kind Of elusive at the first glance like Makeup what are they gonna get paid for Like eyeliner what are they gonna get Five cents well actually what I found Was flipping the market from makeup or Something like that or even just Changing your Market a little bit to Cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic face stuff You could see these go for a lot more Money and we’re going to talk a little Bit more about my flip the market method In just a little bit the next one number Six is the word retirement with an Average cost per click of two dollars And 45 cents however if we were to look At retirement pay dates or retirement Calendars or calculators some of these

Words are going for upwards of six Hundred dollars a click or more now Again remember that’s not what you’re Gonna get the odds are they’re paying Way less on the AdSense platform through The content Network however this tells Us that this Mark Market has Deep Pockets which is going to make us lots Of money similar to retirement is number Seven the word pension pension is going For like 278 dollars a click or whatever It is now I want you to think about this In a very important way because you Might have looked at Facebook or other Websites where you see an ad that says 10 things you need to do with your Pension right now what they’re doing is They’re getting traffic Dirt Cheap on Facebook MSN or other sites even using Taboola and flipping them to stuff that Makes lots of money it’s no coincidence That some of these click-baity Interesting ads lead to stuff that pays Lots and lots of money and if you want To learn more about this I have some Videos in the description but watch Those after we’re done going through This list gardening was an interesting One I thought that was a little bit low But you can go for like gardening tools And stuff like that green living number Nine was something pretty interesting Because I thought instead of green Living what if we went for like solar

Which pays a fortune or even Tesla’s People looking to buy a Tesla Reservation that word is paying 21 a Click or more and you could do stuff Like tax write-offs for electric cars or Best electric cars or 10 reasons you Need to buy a Tesla that would work Pretty good for Facebook ads and stuff Like that next up we have couponing Number 11 was cooking number 12 was Actually a really good one which is Rehab now rehab keywords pay a fortune Why because rehabs cost a lot of money I Know I went to one eight and a half Years ago and I’m pretty glad to say I’m Now eight and a half years sober but That wasn’t cheap and rehabs are not Cheap which is why the cost per click Here is like three hundred and thirty Dollars a click or more there’s also Some good affiliate programs that pay You for these as well next up number 13 We have the word marketing which links Into like LinkedIn social marketing Facebook social marketing and all these Different terms that businesses are Paying a fortune to get in front of Other businesses to help them with Marketing which can be pretty expensive LinkedIn social marketing is going for a Hundred and fourteen dollars a click Number 14 we have dog training which on The surface is a word that doesn’t pay Very well but if we flip that into pet

Insurance we’re getting like 35 to 50 Dollars a click number 15 is the word Condos condos again 65 cents a click Nothing to write home about however is Buying a condo a good investment is 25 a Click and I even went a step further and Looked up time shares which now leads us Into a market that’s thirty dollars a Click or more and just a couple months Ago I bought this domain Timeshares2go.com which ranks for all Different kinds of terms about time Shares I could simply take this traffic Put it to different timeshare traffic And make tons of money when they click On the ads number 16 is the word Cosmetics coming in at two dollars a Click weight loss two dollars and Seventy six cents a click Statistics Wasn’t a big fan of that one the word Law which we’re going to get into a Little bit later comes in at 13 a click But again later I’m going to show you How these ones are going for a fortune We have the word Finance which on the Surface is two dollars a click however If we go into Bitcoin and Bitcoin credit Card processing and trading platforms we Could see that that number skyrockets we Can also see Earnest refinance student Loans 135 dollars a click best rates for Refinance Bank home loan refinance how Soon can you refi and some of these

Actually have very little competition Number 21 we have cryptocurrency which Comes in at like eight dollars a click 22 is loans which I found student loans And credit cards paying a hundred Dollars a click or more lawyer which Some of these are pretty crazy Construction accident lawyer 472 dollars a click Back pain herbs affiliate marketing Which is one of my favorite being the Affiliate marketing dude we could see Some of these are like 65 a click However again remember this isn’t the Actual amount you’re gonna get I would Estimate I’d probably get like three Dollars a click or a dollar a click Across the average but still dollar a Click isn’t bad online banking we can See that some of these guys are paying 190 dollars a click or more for cash Back rewards credit cards internet Merchant accounts Facebook ads comes in At like people running Facebook ads for You Facebook ads managers sixty dollars A click ninety five dollars a click Corporate law which pays a fortune nine Dollars a click on average across the Board business travel with business Travel rewards credit cards coming in at Fifty five dollars a click vacations Flight booking food blogging WordPress Press blogging Bluehost blog minimalist Blog web development python development

