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$100 A Day – Easiest Way To Make Money Online With Google Trends!

this is a super simple way to use google trends to make money online with press releases… watch this entire video…

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make sure you always follow the rules, provide good content, and remember that most people trying to make money online make nothing.

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

In this video I’m going to show you what I think is one of the easiest ways that I’ve found to make money online over the Last 23 years of making millions of Dollars and when I started out to make This video my goal was to find something That you the new person with no Experience no big skills not a lot of Money can actually do and get results Really fast which are similar to the Results that the big guys are getting That have been doing this for years so Last week I went ahead and put this Method to the test by putting up a Simple article on this website right Here this article was all about web Hosting deals and as you can see here Web hosting and web hosting deals and Different things like that are super Crazy competitive so if you were just Starting out I probably wouldn’t Recommend this unless of course you know The secret I’m about to show you because If you were to take the full link to my Article right like this put it in your Keyword tool right like this you can see That I actually rank for over 4 41 Different keywords related to web Hosting yep that’s right if you go to Google and type in Bluehost Black Friday Scroll down to number three there’s my Post right there that I put up just Three days ago competing with sites like Blogging unplugged shout me loud

WordPress sites blogging sites and more But wait a minute Marcus are you telling Me that all I need to do is submit these To some free websites have the right Keywords and content and then point to Stuff that makes me money and I can get Paid well yes and no which is why you Want to watch all of this video and even The videos in the description after you Watch this one this is a very important Process that you can go through to Actually start getting results you see Since I knew that Black Friday was Coming up and there was going to be web Hosting deals and that was a competitive Market I chose this one to submit to Show you how this works because this Week for Black Friday people are going To search for all kinds of things like GoDaddy Black Friday hosting deals I’m Number one web posting deals actually Show up number three for that Bluehost Black Friday and Black Friday web Hosting deals we’re showing up like Number 19. not to mention that but we Also rank for all these different Keywords here one of which is getting Over a hundred and forty eight thousand Searches a month and lots of the others Are getting quite a bit of traffic as Well and before I get into the big Secret I want to show you the power of How this works because what we’re going To be doing is submitting free and paid

Press releases about topics that get Lots of traffic and then sending people To affiliate offers so if I was to go Over to Google Trends like this I can See that FTX the recent crypto Fiasco Actually started peaking right at the End of October so if I use this method To get traffic for FTX which as you can See here is search for almost a million Times a month with tons of different Variations I can rank for and since it’s Newsworthy I can go to Google friends Find out what’s trending right like this Then submit a free or paid press release Based on the keywords that are trending Of course include some secondary Keywords as well so you have more Chances to show up find some affiliate Offers related to the topic put those Within my press release sit back and Wait for the traffic to roll in and make Sure that you write about good topics And provide good information we don’t Want to use this to be sensationalized Or spread fake news or do anything shady Or weird we simply provide information On the topic that’s being searched for Talk about why the affiliate programs we Recommend are going to help them and put Money in our pocket and I want you to Remember the results are not typical Implied or guaranteed so don’t expect to Get rich this is a business there is Risk and most people trying to make

Money online make nothing but now let’s Go ahead and dive into the secret Stealth method once you’ve submitted Your press release and about 48 Hours Have gone by you can run a keyword Report using something like ah hrefs Semrush or any other keyword tool this Is going to show you all the rankings That you get right away what you’re Going to want to do is take a look at The ones that get the most traffic that You rank the highest on that have the Lowest competition confused don’t worry Let’s take care of that I want to go Through here and say okay this is a 72 a 78 wait a minute this one here is a Competition 44 and I’m ranking number 91. so the chances of boosting that up High are astronomical but then I gotta Ask myself is it actually going to get Me sales Bluehost Webmail maybe maybe Not so maybe I could use HostGator login What is GoDaddy or something like how Much is GoDaddy this is clearly someone Looking to sign up for web hosting or Domains or something that they want to Buy which will put money in our pocket We also have Bluehost plans web hosting Deals and on and on we go so if I Submitted a new release all about Bluehost plan ends my chances of ranking Top 10 go through the roof because I Know that I’m already ranking Number 96 Without even trying so I could simply

Use what Google tells me as a barometer To make my content better and focus on Things that people are actually Searching for that’s going to put money In my pocket and now check out the two Videos that are going to go into more Detail in the description of this video On how I’ve used this method to get Millions of visitors to my press Releases and affiliate offers

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