Which I went through fast because all of Those fall under the web hosting Category which is eighty dollars a click Or more And again if you can find cheap traffic Like I do for this Market you can make a Lot of money hint instead of web hosting Think about start a blog all right you Like that smash the like button if you Do that’s the exact word that I’m using We can also see number 40 health and Fitness which is a little iffy because You know dealing with health is kind of A risky area number 41 is real estate This one I typed in house cash to do Like selling my house to a cash buyer 155 140 dollars so how to sell your house Fast for cash that’s tough to say is Actually a pretty pricey market and you Could talk about all the ways people can Get out of their home loan digital Marketing coming in at 83 dollars a Click or more paid surveys breaking news Not so sure about this one because it’s Kind of hit or miss some news about the Stock market might pay really good some News about who the Kardashian students Are dating probably not so much number 45 mortgages and refinance this is Always a big one this is a market I’ve Made lots of money in with my refinance Site which I basically got traffic for People looking for mortgage calculators

And that put a lot of money in my pocket Car rentals smartphone apps farming Which was an interesting one foreign Exchange trading this one pays a ton We’ll get into this more in a little bit Number 50 we have SEO which is SEO Services for businesses which pays tons Of money as well and now let’s dive into The secret list that you can get over at Blogprofitnetwork.com and of course the Short list you can get at Downloadmynotes.com now the first list We have includes the lawyer words now I Did a list including the lawyer words And one without the lawyer words why Because some of the top ones inevitably Included attorneys and lawyers and stuff Like that because those are some some of The highest paying keywords out there But I also wanted to include some others So that you can see what’s going on in The market for other stuff that’s not so Much related to lawyer stuff so let’s First take a look at this one I went Ahead and sorted this list of I think we Have like 500 Words by the cost per Click right the amount that they’re Paying and it starts at a hundred and Ninety dollars which means we got like 500 Words worth 190 dollars a click or More now a lot of these are tied into Like car accident mesothelioma Uh personal injury Um Irvine car accident MBA now I like

This one because this is like oh hey This is for Education they want to get a I think it’s Masters business or Something like that Um degree online now we can also see Like truck lawyer we could see uh Different cities and states for lawyers Treatments of certain things which I Would probably stay away from now I also Saw like this one here Salesforce which Is a business software like Infusionsoft Salesforce uh kartra click funnels sort Of like that only Salesforce is like the Version for everyone not just online People and I think this is really Interesting we also have higher Drupal Developers VoIP phone small business 195 Dollars a click now we’re going to talk A little bit more about small business Phone because I think there’s a hidden Niche in here where you can actually Make a lot of money and obviously the People paying are like a a t and ring Central and other companies with really Deep Pockets uh hosted call center Solutions we have workers comp attorneys We have Trucking accident again and we Have DUI attorney which that one always Tops the chart another one I thought was Interesting that came in at 200 a click Was water damage on wall Now this one leads into water damage and Mold remediation remediation something Like that right and I like this one

Because I can get lots of traffic for People like weird smell coming from wall Uh moldy smell musty smell how to get Rid of water in wall and I can flip them Into really really expensive stuff and What you’re going to notice here is in Column C this is your competition and we Can see that this one is not that bad I Could go and make a site about water Damage and how to repair it and get paid A lot of money to do so by these people Advertising We can also see cloud-based call center Again should I get a lawyer create email Template in Salesforce I really like This one because this is one where you Could do like create email template and Then just have whatever whatever uh Software there is and and make lots of Tutorials on how to create email Templates uh we also have different Things like ICD codes for medical stuff We have selling annuity payments now Annuities this is a site I had years ago About how to sell annuities and things Like that and we made a good bit of Money on that one uh we could see that’s Coming in at 200 a click DUI again Mesobook.com this is the guy that’s on TV uh that’s always on TV anytime you Watch TV you get that ad which means He’s paying a lot of money on TV so Coming here 200 a click isn’t out of Whack because he’s paying a fortune on

TV ads we could also see all different Kinds of of things here virtual data Room 210 forwarding a landline to cell Phone again this is gonna tie into the Secret Niche I’m going to talk to you About towards the end we have Um mediation personal injury we got Um Flood Restoration again I really like That one auto insurance quotes we have Uh let’s see here phone and internet for Business Treatment centers for Rehab meso book Tractor trailer accident lawyers alcohol Addiction Center best car insurance Review this would be a really good one For the Facebook ads thing I was talking About earlier again after this video Check the links in the description I Have a really good video on how those Ads work we also have Wix promo code Email that’s a pretty good one for web Hosting uh business phone plans and then Scrolling down here we could see some of The ones that get into higher amounts Mar-time injury lawyer which leads to Like I think it leads to Ocean vessel Lawyers or something like that it’s a Crazy Market that has huge huge huge Amounts per click we have e v mspa Program which I believe leads to Education type offers rollover Ira Brokerage account again this is a great One for Arbitrage because I can make Something that’s interesting I can make

A video an article about what you need To do with your IRA boom that’s going to Trigger some expensive ads we also have That attorney Mar time which leads to The one above we have monitoring MySQL Which is for web hosting and monitoring Websites mold review mold removal Denver Colorado 375 a click Plumbing water leak Detection 400 bucks a click and again Take these with a grain assault Plumbing Clicks are probably going to get me Three to five dollars a click which hey That’s not bad if you’re getting a Thousand clicks a day that ain’t no Chump change personal injury lawyers Medical malpractice online psychology Masters program accredited I really like This one this is a good one that isn’t Dealing with difficult stuff and it pays A lot of money and I can get lots of Traffic for it and the most expensive One on this list before we get to the Other one is Houston Maritime attorney Coming in at a thousand ninety dollars a Click and now let’s take a look at the Next list which excludes the lawyers and Stuff like that which I think will be Really helpful we could see rocket Mortgage 100 a click business phone Plans all-in-one SEO air ambulance and Actually all in one SEO I got a lot of Traffic for that that’s actually one of The keywords we use to build this YouTube channel back in the day uh

Insurance for stolen car plumbers Negotiation courses that’s a pretty good One online courses we could see share Force selling my structured settlement Open source help desk software help desk Software is a great Niche to use mold Remediation a credit online Bachelors in Social Work server monitoring as a Service again that leads to web hosting Emergency water cleanup office Telephones Merchant accounts this is Always a huge paying Niche 100 a click Or more I’ve personally made a lot of Money in this Niche uh garage door Repair Health Care Management cleaning Basements data loss prevention Fantastic keyword to use because there’s All different ways you could teach People to prevent data loss and that’s Paying a pretty penny low interest rate On balance transfer credit cards if I Could speak correctly that’s a niche I’ve actually made hundreds of thousands Of dollars in with credit cards works Really well Degrees online selling pre-orders on EBay Cashing Out annuities refinance Does insurance cover stolen cars data Recovery reset air conditioner that’s a Pretty solid one KitchenAid dishwasher Not draining 105 a click business class Internet 105 online accounting degree Florida business voice over IP service Providers and before we get into the

Super high paying ones on this list I Want to talk to you about this Niche I Found which was about cell phone or Landline this is all about how to Forward a landline to a cell phone for Business purposes and we could see that This traffic is really easy to get and It leads into all those clicks that are Paying a lot of money for business phone Services and things like that so very Very good Niche we could see 110 dollars A click here lots of affiliate programs That pay tons of money and tons of stuff HVAC back repair Sacramento 110 rollover Ira time limit fantastic keyword 125 Dollars a click doctorate degree in Psychology 125 cost of main sewer line Cleaning 155 Different treatment centers think a Treatment center review site that would Be solid that would make a lot of money Per click Call center solution 160 sell my Settlement social media management apps 160 looking for different developers you Could review different developer Websites Network Security Management 165 Keywords about DirecTV Auto dialing Software Windows error codes and the Last three on this list are cheap Website templates and hosting 680 Selling settlement 800 and the winner is Discount business phone service at 810 Dollars per click and again remember

This is not a difficult Niche to get Into are you going to make 810 a click Yeah probably not but this does tell us That this Market has lots of money and We can use it to profit big time so if You enjoyed this video smash a like Button subscribe and check out the links In the description that talk more about Arbitrage pay-per-click marketing AdSense and more

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